These courses will be integral for anyone looking to learn and implement SEO quickly and efficiently, with the added benefit of maintaining proficiency over time. File Size:  2.67 GB



What’s the SEO Essentials Certification series?

In a nutshell, the series is an on-demand instructor-led, six-part course that combines comprehensive, fundamental SEO education with actionable ways to implement your newfound skills using Moz Pro. You’ll receive six hours of content guided by your instructors, test your knowledge with exams at the end of each of the five sections, and top it all off with shiny new credentials to share with your professional network, clients, and stakeholders.

Who should take this course?

These courses will be integral for anyone looking to learn and implement SEO quickly and efficiently, with the added benefit of maintaining proficiency over time.
What can I expect to learn?

Whether you’re launching an internal SEO team or leveling up your marketing skills, this class covers everything you need to get started. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to develop a competitive SEO strategy and apply foundational skills like page optimization, link building, and more.

Guided by your instructors, you’ll dive deep into each of the core topics that comprise good SEO:

Fundamental SEO concepts
Keyword research
Page optimization
Link building essentials
Reporting on SEO

Within those topics, you’ll uncover even more key highlights:

How do search engines determine the value of a site?
How to identify good keywords and map them to semantic topic groups
Recent trends such as voice search
How SEO fits in with the sales funnel
How to prioritize SEO tasks
How to determine your most valuable content
How to evaluate links
Essential reports to measure the impact of SEO
In-depth application of SEO principles and practices in the Moz tools

In each course section, you’ll complete tasks and take quizzes to test your knowledge along the way, culminating in a final exam (yes, just like in school!). Once you complete each course and earn a passing score on the final exam, you’ll earn your Moz Certification in SEO Essentials, which you can display with pride on your LinkedIn profile!

Please note: As Moz continues to improve user experience and update our tools, you’ll see slight differences between the lessons and the tool interface. Although noticeable, these changes shouldn’t impede your ability to complete the coursework!
How long will it take to complete the series?

With up to six hours of on-demand instructor-led time and exams, you can expect your time commitment to be about eight hours total.
What’s included with my purchase?

You’ll complete each of the following courses, guided by your instructors:

Understand the Fundamentals
Develop Keyword Strategies
Apply On-Page Optimization Strategies
Build Effective Link Strategies
Create Efficient Reporting Strategies
Final Exam

In addition to gaining a valuable new skillset, you’ll have access to the course materials for one year from the date of purchase, excluding promotions. If you use a promo code or register as part of a promotion, your access timeframe may differ (please check promotion information for access details).
Do I need a subscription to the Moz tools to get value from this series?

No, you don’t! You will learn important SEO concepts and theories that are independent of tools. While application of these concepts takes place inside the Moz tools, what you learn in this course can be applied to other toolsets as well. Here are some details:

Understand the Fundamentals: This covers the basics of SEO, which are independent of any tools!
Develop Keyword Strategies: You will learn theories and a framework that can be applied to any keyword research tool. Keyword evaluation and application take place in Moz’s Keyword Explorer, but the concepts can be carried over into any keyword tool.
Apply On-Page Optimization Strategies: We discuss important optimization considerations and best practices, both of which are independent of tools. Application takes place in the MozBar (which is free!) and Moz’s Campaign tool.
Build Effective Link Strategies: We cover the components of backlinks and why they’re important, ideas that are independent of tools. Application takes place in the MozBar and evaluation occurs in Moz’s Link Explorer, but the evaluation concepts can be carried over into any link tool.
Create Efficient Reporting Strategies: You will learn how to set up and clean your data by adding filters within your free Google Analytics account. Application involves creating reports. We provide a downloadable SEO worksheet, with some of the data drawing from Moz’s Campaign tool, and you’ll learn how to create Moz Custom Reports.

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