Recording Revolution – The EP Blueprint


Most aspiring musicians and artists today have the gear, software, and tools needed to start making and releasing music online.

Recording Revolution – The EP Blueprint

Recording Revolution - The EP Blueprint

What if 10 simple steps are all it takes to record, produce, and release music as an independent artist in 2021?

Even if you’ve always struggled to finish music in the past, these 10 steps will give you the roadmap to finally releasing music this year…
Let’s talk about the #1 problem musicians face today…

From the home studio of Graham Cochrane
Tampa, Florida

Dear friend,

Most aspiring musicians and artists today have the gear, software, and tools needed to start making and releasing music online.

You could spend under $150 and have an entire home studio set up, and production software is mega cheap these days… plus there are so many tutorials on how to make music online.

Honestly, you’d think there’s nothing stopping independent artists from launching out their careers.

However… in some ways, it’s harder than ever before to make and release music.

Sure, you can learn just about anything related to music online.

But what should you learn?

What steps should you take to go from having no songs, or struggling to finish your songs, to turning them into professional mixes you can release to the world?

And yes, you can do everything yourself today.

You can write your own songs, record, produce, mix them and get them mastered, even release them yourself!

But without a clear roadmap and structure to follow, it’s no wonder why most aspiring artists struggle to go anywhere with their music.

After all, there are so many choices to make when you’re thinking about making and releasing music.

Should you make an album?

A couple of singles?

Well, let me cut to the chase…

The best starting point for any independent artist is to make an EP

In case you don’t know what an EP is, it’s simply a collection of 4-6 tracks. Think of it as a mini-album.

It’s simply a great way to:

Create a cohesive body of work
Give someone a taste of your musical identity
Develop your skills in songwriting, recording, producing and mixing

Most importantly… a great EP is often all you need to convert someone into a massive fan of your music.

And here’s a little secret from you to me…

It isn’t that hard to make one!

It’s an achievable goal for anyone who wants to be an independent artist.

Even if you’ve only got a few hours a week to work on your music, you can put together an amazing EP in just a couple of months.

But most home studio owners make this massive mistake that stops them…

And it’s not a lack of hard work or time invested into their music!

Often, it’s the opposite!

If you’ve got a home studio and you make music, chances are that you’ve got a hard drive filled with unfinished song ideas and demos.

Or tracks that you’ve tried redoing countless times, only to end up going in circles!

And we all know that feeling of working late into the night on a track or song idea…

Only to listen to it in the morning and think: “Am I really that bad of a musician to spend that many hours making THIS?”

Get immediately download The Recording Revolution – The EP Blueprint

As an independent artist who’s been making music for over two decades, believe me, I’ve been there.

So when I teamed up with my friend and Grammy-nominated producer ill Factor from Beat Academy to make an EP last year…

We knew we had to document the process, so we could share with our audiences our personal process to making an EP.

But as we started filming ourselves writing songs, recording vocals and guitar, we realized:

With our combined decades of experience in the music industry, we knew we had to put together an all-comprehensive course on how our independent artists could make an EP for themselves.

From writing, recording, producing, to mastering the finished tracks, we wanted to create a step by step course that would give musicians a simple roadmap to making and releasing great music online.

Now in case you don’t know who we are…

My name is Graham Cochrane, and I’m the founder of the Recording Revolution.

I’m also a songwriter, independent artist, and audio engineer. With over 500,000 YouTube subscribers and thousands of students all over the world, I’m so grateful of the audience that tunes in weekly to watch my tutorials on recording and mixing music.

And I’ve teamed up with Grammy-nominated producer ill Factor for this course:

Ivan Corraliza, aka ill Factor, is one of my best friends and an incredibly talented music producer. He’s worked with artists such as Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Jason Derulo, Sia, and countless others. He’s also the founder of Beat Academy, an exclusive online platform where artists and producers can learn from real-world music industry experts.

And we’d like to introduce you to…

“The EP Blueprint”

An all-comprehensive online course that teaches you the 10 simple steps to making and releasing an EP as an independent artist in 2021

The EP Blueprint consists of 10 in-depth modules on each step of making and releasing your EP as an independent artist.

Each step builds on the next, taking you from generating song and production ideas, turning them into fully produced songs, and then mixing, mastering and releasing them online.

Let’s have a quick walkthrough on what’s inside each module:

Module 1: Planning Your EP

Before you make any music, you’ve got to plan out how exactly you’re going to write, record, mix, release and promote your EP. But it isn’t as simply putting a deadline on paper and leaving it at that. In this module, you’ll learn how to set a realistic, yet achievable timeline to your making your EP.

You’ll discover:

The most important thing to figure out before you start making your EP
Why you really don’t need a professional studio to make a compelling, professional piece of work
Realistic budgets to keep in mind if you’re looking to hire other musicians to play on your project

Module 2: Collaborators

One of the best ways to take your music to the next level is to work with another collaborator. Whether it’s finding an instrumentalist to help arrange parts of your songs, to another co-writer, we’ll give you our best strategies on collaborating.

You’ll be taught:

How to prepare your studio sessions for smooth, productive collaborating
Where to find collaborators for your EP, whether it’s a mixing engineer or a studio musician to play on your song
What situations don’t require your collaborator to be there in person, and when you should work with someone in the same room

Module 3: Creating Song Skeletons

If you’re not a natural-born songwriter, having a step by step process to crafting songs is key to avoiding plenty of frustration and writer’s block.

In this module, you’ll be shown how to generate musical and song ideas, and how to turn them into structured songs to write lyrics and melodies for.

This module will reveal:

Where to go musically if you’re facing writer’s block, and how to beat it once and for all
How many song ideas you should come up with for your EP
Why sometimes song ideas more personal to you shouldn’t be released

Module 4: Writing Lyrics and Melodies

Once you’ve got a few song ideas to work on, it’s time to start adding melodies and lyrics. However, this is where lots of musicians get stuck. Do you write something personal, or do you try to write something universal? Should you start with the melody first or lyrics?

This module answers all these questions and more. Once you’ve been through this part of the course, adding a great top-line melody and catchy lyrics to your songs will be a breeze.

You’ll discover:

3 tested and proven strategies I rely on to kickstart my lyric writing
Why melody is king when it comes to songwriting
An unconventional way to name your songs that always works

Module 5: Recording & Producing

With lyrics, melodies, and a clear structure to your songs, it’s time to start recording and producing the final versions of your songs!

This is a crucial step where you can end up chasing the perfect take or performance, or over-recording and burning yourself out before you’ve even put together a rough mix.

We’ll show you how we personally produced all the songs on our EP, how long it took us, and the ways we overcame the challenges we faced when producing them.

In this part of the course, you’ll discover:

How to manage your recording and production schedule to be efficient, without burning out

When to record the final vocals on your songs
What to do if you’re not happy with the music you’re producing (and a simple fix to this problem)
A concept ill Factor calls Production Candy – how to add elements to your rough mixes, so they go from sounding like demos into finished tracks
How to get great recordings out of a bad-sounding bedroom

Get immediately download The Recording Revolution – The EP Blueprint

Module 6: Mixing

At this point, you’ve come much further than most aspiring artists. But mixing is where your songs can be enhanced to their full potential, or overworked until they’re out of life. Plus, for most beginners, mixing can be scary and unfamiliar.

How much time should you schedule to mix each song? How many effects and plugins should you use on each track? What if your collaborator isn’t happy with the mix and wants a revision?

This module answers all these questions, and much more.

This module will teach you:

How much time you should schedule to mix each song
What your mixes need before you start putting on various effects and plugins
The #1 mindset to have when mixing that’ll save you countless hours
What separates a pro-sounding mix, from an amateurish one (hint: it’s not even how it’s recorded!)

Module 7: Mastering

While it can seem like a dark art that only a few people on earth can do, mastering is just preparing your mixes into a format for commercial release.

In this module, we’ll answer questions such as:

Do you need a mastering engineer to master your EP?
Should you use software to master your tracks?
Can you master your own EP for commercial release?
Plus, we’ll show you how we mastered our own EP for release

Module 8: Readying Your EP

Your EP’s mixed, mastered, and almost ready for release. Now’s the time to do all the things you need to ready your EP for release.

We’ll show you:

How best to sequence your songs for a smooth listening experience in your EP (plus: should you start your EP with your best track or leave it for last?)
Free, hands-on tools you can use to design professional cover artwork for your EP, even if you’ve never done it before
Tricks to coming up with a catchy and memorable name for your EP

Module 9: Distributing Your EP

This is where the rubber meets the road. It’s time to get your EP across the various digital platforms such as Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

We’ll show you:

How to avoid the common mistakes independent artists make when using distribution services
4 ways to make money off your music
Why as an independent artist, you’ve got to make sure your music is correctly distributed online (and the price to pay if it isn’t)

Module 10: Promoting Your EP

With all that hard work, your EP’s done and online. But how do you make sure it doesn’t get released to crickets, and people actually listen to the music you’ve made?

That’s what this module is all about.

You’ll discover:

How to get your EP to its first 1000 streams, and how to get your songs placed on TV or film
Where most artists go wrong when promoting their music, and a simple way to generate interest in your EP online
Swipe ill Factor’s 8 week blueprint to launching out your EP successfully and building your fanbase from scratch
How to set up an evergreen marketing funnel that helps you keep track of your growing fanbase

On top of that, there’s also an entire bonus training from music industry expert Adam Ivy inside this module.

This training will show you how to successfully launch out your music with Spotify, even if you’re not the most technology savvy.

From what kind of earnings to expect from the platform to getting your songs on crucial playlists to find new fans and more, this training will get you miles ahead of other aspiring musicians out there.

Finally, the course ends with a recap of the 10 steps and our advice and encouragement on getting your music out there as an artist.

As you can see, there’s a ton of content inside the EP Blueprint. However…

Don’t get overwhelmed. Just by following the action steps we’ve laid out, you’ll be able to write, record, and release an EP within a couple of months of joining the course.

Whether you binge-watch through the course Netflix style (which takes a weekend at most), or go through the course step by step – the course will give you the roadmap to finally making and releasing an EP as an independent artist.

Which leads us to the question…

When can you expect to see results from joining the EP Blueprint?

Here’s the truth: even with the EP Blueprint, you’ve got to put the time into your music to make an EP you can release.

But with the course, you’ll have a clear roadmap and expert advice to guide you along the way.

If you start following the action steps laid out inside the course, it’s quite possible that you’ll be releasing your EP within 2 to 3 months after joining the course.

So how much does it cost?

With the extensive, step by step content inside the EP Blueprint, it’s almost like having both ill Factor and I next to you inside your home studio, guiding you as you’re making your EP.

And you’re definitely not finding a course like this inside any music college.

Honestly, this course will save you weeks, months, even years of trying to do it alone by yourself. I’ve been writing, recording and producing my own music for almost two decades, and if I had this course when I started out?

It would’ve saved me so much time.

Plus, you’ll also be learning how a Grammy-nominated producer personally takes song ideas and demos and turns them into polished, fully produced tracks – something you wouldn’t normally experience even at a music college.

And instead of costing thousands of dollars like a summer program at a music college…

You can get lifetime access to the EP Blueprint for just one payment of $97.

Here’s What You’ll Get in Recording Revolution – The EP Blueprint

Recording Revolution - The EP Blueprint

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