Ross Jeffries – Ultimate Speed Seduction – Language Pattern (Assortment)


Ross Jeffries – Ultimate Speed Seduction – Language Pattern (Assortment)

Ross Jeffries - Ultimate Speed Seduction - Language Pattern (Collection)


Here is What You may Discover Inside Your Full Encyclopedia Of Seduction “Sleight Of Mouth” and Silver-Tongued Deviltry

I am not kidding once I say that is totally-loaded with each single Seduction sample I have been capable of find and collate, going again to once I began this factor again in 1988.

The next is just a PARTIAL listing:

  • The Well-known Blow Job Pattern
  • The Unique Unbelievable Connection Pattern (from 1992 – all 10 variations!)
  • The Legendary Immediately Acknowledge Pattern
  • The By no means-Fails Three-Joke Stack (which incorporates the Paris Hilton Joke)
  • Tons and Plenty of Seduction Poetry Patterns
  • The Babealicious Blammo Pattern
  • The Rejection-Comeback Paper Bag Pattern
  • The Scrumptious Discovery Channel Pattern
  • The Super Twin-Brothers Pattern (introduced as a two-half video tutorial; it is difficult)
  • The Vibrational Voodoo Dildo Pattern

Plus, you will see that among the newer and newer creations, together with:

  • The Wonderful Airplane Finger Enjoyable Pattern
  • The Implausible Flicking The Bean Pattern
  • My High Three Phrase-For-Phrase Closes With Younger Ladies
  • The Stealthy What Do You Do For Enjoyable Questions
  • The Terrific Trance Hijacker Pattern
  • The Globally Woman-Gushing So Onerous In Your Mouth Pattern (for ladies who converse with an accent)
  • The Prolonged And Linguistically Lubricating My Buddy Met His Favourite Rock Star! (I’ve by no means taught this one, besides to ONE pupil who has a 100% success fee with it)
  • And plenty of, many extra!

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"This course is available and delivery within a few hours!"I'm not kidding when I say this is fully-loaded with every single Seduction pattern I've been able to locate and collate, going back to when I started this thing back in 1988.