Ole Lehmann – AI Audience Accelerator


Ole Lehmann – AI Audience Accelerator

Ole Lehmann - AI Audience Accelerator

How I went from 0 to 100k on Twitter in 65 days – using the AI Audience Accelerator system.

The first EVER AI content creation system designed to help you grow an audience while spending only 1 hour per week on content creation — without sounding like a robot.

If you want to use AI to dramatically improve your writing process and quality so you can attract an engaged audience in 2023, this page will show you how.

Here’s the scoop:

AI is the smartest and most powerful form of leverage we have as creators and entrepreneurs.

Those who learn to use AI will dramatically outperform the ones who don’t. But these tools evolve rapidly and many creators already feel behind.

That’s because most AI advice is trash. It’s either too technical (not everyone wants to learn about the intricacies of LLM’s) or too generic.

The only outcome from copy-pasting crappy prompts is you sound like a robot.

It’s why most people who try to use AI to write on Twitter or LinkedIn fail. The tool itself is not enough. You need to know how to use it — and make it yours.

For a limited time only (4 days) you can get access to the system that helped me grow over 100,000 followers in 65 days (and build an E-mail list of over 20.000 Solopreneurs).

This system isn’t just a list of generic prompts. You’ll learn how to become an authority, build a magnetic brand, and develop a unique voice (and even teach ChatGPT to mirror it).

An audience is your greatest asset.

AI is your smartest tool.

You can’t grow an audience on Twitter and LinkedIn without creating a LOT of content.

But most creators who play the volume game only pump out generic stuff…and get generic results.

Instead of becoming an online authority, they become a commodity.

Well, over the past 65 days, I’ve written 55 threads.

That’s 5x more than most creators.

Not only did I do this in far less time than most (you don’t wanna waste hours creating content when you could be building your business), but the threads were high authority and almost irresistible.

But as I said, it’s not just about the numbers.

An army of raving fans is the key to a thriving business…not a list of followers.

Using this system, I managed to become the go-to Twitter account for AI guidance (and if you’re on Twitter, you know how competitive that market is right now).

Here’s the blueprint to building a high-quality audience quickly – the right way.

Most AI courses on the market just teach you how to create content faster. But they don’t teach you how to create GOOD content.

Instead, I’m going to show you how to:

  • Build authority online like the big boys and girls do it.
  • Captivate your readers like a GREAT copywriter would.
  • Create (and utilize) a content strategy that MAKES YOU MONEY.


Because that’s exactly what I did.

You see, when I built AI Solopreneur I didn’t just go crazy on content and “get lucky.”

Every step I took was with great intention.

First, I created my own niche. This step is crucial to building an audience and online authority.

That’s why niching is the focus of module one in The AI Audience Accelerator.

(If you’ve struggled to find a niche, don’t worry. You don’t need to be an expert to create your niche, you just need to be 2 steps ahead of an underserved audience.)

When you use the power of AI to write, you can create high-quality, relevant and useful content at the speed of light.

And THAT, my friend, is the essence of The AI Audience Accelerator System.

Not JUST to create content in rapid fashion…

But to rapidly create irresistible content that sounds just like you.

In order to do that though, there’s one thing you MUST know how to do.

How to make ChatGPT

do exactly what you want.

Most AI gurus will show you the useless basics on how to use ChatGPT.

But if you’ve ever bought a course on AI, you’d notice something missing:


See, I wasted $147 on an AI course back in January 2023.

It was loaded with tons of helpful prompts and “how-to’s”.

It all sounded so good, but none of it got me results.

I just felt so overwhelmed…like I was drinking water from a fire hydrant.

I’d hoped to learn all the things, but just ended up drowning.

But they don’t teach you how to train AI to do whatever you want.

And if you want to truly stand out in a sea of noise…

If you want to NOT sound like a robot…

THIS is the key.

The AI Audience Accelerator focuses on teaching you to train ChatGPT to write and think just like you — making it the perfect companion for growing your army of fans.

But let’s address the elephant in the room:

Will the AI Audience Accelerator work for you?

Now I’m sure you’ve got one big question in your mind right now…

“It’s cool that you did all this. But will it work for me?”

Fair question. I’d be asking the same thing since most courses don’t actually deliver on their promises.

This course is made SPECIFICALLY for solopreneurs who:

  • Love the “idea” of AI…but feel overwhelmed by it
  • STRUGGLE to come up with irresistible content ideas
  • Spend WAY too much time writing content
  • Get WAY too little return for the time you spend on content
  • Care about getting results and not how an LLM works
  • CRINGE at cheap, generic content
  • Have been disappointed by OTHER AI courses
  • WANT to run your business efficiently with great systems
  • CRAVE (but haven’t attained) the “freedom first” lifestyle of solopreneurship


The AI Audience Accelerator Content System

This isn’t just an audience growth course.

And it’s not just an AI course either.

It’s a sexy hybrid of the two, teaching you how to build a monetizable audience from zero — all in rapid fashion.

AI Audience Accelerator is a high-quality video course with one clear outcome: To help you grow an audience online without exhausting yourself on the content hamster wheel.

Let’s dive a little deeper, shall we?


From novice to ChatGPT master in less time it takes you to decide which Netflix show to watch next.

  • ChatGPT Crash Course (become an expert in 11 minutes without wasting time on learning technical stuff)
  • My prompt-managing system (an easy hack to spend 95% less time writing prompts


Learn the secret to standing out in any market. Use my AI content idea systems to leverage your customer’s emotions (to get content ideas that resonate and make growth a breeze).

  • The only 3 content types you’ll ever need to pull followers into your world (and turn them into raging fans and loyal customers)
  • Winning in unexplored markets: Why niching down is the most underrated part of creating online
  • Use AI to leverage your audience’s emotions to design a money-making content strategy
  • Generate an endless list of irresistible content ideas on autopilot (never stare at a blank page again)


Learn the exact AI content creation systems that helped me to skyrocket my growth on Twitter and LinkedIn (without sounding like a robot).

  • Create AI-written content that sounds so much like you, your mom will think you wrote it
  • Twitter Domination: 4 proven AI content strategies to grow on autopilot (become an authority in your field and turn likes into cash)
  • LinkedIn Domination: Become a non-cringe LinkedIn thought leader in 30 min per week (using my 3 content hacks)
  • Never run out of content again (2x your output without extra work)


Use the captivating magic of long-form content to create an effortless AI newsletter flywheel (where you can actually sell to your audience)

  • Use AI to create your niche’s best Deep Dive newsletter (in 3 simple steps)
  • The 30-Minute Newsletter Wizard – My proven system for writing a world-class newsletter in 30 minutes (turning readers into buyers)
  • Attract leads and establish authority with an AI lead magnet

Look, I can’t promise that you’ll hit 100k in 65 days.

You have to take the time to put everything I teach into action.

If you do that, I CAN promise you:

  • You’ll grow your audience faster (and better)
  • You’ll get off the content treadmill and be freed up to actually do something with the audience you’ve built
  • You will be equipped with all frameworks that make content creation 95% less feel like a chore
  • That’ll put you in a better position than 99% of creators, guaranteed.

I am confident my course will be one of the smartest investments you’ve ever made into your AI education and your creator journey.

So hop on board and let’s actualize the freedom lifestyle you’ve been after.


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How I went from 0 to 100k on Twitter in 65 days - using the AI Audience Accelerator system. The first EVER AI content creation system designed to help you grow an audience while spending only 1 hour per week on content creation — without sounding like a robot. File Size: 3.7 GB