Mina Firme – Love yourself Love your life



Mina Firme – Love yourself Love your life

Mina Firme – Love yourself Love your life

You Love Yourself…
Everything else falls into place

Do you struggle with…

  • Giving yourself Are you worthy of the love you deserve?
  • Trust yourself Do you know any other people who are like you?
  • Being worthy your Your love for others your own?
  • Are you looking for a fulfilling relationship?
  • What are you looking for? your What are your childhood memories?

If you’re interested, I can offer the solution to all your problems your problems.

*️⃣ Love, Love, Love…
This is the best gift you can give. yourself Self-administration-love. Give
yourself You have the right to forgive and to accept yourself Now…
As you are.
You are already beautiful and perfect. Choose to see the world always through the eyes of divine love and remember to always be grateful no matter what’s happening in your life. You are the creator your Reality is what you make of love.

Transform yourself.-love. True love is when you are truly in it. yourself Everything falls into place.

Why aren’t we so frustrated? Love Ourselves?

We are created by the thoughts we think and the words, actions, and opinions of others. Even the smallest negative comment can make our minds run wild. This is especially true when we are young.

Most of us experience a lifetime of negativity whether it’s from the people around us or the media and society in general.

This creates a new universe. “stinking thinking” that easily brainwashes us into believing we’re not quite enough.

Even when we don’t feel that negative there is a ton of mental garbage stored away at the subconscious level just waiting to pollute our lives at any moment.
Our perceptions shape our Reality
Modern science has demonstrated that perception is the key to reality. This means that our perceptions create reality.
Heart is what we do in the world.
  • If you don’t have the love you desire in life Next, you need to first find your Love within. yourself
  • You must make changes your way of seeing money if you don’t have enough.
  • You must examine your If you are having difficulty with your weight and health, it may be difficult to perceive your body’s perceptions. your health. your Body

If you’re able to love, it is possible. yourself and shift the mental and emotional blocks you’re carrying with you then
This opens up to new possibilities your life You can also reach new heights with love, wealth and health.

*️⃣ What is Self?-love?

Self-love is definitely not narcissism… it’s about loving yourself fully. It’s about believing that you’re able, capable and equipped with everything you need to live an amazing life.

This means you are secure. yourself that you’ll never wish harm to others around you no matter what their beliefs may be. It’s often the times when we don’t feel good about ourselves that we lash out and try to hurt others around us. Then we also end up beating ourselves up for what we’ve done or said.
But when you love what you do, it’s a true love. yourself Then you will see the whole universe with great compassion, love, and understanding.
What Happens If You Don’t Learn To Love Yourself?

Without first learning to love, you won’t be able learn to love another human being. yourself. Yes, you’ll still have relationships, but they won’t be the amazing love story you want and deserve.

It will also have an impact your Ability to manifest your There are many desires in this world. It is closely linked to how you feel about money, health, and finances. your feelings. yourself It’s about learning to love yourself These and other areas will offer new opportunities.
Imagine a string of helium balloons, all struggling to soar towards heaven. Each balloon represents an area. your life that you’d love to improve and are consciously working on. What if you were to consciously work on improving one aspect of your life (such as your You can’t untie a single knot to let a single balloon soar.
Learn to love while learning yourself You will need to remove the master knot that holds the balloons together and allow them to fly freely.

That’s what happens when you truly learn to love yourself.

What can I do?

It’s easy for anyone to write about self-They love to pretend to be experts and they do it because they are passionate about their profession. What sets me apart is that I’ve been struggling with self-Love My top priorities are honesty and open speaking from my heart life.

My husband and I were married for twenty years. He was a loving man but he was very controlling. I was a result of that.-confidence was very low and I never thought I’d have the strength to leave him. I learned to love my husband and two beautiful girls and was able to leave them, even though I only had $200.
This was just the beginning for even more difficult times. The first six-7 months I was on welfare and dependent on anti-depressants, couldn’t sleep and really believed I was going to die. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to endure the darkness in order see the light.
How Learning Changed my Life
To Love Me

Self-reliance can be a blessing.Love I have done energy work and other energy work for myself. life My life It has been completely transformed. I now live happily, and am healthy. life That is what I love.

I’ve released a lot of limiting beliefs and I combined this with meditation and work on
It is something I am grateful for every day. Yes it’s been a difficult journey
Sometimes, I felt like giving up. Sometimes, I felt like giving in.
I also discovered that I was being exploited as an employee.
But, I was able to have a child because of the work I was doing.
I will heal and forgive.
All of this was the start for me to become spiritual healer. It’s funny as just 6 years ago I would have run the other way when I heard anything about “spirit.”
Now, I embrace divine light and love and keep my faith in God.
This is How It Helps You…
People have seen great results with my healing work… especially around the areas of:

This journey was a learning experience that I can share with my clients. You can rely on me to help you achieve your goals your goals. life Changes that promote more prosperity and harmonious relationships (including the one with yourself).

These results are due in part to increased clarity and massive release of limiting beliefs. I’m also told that people feel less fearful, enjoy what life They have much more to offer and are standing up for what is right.
These are the places you want to be. your life you’d like to work on (and I believe they are for just about everyone who is aware) then I have put together a special package for you.
*️⃣ The Love Yourself… Love Your Life Collection
I have created a special collection of 12 healing meditations, activations.
All of them are infused with universal unconditional love energy and we also release any collective thinking you’re tied to by unplugging you from the matrix.

Simply put, you get results.

You’ll also have an optiOn to work 1-on-1 with me if you like… read on to find out more.

1. The Body Energy Clearing Treatment Love Vortex
The love vortex can remove negative thoughts, low vibrational energy thoughts, psychic attacks, and psychic hooks. It can also remove any emotions, feelings, or beliefs that may be in it. your life. your energy field, but are not yours. your The best and most important. You’ll feel instantly refreshed and uplifted after this clearing and you’ll feel lighter as your The vibration is raised.
2. Embracing Your Intuitive Self
This guided meditation will make you feel connected your With a conscious mind your Your subconscious mind will help to get back to your true essence of who and how you are. This will enable you to be more open. your You can be more aware your By being more aware, subconscious mind can be tapped your Intuition, beliefs systems
3. Frozen In Time
This meditation is meant to help you get out from the time-bound loop. When we go through a lot of shock it’s common for some of our energy to stay behind. Meditation brings you back to the present so that you can move forward. It can also help to get rid of all loops.
This meditation gives people the opportunity to feel again free and light.
4. The Healing of the Ego Aspect
Because our egos don’t understand what love is, we can allow our egos the opportunity to experience it. This will allow us to let go of fear and allow us to create from love. Meditation can help us let go of our egos and obligations. your life so you can get back in the driver’s seat again.
This session will make you feel empowered and allow you to let go of fear.
5. Journey into the Heart
We bring together all aspects in mediation. your Aligning and being together your Greater good. This includes your Inner child, ego, emotional body. This is a powerful tool to bring more awareness, joy and love into your life. your life. your life.
With this activation/alignment you’ll feel more intuitive and realize you are an infinite being that is always connected to source.
6. Mindfulness confusion can be dissolved
Our minds are like sponges and we absorb everything around us at the subconscious level… especially while we were growing up. Because of past experiences, our subconscious mind may get confused about certain concepts. This confusion can lead us to limit our abilities.
Is it possible for the subconscious to distinguish between fear or love? Self-What is love and vanity, exactly? What about compassion, pity, and love? This will allow you to gain a better comprehension. your beliefs systems and you’ll begin to see yourself In a new light.
7. The Healing of Past Lives
This session will take you back to a past. life Or live a life that keeps you from loving the ones who matter most to you yourself To feel complete, to feel worthy and connected with divine love. We can remove cords, vows, contracts, spells or curses, oaths, implants, agreements, traumas, shock, and any other attachments while we receive forgiveness, understanding, and compassion.
With this session you experience a huge amount of release… especially at the soul level.
8. Self-Activation of Heart Chakra-Love
The best gift you can give is yourself yourself Self-administration-love. This activation will increase your strength your Heart chakra and heart increase your self-confidence.-love. We bring the divine emerald flame to dissolve all blocksages your We can align our hearts while we love. your Holy Heart with your Physical heart and heart of Creation
During this session, you will be able to receive the frequencies of unconditional self love and forgiveness
9. Activating Your Base Chakra For Abundance & Prosperity
This activation will activate your divine ruby fire to strengthen your base chakra and unlock energies and emotions you may not otherwise be able to access. your life. your life You deserve the abundance and prosperity you desire.
10. Clearing low vibrational energy your Home/Office
We make the love vortex crystal clear your We will be freed from all negative energy, entities, and low-vibration energy. We download a protective barrier and bring the angels with. your Your home is safe, secure, and resistant to low-energy.
11. Into the Womb- Healing the Inner Children
The journey begins at conception and ends at birth. It will continue until the moment. We let go of emotions and feelings.
that don’t belong to you. You’ll learn the difference. your Emotions, feelings and energies.
Here are some examples: your parents.
We also clear your 30 generations ago, the genetic line released trauma/ shock/ emotional pain from childhood. Reduce toxic cords your Parents and your past. This session is a great way to heal your inner child.
12. To detox your Body
Detox your You can free your body from anger, resentment, fear, and frustration. This session will allow to let go low vibrational emotions and feelings. This session will help establish and maintain healthy boundaries. your environment.
*️⃣ About Mina

Mina As an energy healer or spiritual counsellor, clients can expect to receive assistance from her. life They are worthy of it. She believes that self-transformation is key to transformation. yourself Everything falls into place.

She was born with the ability to see, know and feel things that others couldn’t. As a child, she was sensitive to spirituality and would wake up in middle of the night to see bright lights. She could also sense other’s

She has helped hundreds from all walks and walks of life. life. life All over the world. Her subconscious mind allows her the ability to help people love themselves again by tuning in to it. She has extensive counseling and psychology experience.

Mina She is a certified Theta Healing Practitioner/Practitioner, and Past Life Therapy Facilitator.

She also has the rare gift to see into the future.
She is passionate about sharing love, understanding and believes that anyone can be healed by love and compassion.

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Mina Firme - Love yourself Love your life

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