Nicholas Kusmich & Cole Joseph – Million Dollar Membership Intensive


Nicholas Kusmich & Cole Joseph – Million Dollar Membership Intensive

Nicholas Kusmich & Cole Joseph - Million Dollar Membership Intensive

The Million Dollar Membership Intensive

We’ve pulled back the curtain and spilled the beans during this ONLY ONE TIME An inside look at a $6+ million a year ($500,000+ per month) membership site. This will give you all the information you need to create or grow a successful membership program in your business.

We’re not talking about running a launch and getting 100 people into your program.
We’re talking about building a consistently growing, revenue producing membership business that has long term benefits.

We have recorded EVERYTHING you can find today, so you can go at your own pace!
We captured the entire experience on film and gave everyone a copy. However, because people kept asking, we decided that only a few copies would be available for those who wanted it.
☞ Mindset
Why memberships?
Why memberships are one of the easiest ways to create Monthly Recurring Revenue for your business – and why it’s so much better than offering a course.
The Membership Mindset.
Here are some things you should know before you launch your membership program.
Membership Models / Pricing Models
How to price it and what type of membership you should choose
Membership Make mistakes
Avoiding these pitfalls could end up costing your reputation and thousands of dollars.
☞ Acquisition
Launching A Membership Program
Before you launch, here are some steps.
Funnels for Filling Memberships
How to fill and expand your membership on a consistent basis.
Membership Metrics
Profitability is what you can’t lose sight of.
☞ Retention
On Boarding
What to do right away after someone joins you!
Retention secrets
How to keep your loyal fans coming back for more
Monetization Strategies Membership (upgrades etc)
How to monetize your membership for high LTV’s.
Tools are required
What software and tools do we use to remove any tech headaches associated with memberships?
This program is for anyone with a current business or looking to start one.

☞ This includes:

Speakers / Authors
Experts in any niche
Course Creators

… anyone else wanting to add a recurring revenue stream to their business.

This is the right program for you if you’re looking to grow your business and generate recurring income through membership programs.

*️⃣ Nicholas Kusmich
Considered one of the leading Digital Advertising strategists, Nic is known for having the highest ROI’s in the industry working with and consulting some of the leading fast growth companies and brands on the internet.

Nic created his own membership group in Jan 2018, and it became a million-dollar additional revenue stream in less than one year.
*️⃣ Cole Joseph
Cole His membership site was launched in January 2016, thinking it would not be difficult. He started with $25,000 MRR, and was back in the exact same spot a year later.

He went all in.

He is now close to 10,000 members and has $400,000 in monthly recurring income.
The best part?

He isn’t anyone special! He’s not a celebrity, expert or guru.

He built this membership giant in a niche… with no launches after the initial small starter group… and without any affiliates or partners.

This is the first and final time. Cole is sharing this information.

*️⃣ Original Content:

Here’s What You’ll Get in Nicholas Kusmich & Cole Joseph – Million Dollar Membership Intensive

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