Perry Nickelston – Vagus Nerve Mojo Webcast



Perry Nickelston – Vagus Nerve Mojo Webcast

Perry Nickelston - Vagus Nerve Mojo Webcast

Vagus Nerve Resets for Chronic pain

Stop Chasing Pain’s new online course. Our method for reducing chronic stress and chronic pain. We use these techniques every day and share them with all our clients. You can also learn them. This course is open to all.

One Day Webcast!

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Live Q andA and interaction
9:00am-5:00pm Eastern USA

Why? Vagus Mojo?

Your nervous system must be calmed to achieve effective healing. The following are the principles of effective healing. Vagus Nerve It does. If it works well and has a positive tone. If it doesn’t you will remain in sympathetic nervous system dominance and struggle to heal. When you are defending, you cannot heal. Cells can be either in growth mode, or defense mode. They cannot be both. The Vagus nerve is the healing mode.

The Vagus Nerve It is the most vital nerve in the body. All other nerves will work better if it works well. If it doesn’t work well all the other nerves will struggle. That’s based on embryology. The course will teach you how to do this. A powerful connection to healing that few people are aware of Vagus Nerve Performance and development

Why attend?

This webcast is for those who have tried everything to help them feel better. You are tired of living with pain and want to regain control of your life. Learn how to take control of your life-You may not have seen these techniques before. Learn about the Vagus Nerve is great, but how do you use the information? How can you use it in real-life to get real results? We show you

What are some of your learning opportunities?

  • To stimulate the vagus, move the throat and esophagus.
  • Taping strategies to stimulate the nerve while you sleep
  • How to reset your lungs to increase vagal tone (LungResets)
  • Stomach Resets Vagus Exit)
  • Breathing and the Diaphragm
  • The spine, neck, and abdomen are reset by the sympathetic nervous system
  • Parasympathetic nervous System resets
  • Self-resets for the skull and tailbone
  • Sympathetic dominance and the stress response
  • Resets the abdominal nerve plexus
  • Manual nerve block techniques
  • Vibration therapy
  • The vagus nerve: Why it matters and how embryology develops it
  • You may not have seen these simple, practical, and easy reset methods before.
  • You can find out more

What are you getting?

You can also attend the webcast live and ask any questions. You can access the webcast recording for your lifetime with all the techniques and slideshow presentation if you are unable to attend live.

Register now. Your body will appreciate you. We’re looking forward to seeing you.

Dr. Perry

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This course is available and delivery within hours! Learn self-help techniques you may have never seen before. Learning about the Vagus nerve is good, but what do you do next with the information?

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