Richard Wonders – Rainmaker Novation 3.0


Richard Wonders – Rainmaker Novation 3.0

Richard Wonders - Rainmaker Novation 3.0

For Active Wholesalers Looking To Close More Deals Consistently…

Discover The 3-Part Rainmaker Novation Strategy That 329+ Wholesalers Are Using To Turn DEAD Deals Into $18K, $40K, And Even Up To $95K Paychecks!

Without spending more on marketing, hiring extra staff, or doing high-risk property remodeling.

What Exactly Is

The 3-Part Rainmaker Novation Strategy?

Early in my wholesale career,
There were so many PERFECT deals I was missing out on every week.
The homeowner would be highly motivated to sell,
The property was livable,
But the deal would fall short because there wasn’t a deep enough discount to sell it to a cash buyer off-market.
In hindsight, I see that missing those opportunities led me to…

Leave MILLIONS of dollars on the table.

But once I discovered how to tap into those “dead” leads,
I was able to close more deals & make more money, all WITHOUT spending a penny extra on marketing.
As a fact, that’s what helped me to…

Close over 350 deals and generate $5M+ in wholesale fees.

Now looking back,
The key to the life-changing success I achieved wasn’t just the sharp sales skills I had developed,
Nor the long hours spent negotiating with the sellers,
Or even the flood of leads I was chasing down.
It was the realization that…

The cashout opportunities were under my nose the whole time, just waiting to be monetized.

That’s what led me to master the novations (a process of turning “dead” deals into massive paydays).
And the Rainmaker Novation Strategy…
It’s essentially your GPS navigation through that whole transaction process, from the first word with a seller to the cashout at the end.
And the best part about it is…
Not only does it help you to close more deals and earn bigger paychecks,

But it also frees up your TIME.

Because with the Rainmaker Novation Strategy, you’re delegating a decent portion of your workload to others,
Enabling you to spend a couple of extra hours with your family and loved ones, instead of being glued to work 24/7.

Here’s how it works:

Part #1 Deal Acquisition

This part is about getting the property under contract as quickly & efficiently as possible.
Here you’ll learn:
Discovery Phase – Positioning yourself as a ‘glorified information gatherer’ so the seller happily cooperates,
Anchor Phase – Setting REALISTIC expectations for the cash offer so you end up with a happy seller & a quick profitable sale,
Delivery Phase – Using the ‘white glove’ experience to ensure a consistently high closing percentage on that first offer pitch.

Part #2 Leverage Experts To Sell
Your Deal

This part is about using local experts to find the end buyer for you, saving you hours of time and struggle.
Here you’ll learn:
  • Why listing the property on a flat fee brokerage is a five-person job,
  • How hiring a local realtor can remove 90% of the work from your plate,
  • How to choose the right realtor that will price the property effectively & ensure a quick profitable sale.

Part #3 Sealing The File & Cashout

This part walks you through the process from where you have the end buyer until the deal is successfully closed,

Which eliminates confusion and diminishes the need
for reflection 
about the final steps.

Here you’ll learn how to navigate paperwork, title companies, inspections
And get the file to close as quickly as possible with the least amount of risk and money spent.

This is NOT for you if you are:

❌ brand new to wholesale & unsure about the process of generating leads
❌ looking for a get-rich-quick trick that won’t require any work
❌ not willing to provide value to sellers by following a simple blueprint that made me millions

This is for YOU if you are:

✅ an active wholesaler who wants to monetize more leads & earn bigger fees
✅ looking for a reliable, compelling closing process that has a high success rate
✅ are willing to plug-n-play the novation strategy that can easily add multiple 6 figures to your bottom line



The Rainmaker Novation 3.0

A complete step-by-step blueprint, community, and hands-on guidance that will teach you everything you need to master novations, so you can close more deals & earn bigger paychecks.

Here’s What’s Included In
The Rainmaker Novation 3.0:

14 Video Instruction Modules
(Valued At $10,000)

These lessons walk you step-by-step through all three stages of the Rainmaker Novation Strategy my students are using to successfully close novation deals averaging $30k.
Here you’ll learn how to:
  • Identify the deals, negotiate effectively, and have a compelling closing process that has a high success rate,
  • Find the best realtors, hire them, and motivate them to sell deals for you,
  • Effortlessly navigate the escrow process, paperwork, and title companies until the final cashout.

My Million-Dollar Sales Script And Paperwork (Valued At $5,000)

Rainmaker paperwork bundle holds everything you need to complete novation deals successfully.
From the exact sales scripts I used to close $5M in wholesale fees,
To Purchase Agreement, AIF, and the Novation Agreement!

Community Of Over 329 Top-Notch Wholesalers (Valued At $1000/mo)

By joining the family of active whoselares, you’re able to network, learn, and grow with other like-minded individuals.
As a part of the community, not only do you get your questions answered by me and my top students,
But you also get access to exclusive expert guest speaking and live training calls which I host 2 times per month.


Here’s What You’re Getting:

By joining The Rainmaker Novation 3.0, you’re getting access to a complete novation blueprint, community, and hands-on guidance…
Literally, everything you need to master novation deals quickly and unlock big paydays like my students.
So you’re essentially getting the results and experience equal to a $20K-$30K high-impact RE mentorship program.
However, since my goal is to build a thriving community of active wholesalers,

I want to make the entry decision a no-brainer for anyone who is truly serious about their business growth…

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