Outlier Linguistics – Chinese Character Masterclass


Outlier Linguistics – Chinese Character Masterclass

Outlier Linguistics - Chinese Character Masterclass

Master the Art of Learning Chinese Characters
You can learn the REAL logic behind writing systems with minimal pain and suffering.
This online course is a comprehensive one developed by a PhD. ChineseYou’ll learn how. Chinese Characters work, and you’ll be a master at learning by the end of this course. Chinese characters!
Comprehensive Online Course, just $99!

Unit I: Intro and Foundations
Lesson 0: Introduction to the course/What to Expect
Lesson 1 – Rules of Memory
Lesson 2 – Three Attributes of Writing/Three Functionalities
Lesson 3 – Deep Structure, Surface Structure, Stroke Order
(Example Video Below)

Unit: How do you calculate it? Chinese Characters actually Work

Lesson 4: Form Components
Lesson 5: Meaning Components
Lesson 6: Sound Components
Lesson 7 – Sound series (characters having the same sound component)
Lesson 8: Empty components
Lesson 9 – All about character meanings
Unit III: Tips and Strategies to Learn More Effectively
Lesson 10 – The “IME Method”
Lesson 11 – Spaced Repetition
Lesson 12: The Pipelining Strategy
Lesson 13: The Minimalist Strategy

About this course

The complete online video course Chinese Complete with PDF chapters, character experts will teach you how to learn. Chinese Characters more effectively

We’ve been teaching a course at ICLP—one of the world’s most prestigious Chinese language schools—for years. We now offer it online for the first time!

You’ll have lifetime access over a dozen videos lessons about Chinese You’ll also learn how to learn the traditional and simplified characters.

  • ● 300 characters, specially curated to teach you how characters actually work
  • ● all about functional components in characters
  • ● how to learn new characters more efficiently
  • ● how to recall characters you’ve learned more reliably
  • ● tips for learning vocabulary

This course is for all levels. Not require you to own or use any of our other products—it’s entirely self-contained! All students who take this course will receive a 15% off Discount code to be used on any of our products

Your Instructors
Ash Henson PhD
Co-founder, Outlier Linguistics

Ash has a PhD. Chinese From the National Taiwan Normal University’s Graduate Institute of Chinese. His dissertation research centered on the use of the most recent research regarding paleography and historical Chinese Phonology to provide a framework for analyzation Chinese Characters are based on their functional components. He has been a. Chinese-To-Over the years, he has been an English interpreter. He has also studied Dutch, Cantonese German, Japanese and a few other languages. His work includes: OutlierHe’s also published several peer reviews.-Review papers Chinese Paleography and Phonology

John Renfroe
Co-founder, Outlier Linguistics

Before co-Fondation Outlier, John studied Linguistics The Graduate Institute of Paleography and Geophysics Chinese National Taiwan Normal University He is also a coauthor-Taipei Classical was established and continued to be run by the founders. Chinese Reading Group, a weekly reading club that consists mainly of graduate Sinology students at western universities. He also taught classical. Chinese members of the group, who had not received any instruction in the language. His research and coursework focused on historical bamboo texts from the Warring States. Chinese character morphology, and the Shuowen Jiezi 說文解字 and its commentaries and criticism.

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