Nadine Lee – Sexual Alchemy for Men’s Online Course


Nadine Lee – Sexual Alchemy for Men’s Online Course

Nadine Lee - Sexual Alchemy for Men's Online Course

Why sexual mastery issues

Tantra is about channeling your life pressure power from the decrease facilities to larger centres of the physique. But when there’s emotional particles stagnating in your very physique cells, the life pressure power will get caught. In Tantra we undergo the female (the emotional physique & sexuality) with a purpose to attain masculine (larger consciousness)

What most individuals don’t notice is that the evolution & sublimation of your sexuality, into larger states of consciousness, relies upon upon your capability to really feel. For many males, the sensation realm has been shamed, suppressed & shut down. Because of this, many males should not embodying their fullest sexual potential & thus non secular potential (dwelling their fullest embodied life function)

This course is for you if…
You want to grow to be a unprecedented lover

You want to grow to be extra profitable in life, enterprise & relationships

You want to really feel extra related to your artistic power & really feel totally aligned along with your souls mission.

You manifest something you want, together with a lot of cash as a result of you understand how to refine & flow into your sexual orgasmic power

You want to draw a companion who can meet you in her femininity, vulnerability, openness & authenticity

You have an interest in cultivating extra presence & capability to “hold space” & present up in your masculine energy for your companion / future potential companion

You wanting to learn to talk higher along with your self + your companion in & out of the bed room

You want to combine Tantric observe & power cultivating abilities into your self pleasure & intimate relations


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