Scaling Niche Site with SEO & AI-Assisted Content



Scaling Niche Site with SEO & AI-Assisted Content

Scaling Niche Site with SEO & AI-Assisted Content

Scaling Niche Site with SEO & AI-Assisted Content

This is a deep dive into how I grew my niche website from 0 to 35k visitors/month in just 10 months earning $1500/month

Are you looking to scale your niche website? with SEO & save 1/10th the cost of a writer Quality without compromising?

If you answered yes, then you are in the right spot. I know what you are thinking. Google is hammering AI content and it has no future.


No! Wrong!

Google doesn’t hammer AI-assisted content.

It only hammers them with Low-value, spun content and mass-produced content

Infact, Danny Sullivan from Google He clearly stated that AI content can be beneficial as long it is useful.

Google has officially declared that They are not against AI-content.

This is a second way to think about it: Do you think your article will rank higher than the Top 10 Google results?

You can also target keywords with low competition!

Combine this with Unique, high-quality, and creative AI-assisted content.

You will be able to rank articles while still adhering to Google’s guidelines.

Why does it work?

  • You are not polluting Google SERPs
  • You actually add more value to the SERPs
  • Users would love to consume unique, valuable content
  • Google does not spam with extensive automation
  • Google’s Helpful Guidelines are to be followed Content Up-to-date

And that is exactly what you will learn in this class!

Scaling a niche site with unique & smart SEO strategies & AI-assisted content.

Let’s talk about Hiring writers vs AI assisted content

This is a great topic. Many people want to blog but are hesitant because they don’t know how or can’t write quality content.

This is where AI-assisted tools come in.

I don’t think writers are bad. They each have their place. I believe in using the latest technology we have, but not wasting it.& adding more value to the Google Search Results)

Believe me My articles are almost all unique and creative. Professional writers in my field could not imagine such unique content.

Open AI has many options with the GPT model. One of the most powerful aspects of AI-tools is how “CREATIVE” They are.

And I want to use this creativity and uniqueness in order to publish articles and offer value to the users.

If you have the money and need to outsource everything, hire a writer.

However, AI-assisted content and Human Edits can make a huge difference for your niche website.

What are the benefits of AI-assisted content

  • Publishing blog posts saves you a lot time
  • Hire a professional writer to save a lot of money
  • You can improve the Google SERPs by adding more quality (never publish low-quality content).
  • Unique perspectives and ideas are possible with AI-content (that humans couldn’t fathom to imagine).

My example is the real one. I’m doing it right now.

I have published more than 200 posts, and I am getting organic traffic of 36k/month. I am also making $1500/month writing this.

I am not just talking out of the blue. I know what I’m doing and wanted to share it with you.

Learn Unique SEO Strategies Niche Sites

Did you know that I could scale my niche website from 0 to 36k users per month?

I used unique SEO Strategies for my low-authority niche site. There is no need to build links.

These AI-assisted content works like a charm with These are some of the most unique SEO strategies.

Just a game of pure and smart keyword research & strong on-page SEO.

On Twitter, I share value bombs constantly with my audience. You can read Here are some of my threads.

Each of these strategies will be explained in detail by me This course is broken down step by step. These strategies won’t even be available on your computer. Google Because I created them from scratch.

These are possible to replicate SEO Strategies for your niche website

I have recently invented a term called “SERP Quality (SQ)”

You can see the tweet here (read to 42k people).

I will also be explaining SQ during the course.

Why should I be trusted?

On the left hand side you’ll see a screenshot from my niche site.

It grew from 0 to 36k users each month in 10 months with unique SEO strategies & AI-assisted content.

I am proud that these articles are not spam (not even 1%) and extremely unique (0% plagiarism).

How did I achieve this growth?

  • Unique SEO Strategie
  • Keywords with low competition
  • High quality content is our focus
  • I used AI-assisted tools for scaling my efforts
  • Proper human edits are necessary to ensure that everything is top-notch

Expenses? Only a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional writer.

*️⃣ About your course teacher

Tejas Rane, an Entrepreneur and a Tshaped Marketer specializing In SEO Growth. He is currently the Founder Affiliate Corner (An Affiliate Research Solution that does the work for you)

He has published two books on SaaS SEO & Quora Marketing. In the meantime, he also runs an authority niche site with SEO & AI-assisted content.

In just 10 months, he increased the number of users on his niche site from zero to 36k per month.

He is also active in the field of TwitterLinkedIn & also runs a Facebook group.

*️⃣ Course Contents

  1. Introduction & how this course will help you
  2. Picking a niche for your niche site.
  3. Unique SEO Strategie That’s it with AI-assisted content) (Very Important)
  4. Common SEO Problems How to deal with them
  5. How to scale niche sites with AI-assisted content (Very Important)
  6. My thoughts on AI content & Google Algorithm (Things to be aware of)
  7. What’s the deal? Future of AI contentWhat strategy should you adopt?
  8. Exit strategy for your niche site.
  9. Final conclusion of the course

☞ Footnotes:

  • The length of the video course will be approximately 3.8 hours long
  • You can view it at any time.
  • Any questions you may have can be asked of me within 24 hours.
  • English subtitles available
  • 15-day money back guarantee
  • All taxes are not included in the price.

*️⃣ Pros and cons of AI-assisted content

☞ Some pros:

  • You can create interesting and creative ideas if you use your brain well. Helpful content Thank you for your topic.
  • You don’t need to hire additional freelance writers or professional writers: Once you have generated your edits, you can make them. You can hire a VA This will allow you to save time.
  • This saves you timeApproximately 3-4 hours per blog article On average, a writer would take between 3-4 hours and more to write a blog post on one topic. This can be done in less than an hour, without sacrificing quality.
  • You can save a lot of money: 1 article could cost roughly just 62 cents as compared to $500 for 1 article (If you hire someone for 50 cents per word) (Depends on the type of writer you hire & their rates)

☞ There are some cons

  • If you don’t use AI content correctly, and you don’t Tap the right keywords you won’t get much results.
  • Simply Copy-pasting AI content wouldn’t work. You need to put some effort into editing and rephrasing (Grammarly & Copyscape can help here)
  • If you do, it will be against Google’s guidelines Automate or publize low-value articles. It is therefore important to use the right type of AI tools with Editing by humans (This is what I will share with you in this course)

☞ Conclusion:

AI-assisted content can be used for your niche site if you manage it well and use the right keywords.

This course is all about this: Helping you with unique SEO Strategies and publishing content with AI-assisted tool.

*️⃣ Original Content:

Here’s What You’ll Get in Scaling Niche Site with SEO & AI-Assisted Content

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