Rob Biernacki & Stephan Kesting – Passing the Guard for Old F***s


Rob Biernacki & Stephan Kesting – Passing the Guard for Old F***s

Rob Biernacki & Stephan Kesting - Passing the Guard for Old F***s

Study Easy methods to Keep Related on the Mats into your 40’s and 50’s with Excessive Degree Guard Passing with Rob Biernacki, the World’s Foremost Proponent of Conceptual Jiu-Jitsu.  

Younger punks LOVE utilizing their insane flexibility and bottomless gasoline tanks to contort themselves into positions that may snap you in half, after which flip, twist and switch into all types of recent-fangled assaults.

You’d like to coach the identical means, however the bother is you’re in an older, excessive mileage physique now. 

It’s slower, stiffer, and your endurance isn’t what it was.  Makes it onerous to maintain the identical tempo as these younger guys who’ve all the time in the world to coach. 

Proper now you retain on falling into some younger man’s inverted-reverse-de-la-worm-guard sweep. After which in no gi class he spins from one leglock into one other in your legs.  Typically you suppose you’re simply the class coaching dummy.

None of that is your fault; it’s simply the means issues go. Nonetheless, it positive would really feel good to smash some guards, get some dominant positions,  and choke out a few of these younger punks earlier than sending them to mattress with out dinner!

Effectively, the excellent news is that that is doable.  All you want are the right strategies and the methods to hyperlink them collectively…


These are the guiding ideas that may preserve you related, secure and efficient on the mats in your excessive-mileage physique. A ideas-first strategy is a lot extra highly effective than merely memorising an entire bunch of strategies…

  • Passing Standing vs Kneeling
  • Controlling Your Heart of Gravity
  • Staying Out of Guards
  • Fundamental Sweep Restoration
  • Base Switching
  • Publish Switching


These stacking sequences are the good method to smash and move these youthful, extra versatile, extra athletic grapplers.  This strategy means that you can ‘cook’ your opponent in order that he’ll virtually beg you to move his guard.

  • The three Passing Positions (Tripod, Stack, Cross Physique)
  • Placing Them On Their Again
  • Breaking Posture vs Seated Guard
  • Passing from the Stack
  • Forcing the Leg Drag vs Versatile Gamers
  • Taking the Again When They Roll
  • Transition to the Knee-Over Cross
  • Transitioning to the Tripod
  • Tying it All Collectively
  • FYJJ The Stack


Tripod passing is the most power environment friendly method to move the guard whereas stopping your opponent from placing you into any type of significant entanglement.  Excellent for grapplers of their 40’s and 50’s, this one quantity will completely change the means that you simply move the guard.

  • The Tripod Place
  • Toreando Cross From Excessive Tripod
  • Shin Circle or X Cross From Excessive Tripod
  • Underhook Knee Lower Cross From Excessive Tripod
  • Double Underhooks and Knee Lower Cross From Excessive Tripod
  • Close to Facet Underhook and Far Facet Knee Lower From Excessive Tripod
  • Shin Circle Cross From Low Tripod
  • Altering Instructions From Low Tripod
  • Transitioning to The Wall
  • The Wall to Step Out Cross
  • Wall to three/4 Mount or the Again
  • Tying it All Collectively
  • FYJJ The Tripod


Cross physique grip passing offers you most management whereas exposing you to minimal threat.  This passing system mainly means that you can stroll round your opponent’s guard whereas stopping him from sweeping or submitting you.

  • The Cross Physique Grip Place
  • Breaking Posture to Set up a Menace
  • Successful the Grips
  • Passing to the Collar Facet
  • Passing to the Pants Facet
  • Alternating Instructions
  • Timing the DLR Pull
  • Transitioning to the Tripod if the DLR Pull Succeeds
  • Why We’re Not Together with the Longstep
  • Tying it All Collectively
  • FYJJ The Cross Physique Grip


Forcing your means into the half guard after which passing from there may be a kind of previous-faculty strategies that works even higher in the present day.  The secret is having a solution to every drawback that your opponent places in your means so you’ll be able to systematically dismantle their defenses in your method to your dominant place.

  • Passing From the Knees
  • Forcing Half Guard
  • Transitioning to the Tripod vs Knee Defend
  • Windshield Wiper to Knee Over Cross vs Knee Defend
  • Defeating Higher Physique Frames to Win Underhook or Crossface
  • Passing From Underhook
  • Passing From Crossface


Not solely is bodylock passing certainly one of the best methods an older grappler can move the guard it’s additionally certainly one of the finest methods to close down the fashionable leglock sport.  On this part you’ll get a succinct technique for destroying and passing your opponent’s guard.

  • Bodylock Cross vs Butterfly Overview
  • Grip Scheming
  • Beating the Legs
  • Finishing the Cross
  • Mounting the Legs vs Hip Escape
  • Placing it All Collectively
  • FYJJ Passing from the Knees
  • Easy methods to Prepare with Rob

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"This course is available and delivery within a few hours!"None of this is your fault; it’s just the way things go. Still, it sure would feel nice to smash some guards, get some dominant positions,  and choke out some of these young punks before sending them to bed without dinner!