Neil Adams – Uchi Mata – The Ultimate Study


Neil Adams – Uchi Mata – The Ultimate Study

Neil Adams - Uchi Mata - The Ultimate Study

What Will You Study?

Uchi Mata is assessed as one of many authentic 40 Judo throws and is a should-study approach for Judo practitioners of ALL ranges. Neil Adams supplies the last word examine on the Uchi Mata in his 4-half tutorial the place he particulars important fundamentals, mechanics, setups, variations, drills, and extra for the Uchi Mata! In case you are searching for clear-minimize methods to use the Uchi Mata then this sequence is for you!

Adams is an encyclopedia of information relating to Judo. Within the sequence, he particulars how the Uchi Mata has developed through the years and the way it has reworked from an ashi-waza (foot approach) to extra of a hip-based mostly throw. This modification of the throw will assist judokas of all ranges generate extra raise, and execute Uchi Mata extra effectively. Study every section of the Uchi Mata in nice element. The sequence will enable you to perceive the right way to successfully struggle to arrange grips, create kuzushi, and launch your assault.

Whereas the sequence covers lots of basic ideas and mechanics, it additionally expands into extra superior territory as Neil reveals his favourite variations/mixtures for Uchi Mata. Learn to use methods like Osoto Gari, Ouchi Gari, Kouchi Gari, Sasae, and extra to arrange scoring alternatives for Uchi Mata. Neil additionally covers the right way to use Uchi Mata to arrange different methods as properly!

As an added bonus Neil contains some excessive-profile case research of Uchi Mata getting used on the highest ranges of the game. With Neil’s case examine breakdowns, you’re going to get to see how prime-tier Judokas apply Uchi Mata, as Neil covers crucial parts of the matches that lead as much as the Uchi Mata. Improve your Uchi Mata with the most recent installment of The Ultimate Study sequence from Neil Adams!

Quantity 1
Welcome to the Course 0
About Your Teacher 2:48
What, How & Why of Uchimata 7:40
Uchimata Motion 8:49
Heat Up – Heat up with Tai Sabaki 10:56
Heat up – Leg Strengthening and Creating a powerful line 13:34
Heat up with Uke utilizing Motion 16:01
Kumi-Kata – Conventional Ashiwaza model – Kumi-Kata 17:51
Aggressive Model (Koshi) Kumi-Kata 21:16
Spinning Uchimata – Kumi-Kata 23:15
Ft Placement – Ashi (Conventional) Model 26:21
Koshi (CompetitiveModern) model 28:36
Spinning Ft Placement 31:09
Head Positioning – Ashi (Conventional) Model 36:21
Koshi (CompetitiveModern) model 39:47
Spinning Head Placement 41:22

Quantity 2
Physique Placement – Factors of Physique Contact with Ashi Model Uchimata 0
Koshi Model – Physique Placement 2:58
Spinning – 3 Factors of Contact 6:55
Drills & Uchikomi – Uchikomi – Ashiwaza Model 11:24
Uchikomi – Koshi Model 13:57
Uchikomi – Spinning Model 15:28
3-Individual Uchikomi 16:59
Nagekomi 24:22
Combos – Into Yoko-Tomoe-Nage 28:41
From Osoto-Gari 30:33
From Ouchi-Gari 33:00
From Kouchi-Gari 35:11
From Sasae 37:20
Ken Ken Uchimata 39:15
Counters – Counters Defined 43:36
Sumi-Otoshi Uchimata-Sukashi 44:26

Quantity 3
Case Research – Yamashita 0
Yamashita – Competitors 1:07
Berghmans 5:26
Nagase 6:18
Nagase – Competitors 8:06
Inoue 10:41
Inoue – Competitors 16:17
Iliadis 26:11
Iliadis – Competitors 27:29

Quantity 4
Ono 0
Ono – Competitors 2:42
Liparteliani 10:39
Liparteliani – Competitors 12:37
Bonus Competitors 15:22
Thanks 35:00

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"This course is available and delivery within a few hours!"Learn each phase of the Uchi Mata in great detail. The series will help you understand how to effectively fight to set up grips, create kuzushi, and launch your attack.