Pema Salem – True Man [Online Course for Men]


Pema Salem – True Man [Online Course for Men]

Pema Salem - True Man [Online Course for Men]

*️⃣ Welcome to the website of Pema Salem, (previously known as Aisha Salem).

You are invited to join Pema into deep relaxation, intimacy and union with Reality. All the way from your Empty and pre-existential Core, over your recognition as Love and all the way into the Earth, intimacy and realisation as the Power of Creation. It is an invitation to meet yourself in Truth, which allows for a full relaxation into your innermost Being and the recognition of your true nature – as the boundless Joy of Infinity in Intimacy – fully inclusive of fulfilment in every level of our human existence.

The work and being of Pema Salem offers boundless space for exploration, inspiration, transformation and Joy in discovery of your Essential nature and emergence as Truth in form;

Welcome to the Natural arising as You.

Pema Salem, 42 years, living on Møn island, Denmark. Inspirator and guide into union with Reality on all levels of life, love and being – as realisation and full application of the Deepest of Intimacy, Wildest of Wonder and actualisation of the True Human Potential.

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