Pedram Shojai – 7 Day Reboot



Pedram Shojai – 7 Day Reboot

Pedram Shojai – 7 Day Reboot

Give your life a chance Reboot
In 7 Very Short Days

Are you ready to start a new chapter?

There’s no telling how recent circumstances are going to continue to affect us far into the future. We’re oddly always on and connected but you may be feeling at a loss, away from your routine and even starting to make worse choices where your health is concerned.
If you’ve tried making changes and haven’t been seeing the results you want, you’re not alone. You’ve tried to make a change but found yourself falling back into the trap of mindless snacking. Are you struggling to stick to a fitness routine? Are you distracted by the news, your smartphone or your children’s cartoons? Do you feel foggy?
These are all signs that an organization is in trouble. “operating system” that isn’t working for you.

What are your plans?

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a lot of irons in the fire. I’ve been asked how I manage to write books, produce films, run a business and still have a loving relationship with my wife and young children. It’s not that I have more time in the day than the next person, I’ve just unlocked something special that I want to share with you.
Look, I can’t magically wave a wand and make you feel better – if anyone offers you that, run in the opposite direction! It is possible to make small, immediate changes in your daily life that will lead to real change. From my four-year stint with the Taoist Monks, I have learned amazing things. These have helped me harness energy, calm myself down, get peak performance, and sleep like a baby.
That’s what I want to share with you…

What can you achieve in a week’s time?

You’ve got a busy life and you probably don’t want to go sit in the mountains like a monk – I don’t blame you. If you can find something to improve your life every day, it’s a good thing. 7 days can change your life.
You must be open-minded to new ways of life. 7 To truly understand your mind & body, it takes time. I’ve been teaching this for 20 years and have pressure tested this material with thousands of students. They’re just like you – busy, hardworking people that just need a break. At the end of the week, you’ll have more energy, less stress, great recipes and you’ll feel lighter than you have in years.

*️⃣ 7 Days can dramatically change your life


How to absorb more energy, get maximum nutrients from your food and, at the same time, burn fat all day…If you want to unlock your power, you’ll need to use the right food as fuel. I’ll show you how to turn on the furnace!
My full-color book and my famous Tonic Soup recipe are included.


How to recharge your body and get more power. What time do you have? Nope. No, not under my supervision. I’ll show you exercises you can do around the office and on mini breaks.
Includes my favorite stretches to loosen your body, a quick and simple workout video anyone can follow (even if you’re just starting), and a guided Qi Gong video to strengthen your core and boost your energy.


Follow the Urban Monk path to peace and be proactive. You can choose to drive in your life or be driven. Which do you prefer? Stress can make you sick, so it should not be difficult to choose. This is why you must be proactive.
The 2 guided meditation tracks are included to help relieve stress immediately


It is the art of slowing down your time so that you can remain calm and focused. Is it possible for you to drink from Infinity? As a monk, I can help you.
If you want more productivity, you’ll need to remain calm and focused. Are you capable of doing this?


Recover fully and get a full night’s sleep every night. Without sleep, we’re useless. I’ll show you how to get quality sleep and power down each night.
Includes my favorite relaxation audio… just listen and let it guide you to a deep sleep.


You can have more energy in your day to reach your full potential.
This package includes an ancient Qi Gong method to help you energize your mind and body. This stuff comes straight out of my Kung Fu tradition. It will immediately make an impact.


The Urban Monk secret to being a successful person
It also includes a video that will show you how to make it. “little transformations” Each day, believe in yourself. This is the single most important gift I could give you…the power to be in control of your own life.

*️⃣ The Urban Monk—
Pedram ShojaiOMD

I’m not a guru. I am a man that has walked the path and can offer advice. These tips will help you reach your highest potential. The world needs YOU—not more gurus. We need more leaders than followers. I’m here to help you step into that. I’ve got your back. Now it’s time for you to master some skills and to be an awesome person.
The Academy is here to empower you…to heal and make you whole. My goal is for you to express your best self. I’m here to help.

The Urban Monk is a New York Times publication
Award and Award for Best-selling Author
Winning Filmmaker featured in—

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Pedram Shojai - 7 Day Reboot

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