Remote Closing University – The Complete Closer


Remote Closing University – The Complete Closer

Remote Closing University - The Complete Closer


The Complete Closer™: A 4-Month Program To Help You
Conquer the ‘Learning Curve’, Join Qualified Sales Teams & Hit 6 Figures!
Have you ever seen a Closer starve?

Down to my final $2 & surviving on one meal a day…
It took me 4 months to beat it. CloserLearn from your mistakes
My first month of 5 figures.
Next, build a sales team that can reach 6 figures.
My path was very different to most.
I didn’t “start as a setter”.
I didn’t waste my time in Facebook Groups.
I didn’t stay in my comfort zone.
Today, you’ll find many closers getting stuck in that loop.
Unqualified sales teams.
Trapped in Setter/VA Positions.
Never execute, but always prepare.
They want results…

However, they find it difficult to learn.
They move slowly, making small circles.
They are hopeful that fear will not get to them.
Yes, it is comforting at first.
But months, or even years, pass.
This is when they realize the penalties of playing small.
All that time and money and energy…
Time, in particular, is a thing that never returns.
Here’s a question for you:
If you could do what I did, it would be amazing. 4 months,
Intense, intense, and all in.
It’s uncomfortable.
Very, very uncomfortable.
But what is the final result?

Your first month of 5 figure income is achieved.
And you can become a 6 figurer Closer.

Let me now ask you…
Which do you prefer?
1. A 4 month learning curve that is intense, focused, and uncomfortable.
2. Do you find yourself circling in circles for months or years before finally burning out and giving up?
If you’re here, Face And Beat The learning curve…
This is for you.

*️⃣ The Complete Closer™ methodology
How can I accomplish what I did in just 4 months instead of going around in circles forever?
Hard work & determination are not enough. The learning curve must be conquered.
☞ Unique Closer Brand™
Be a closer
Top teams will headhunt you
☞ Convo Closer™
Master the art of closing a conversation
Build an independent pipeline
☞ Strategic Closing™
close & lead with confidence
Be a master strategist in sales
☞ Closer Confidence™
The ‘inner game” of closing
The paradigm of excellence
☞ The $3K Challenge™
Ensure consistent $3K+ month-to-month earnings
All the fundamentals are dialled
☞ The Complete Closer™
6 Figures closer
sales leadership

🔑 it’s not about how hard you work…
…it’s about conquering the learning curve.

Does it make sense now?
You can “hustle” Or “procrastinate” All you want
But these are only extreme ends of looping pointlessly.
It’s all about checking the boxes.

🔑 As we conquer the learning curve,
How would our lives and income change?

*️⃣ “What if I Don’t Love It, Sean…?”
*Complete™ is based on a 4-Month agreement

When you join Complete™, you have 14 days risk-free to dive into the content and ensure it’s everything you’re hoping for.

If you don’t like what’s inside, let us know and we’ll refund you within the first 14 days.

You’ll have unrestricted access to all the content inside, plus any mentorship calls that occur within that time frame.

You love the content after you have experienced it.❤️

If it’s not, no hard feelings — just email me asking for a refund for any reason and I’ll honor it, no questions asked.

(Note: You will not be able join the program if you cancel it. Complete™ in the future.)

🔑 When you are complete,
You bring out the best of you

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