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Scott Sonnon – Official Kettlebell Foundation

Scott Sonnon – Official Kettlebell Foundation

◽️ As the USA National Sambo Team champion and coach (the official Russian martial arts style), as well as the 3rd international style of wrestling that is recognized as such by FILA Scott Sonnon He was awarded the Honorable Masters of Sport Award for his contributions to his sport. For the first time, kettlebell lifting was introduced to Russia in 1996.-Sambo and combat specific applications-Applications to the Russian Special Forces (Spetsnaz), Scott Intensive study and application in professional, real-world and military sports, as well in martial arts fighting. Scott You can learn from the best, Valery Fedorenko and Pavel Tsatsouline, who are both well-known kettlebell lifters.
◽️ As a child, he was a victim to a variety of learning and physical disabilities that led him to become a troubled young adult. Scott A unique coaching style was created that teaches motor development in an effective way that is universally accessible so that everyone can benefit. The name Coach Sonnon His students refer to him as “Synonymous with”, Health-First Fitness That is what I mean. Scott This approach is a sure-fire way to increase one’s fitness without injury or pain. It also increases your immune system.
◽️ He was appointed Combat Advisor for the World in 2007. Kettlebell Club (WKC), designed by The Official Kettlebell Internationally, he teaches the WKC Programs Warm-Up & Cool-Below Kettlebell Valery Fedorenko holds the World Champion Record. In 2008, Fedorenko appointed Scott His first “Master Coach” Because of his contributions in kettlebell training education. Scott He now travels all over the world to share his renowned teaching methods. Circular Strength Training ProgramHe has a patent-pending invention that he invented. Clubbell And with the Kettlebell Foundation This book will teach you many techniques.

The Official Kettlebell Foundation The DVD Series includes everything you need to lift kettlebells to reach your fitness goals.

✧ The Official Breathing Techniques – Recovery, Survival, Performance and Preparatory Energies

✧ The Official Kettlebell Lifting Techniques – 12 Techniques

✧ The Official Kettlebell Foundation Training Program

✧ The Official 29 Techniques for Joint Mobility Warm-up Program

✧ The Official Compensatory Cool-Methods to Lower Program 24

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Scott Sonnon - Official Kettlebell Foundation

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