Peak Power Hypnosis – Trypnosis sessions


Ignite your creative spark, become inspired and more intuitive. Finally write that bestselling book, or think up that world changing idea.

Peak Power Hypnosis – Trypnosis sessions

Peak Power Hypnosis - Trypnosis sessions

ou are about to Discover the Most Powerful New Life Hacks for Peak Performance of Mind, Body & Soul

Imagine YOUR life with more…


Evaporate stress, drift off into deep restorative sleep, lose weight, get fit + have more energy to get things done.


Pursue any goal you want and banish fears like public speaking or approaching new people.


Ignite your creative spark, become inspired and more intuitive. Finally write that bestselling book, or think up that world changing idea.


Take efficient action, have a razor like focus and become ultra productive from the moment you wake up.


Eliminate habits like nail biting, or phobias like fear of flying, so you become more attractive in business, work and relationships.
Fellow Personal Growth Enthusiast…

My name is Niraj Naik. At the beginning of 2013 I wanted to take my thriving personal growth business one step further. I decided to study the survey data of personal growth enthusiasts to find out more about their exact pains, fears and frustrations.

I made a Shocking Discovery…

Only a tiny % had actually succeeded in reaching their life goals, due to 3 core issues:

Law of Attraction/The Secret not working for them
Overwhelmed with information and not knowing what to do first
No time or energy to implement anything they learned

I discovered that what most people are looking for is a Simple, Fast and Effective Step by Step Approach for Personal Growth and Becoming the Very Best they can be

Most people are seeking Peak Performance and Peace of Mind so that they can have more time, energy and freedom to do all the things they want to do without selling their soul. The very fact you are reading this means this is likely to resonate with you too – so keep reading, as I have discovered an amazing solution for YOU.

I had already transformed my own health and life after being bed ridden for over 10 months by creating my own genre of brainwave entrainment music called Trypnaural, which is now used by spas, therapists and healing centers around the world. To then creating one of the worlds most powerful meditation and personal growth systems of its kind.
I had managed to Escape the Cubicle as an employee and Enjoy an Abundance of Time-Freedom.

And I had helped many others do similar things too. I know exactly what people who are ‘stuck in a rut’ need and I can give them an effective strategy for growth, because I was once there myself.

I wanted to go even Deeper and produce something with even more POWER

To give people like me and you the edge in a world filled with ruthless competition. After some deep meditation and contemplation on finding the perfect solution, I almost effortlessly attracted my good friend and fellow agent of change, John Vincent.
After a series of uncanny ‘coincidences’ It felt like we were chosen by some mysterious force to work together on this same mission

John is a Master NLP Practitioner and Trainer, and hypnotherapist who trained directly under Richard Bandler and Paul Mckenna – both of whom are world famous at giving peak performance and personal power to their clients.

He is a first choice for both Bandler and Mckenna to help train their clients at their $5K+ a seat seminars here in the UK and has been part of their London assisting team for 10 years. So working with John is like having the best minds of both – in one person.

John introduced me to the world of NLP and advanced hypnosis, explaining how, through the power of suggestions, you can transform a person from a highly stressed life and serial failure, to a life of peace, prosperity and personal power.
In all my time working with people and helping them make personal breakthroughs I had never seen anything work as fast as what John can

He even managed to erase my nail biting habit that I have had for over 35 years! Not a single person or other method has been able to help me break that habit. What John did it in just 5 minutes has completely erased my bad habit! This special method is just one of the many tools you will find inside this course.

The first session we created had an incredible response when we promoted it to our clients.

This was called Mind Restore (found on component 1 of the full course) and is designed to help you go deep into a trance, using the very best advances in meditation music technology combined with John’s specially created hypnosis/NLP script. Mind Restore re-programs your mind for peak performance from the moment you wake up.

With Mind Restore You Effortlessly Glide into the Deepest Sleep and Wake to Peak Performance


Our servers crashed twice as people rushed to get hold of it, and we were flooded with positive feedback. One person in particular had suffered with insomnia for 4 years, and this was the first time they were able to sleep a full night.

We knew we were on to something BIG. So we went even deeper…
We Have Now Created What I Believe in my Personal Experience is the Most Powerful ‘Perfect Life’ Getting System of its Kind
First Some Simple Science…

How Your Mind Works…

Your mind has been shown scientifically to operate at different brainwaves or trance states.

The Alpha brainwave state is your most natural state, however this state can still leave your irrational unconscious mind vulnerable to the power of suggestion.
Magicians, hypnotists, and even big corporations take advantage of this alpha state.

As soon as you begin to read descriptive words, like the kind you find on adverts, or watch moving images on the T.V, or even listen to someone telling you an interesting story, your mind begins to flow into a trance state.

In fact your T.V is probably the most powerful trance producer you will find.

Every T.V show is strategically programmed and each advert is cleverly designed by the worlds best advertising companies to get you to buy their stuff, that you probably don’t really need.

So we don’t want you to buy our course unless it is 100% right for you – if it is right for you, I am sure you would love to join of our community of like-minded souls.
Have a think about this…
How much of your life is actually the result of an external influence?

How many of your own life decisions are based on advice from others, things you read, the TV and adverts you watch?

You are literally being hypnotized every single day by outside forces, some good, but some very dark.

Unless you can take control of your trance states, you will always be the potential victim of mind control.

Even your close friends, family, and work mates and people of the opposite sex that you may be trying to attract, are mind controlling you in some way, everyday.

You can easily become a product of your environment, but if you learn to take control, you can create your perfect environment.
With hypnosis you can literally Take Back Control of Your Mind and Transform Your Life
From our Research we discovered…

Brainwave entrainment in the form of isochronic tones is the most powerful method for getting into deep trance states. We have already tested this with our Trypnaural brainwave music.
Hypnosis with subtle acoustic stereo mixing for subliminal programming effects is far superior to just using plain standard hypnosis recordings.
Trypnosis is best done at night to allow the subconscious mind to assimilate the information provided to it from the hypnotic script – the added bonus of this is you can get the best nights sleep ever and wake up refreshed and energised to take on the world.

Our new method for mind transformation,
called Trypnosis, was put to the test…

Using special aura monitors and EEG machines they recorded significant increases in positive healing energies and peak performance brainwave states after our performance.

There were many Advanced Meditators and Spiritual Masters who said that the combination of our unique hypnosis and Trypnaural music took them to levels of consciousness that they had never experienced before.

We were compelled to put our breakthrough technology into a step by step system that would create massive and lasting transformation.

So we spent time studying the habits and behaviours of some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, artists, and peak performers (including ourselves) to bring you the very best system for peak performance.

Here’s What You’ll Get in Peak Power Hypnosis – Trypnosis sessions

Peak Power Hypnosis - Trypnosis sessions

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Get Peak Power Hypnosis - Trypnosis sessions, There were many Advanced Meditators and Spiritual Masters who said that the combination of our unique hypnosis and Trypnaural music took them to levels of consciousness that they had never experienced before.