Mushfiq – Deep-Dive Course Into Website Flipping


Mushfiq – Deep-Dive Course Into Website Flipping

Mushfiq - Deep-Dive Course Into Website Flipping

Best Deep-Dive Course Into Website Flipping
Learn exactly how I’ve flipped 215+ websites with multiple 6-figure exits

What’s in the course?

Video tutorials covering the concept, due diligence valuations, where you can find sites and much more.

Includes 12 real-Life website walkthroughs that cover due diligence and growth teardowns

Why do I need it?

Do you spend time trying to figure out how to flip a website?

This will give you a deep dive into the processes and mindset of website flippers.

How do I get it.

This is a video-Course based with 6+ hours recordings

Access the video course for just one-Time payment Full access

*️⃣ What’s Covered In The Course?

This course is 14+ years worth of experience, broken down into actionable, organized videos. No fluff. Actionable content guaranteed.

  • Concept of website flipping
  • 5-Stage Life cycle from purchase to exit
  • How and where to Find websites to buy
  • How to perform Website valuations
  • How to perform due diligence Red flags to be spotted
  • Tactics Grow the site you purchased
  • Tactics Position a site Maximum exit
  • How to Sell your site
  • How to Hire a web operator Site management
  • Shopping on websites After/during a Google Core update
  • Bonus #1 7 sites offer video due diligence reviews
  • Bonus #2 Video Growth Teadowns on 5 Sites
  • Bonus #3 Downloadable spreadsheets and templates
  • Bonus #4 Access to the Website Flip Club Facebook community
  • Bonus #5 5 individual PDF reports of due diligence analyzing sites for sale (20-Pages each
  • Bonus #6 1-Hourly strategy phone call to answer your questions

The course is broken down into 8 modules. There are 51 lessons, plus 6+ hours of recorded audio. It’s jam-packed!

*️⃣ A Word From The Creator

Hey, Mushfiq here! Since 2008, I’ve been buying, growing and selling content websites. I’ve sold over 215+ websites with multiple six-figure exits. My team and I are also Flippa sellers and brokers. We have handled over 140 transactions.

I created this course to help people who want to get into the website flipping market. This course will give you a deep dive into my 14+ year experience in growing, buying, and selling content.-Websites with a based platform

*️⃣ Original Content:

Here’s What You’ll Get in Mushfiq – Deep-Dive Course Into Website Flipping

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"This course is available and delivery within one day!" The course is organized into 8 modules. There are 51 lessons total with over 6+ hours of recordings. It’s jam-packed!