Nathaniel Drew – Frame by Frame Full Course


Nathaniel Drew – Frame by Frame Full Course

Nathaniel Drew - Frame by Frame Full Course

Hi, I’m Nathaniel Drew

I built a 1.7 Million+ Subscriber YouTube channel using the skills of video editing, shooting, animation, and storytelling.
Frame by Frame is the first place I’ve put together EVERYTHING I know about how to become an Editor, Animator and Video Creator at a high level.
If you want to learn (or level up) your skills and make a career in Editing, Writing, Animation and Shooting videos, my team and I will teach you how.

Inside the Course

Your Complete Editing, Animation & Filmmaking Guide

Module 1: Begin

Editing Course: The “Writing Course” (Writing Great Videos)

  • Analysis of the 2 editing styles I use to make my videos and how each one impacts every part of the writing & pre-production process (including a deep-dive into a 2.2 Million view video)
  • My complete video planning process: organization, titles, topics, research, visualization, structure, and my scripting system (using the Notion app)

Editing Course: Editing 101 (Beginning the Edit)

  • Edit a complete project (files provided) with side-by-side instruction to get fully up-to-speed in Final Cut Pro (no editing experience required)
  • In-depth dive into Final Cut Pro: timeline, viewer, inspector, effects window, transitions, browser, modifying timeline settings, exporting, keyboard shortcuts, timeline layout, audio lanes, cutting styles

Animation Course:

  • My method for Building an Animation Toolbelt custom-fit to match your most important work
  • The 4 Questions: how to avoid wasting you and your clients’ time & money animating the wrong things
  • The best way to find & organize inspirational material and layouts (to increase creative output)

The Shooting Course:

  • The perfect jumpstart experience for those who want to create their own original videos to use as the materials for editing and animation
  • Includes exact camera settings to use, gear recommendations, equipment list, audio, lighting & run–and-gun filmmaking guides

Module 2: Craft

Editing Course: Navigating the Valley of the Edit (Create Your Rough Cut)

  • Master the Anatomy of the Edit: How to link Hooks, Intros, the Body, Chapters, Scenes, and Conclusions together seamlessly.
  • Cutting World-Class Intros: The secret to always beginning your videos powerfully.
  • Craft the Body: How I cut through the anxiety of the middle-stages of the edit by blitzing through the rough cut.
  • Powerful Conclusions: How I use non-linearity, clarity, & tension to grab viewers.
  • How to find and use music to elevate a cut (including my favorite sources of music).

Animation Course:

  • Textures deep-dive: map animations, luminance, common mistakes, and creating custom textures
  • Anatomy of After Effects: Panels, Compositions, Playback, Frame Rates, Transparency, Layers, Blending, Keyframing, & more
  • Own Your Look: How to hack texture, color palettes, types of motion, and fonts to make every video feel distinct
  • How to Organize Your Files for complex projects (and why most people are doing it wrong)

Module 3: Elevate

Editing Course: Polishing to Perfection (Finish Your Cut)

  • Mastering Your Elements: Effectively using on-screen text, resizing, adjusting opacity, and incorporating native transitions and effects
  • How to isolate audio, master dynamics and fallout, recut music, retime elements, and use keyframing
  • Perfect Your Video: master color correction, sound design, and your final mix
  • Behind-the-Scenes Mini-Documentary: How I Made “The Vienna” Video)

Animation Course:

  • Detailed breakdown: Picasso’s Daily Routine sequence (texture layers, effects, pre-rendered elements, sub-animations, & more)
  • 6 animation breakdowns & optional files for animating alongside the lessons
  • Final project & extended student case study tear downs (40+ minute walkthroughs)

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