Paul Schreiner – Zone Jiu Jitsu


Paul Schreiner – Zone Jiu Jitsu

Paul Schreiner - Zone Jiu Jitsu

Enhance Your Guard Passing With This Systematic, Sensible Strategy to How To Use Half Guard, Leg Drags, & Extra Collectively To Your Profit On Prime With Marcelo Garcia Black Belt Teacher Paul Schreiner’s Zone Jiu-Jitsu

  • Use broad ideas and aims to focus your zone into one helpful system that Paul builds on over time with these classes on guard passing enchancment
  • Mix leg drags with half guard passing and different strain-primarily based assaults from prime that every one match collectively for essentially the most use, with choices on methods to drawback clear up frequent counters
  • Paul Schreiner is without doubt one of the most technically demanded instructors on the planet, with lengthy expertise working alongside coaches like Marcelo Garcia
  • Enter into passing combos from frequent conditions just like the De La Riva guard, spider & lasso guard, and extra
  • Beat the frames and consolidate your move with the very best management utilizing Paul’s recommendation on making your opponents actually carry you

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"This course is available and delivery within a few hours!"Beat the frames and consolidate your pass with the best possible control using Paul’s advice on making your opponents really carry you