Raquel Spencer – Sacred Union – Embodiment of Hieros Gamos (S26)


Raquel Spencer – Sacred Union – Embodiment of Hieros Gamos (S26)

Raquel Spencer - Sacred Union - Embodiment of Hieros Gamos (S26)

Sacred Union – What is it?

Hieros Gamos is Sacred Union
It is a union of the masculine and feminine principles or energies within. Many have interpreted sacred union as a sexual / energetic act between two people. However, this is a very limited definition or understanding of an advanced level of Lightbody activation and embodiment.
Sacred Union is a merging of our Particle (magnetic-female principle) selves and Anti-particle (electric-male principle). I know that doesn’t sound as enticing or romantic, but it’s a much more accurate representation of what is happening within your own body to facilitate unity consciousness. It takes the emotional charge out of the equation and allows you to move beyond old beliefs and programs.
Awakening is both an energetic and physical process. The reconstruction and activation of our higher Lightbody architecture is a very precise process. It is the act of literally rebuilding the Divine Vehicle to embody consciousness. There are no shortcuts, no skipping steps, no avoiding the inner work. We are here to become enlightened from within!
Our original design is based upon the Krystallah/Crystalline/Kristos or the Angelic Human blueprint. The Divine Masculine is referred to as the Kristos (the rod), and the Divine Feminine the Sophia (the staff).
These father/mother principles are also referred to as the positive and negative electromagnetics within the bio-electrical bodysuit we experience this reality through. Many refer to this as the activation of the Kristos/Sophia blueprint.
As we move into higher Lightbody configurations and architecture, a merging, a balancing of these energies bring about a powerful integration of higher Light within our Divine Vehicle, our supercomputer of Light. This allows for hieros gamos, a union within to occur.
The Light quotient on the planet and the awakening of her (Gaia’s) own Lightbody is providing the opportunity for many to advance to this level of embodiment. It’s time to embody sacred union within and come into a higher level of unity consciousness.
This series of activations will assist you to prepare your own
Lightbody for this level of embodiment.


This activation brings new codes from within your Own Bone Libraries to recode your personal fields and reality.
In addition, it’s almost like a “pit-stop,” as our eyes receive an upgrade and our energetic fields are replaced and fortified to allow for more clarity and stamina.
Duration: 50 Minute Energy Activation


As the electromagnetic system of the planet shifts, our bodies work like electrical capacitors. This activation further upgrades your ability to hold massive amounts of energy with more ease and grace.
Liquid Pearlescent Light codes are brought into the pineal, facilitating an opening and decalcification to assist with higher dimensional sight, as well as encodements to upgrade your nervous system. Your hip chakras are also cleared to help facilitate your ability to anchor multidimensional Light through your lower body.
Duration: 50 Minute Energy Activation


This activation brought in Cosmic Acupuncture for Awakening the innate intelligence of your physical and Lightbody.
Working with your Galactic and Earth Stars, lines of communication were opened within all of your organs and glands to entrain to a higher level of source intelligence.
As the organic levels of Gaia continue to open natural communication and stargates, our bodies are able to entrain and access our own internal stargates more effectively.
Duration: 50 Minute Energy Activation


This activation works with all aspects of your body, including the spinal column, organs, glands, and more to synthesize the communication of Light from the Cosmos and your cellular intelligence, accelerating the process of embodiment.
Opening the databank of your atlas, new instructions flood your body and nervous system with higher crystalline encodements.
Duration: 50 Minute Energy Activation


The transformation required at the physical level for ascension is mind-blowing. This activation works with cosmic acupuncture to ignite another level of the right and left brain hemisphere interface. Even our brains are separated/divided.
This work helps to bridge the energy flow, assisting with moving more into balance and wholeness.
Duration: 50 Minute Energy Activation


As electromagnetic Beings of Light, our bodies continue to upgrade to capacitate the higher frequencies and magnetics of the planet.
This activation upgrades your feet, knee, and hand chakras into a whole new level of interface for embodying the higher magnetics coming online on earth. We clear more of the distortions in each to allow for a higher hiero gamic union to begin.
In addition, the mechanism of the ego was removed from the central nervous system and brain (for those who are ready and have done the inner work required). For those not quite ready, it begins the process for the future.
Truly a profound activation of Light as we continue upgrading our biological bodysuit for higher embodiment of our Divine Self.
Duration: 90 Minute Energy Activation
With almost 6 hours of High Frequency Energy Activation, this work upgrades/prepares you to activate and begin the process of embodying sacred union.
Working with your Higher Self, I work directly with your energetic and physical body to clear, upgrade and facilitate the activation of your Lightbody to further prepare you for your own hieros gamos union.
Each activation is unique and works as a stand-alone upgrade AND as part of your continued evolution of embodying consciousness and awakening to your quantum self.
Simple Guidelines for this series:
    • It is best to complete the activations in the order listed below.
    • Each activation is approximately 50 minutes in length.
    • My work is EXTREMELY PHYSICAL in nature. That surprises a lot of people, so self-care is essential while doing this work.
    • I recommend spacing them out, doing one activation a week for 6 weeks. This gives you ample time to integrate at the cellular level.
    • I highly recommend doing them right before you go to bed.
    • Follow your guidance impeccably! Listen and take action. It’s your journey of awakening!
Each activation can be repeated until you feel you’ve received all that is available for you before moving on to the next in the series. Many repeat the activations multiple times.
You are unique and will move into sacred union within when it’s aligned for you. This work supports you at the quantum level to move into this level of Lightbody activation with more ease and grace.
The most important thing is to be open to receiving all that is 100% aligned with your Higher Self, Happiness, Health and Well-being.
Quantum Prana Alchemy
This guided meditation and breathwork is designed to bring you into an expanded level of awareness.
Working with Quantum Prana Alchemy, your heart expands into the oneness of the universe.

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The most important thing is to be open to receiving all that is 100% aligned with your Higher Self, Happiness, Health and Well-being. File Size: 408.5 MB