Sean Anthony – G-Doc Sales Papi


Sean Anthony – G-Doc Sales Papi

Sean Anthony - G-Doc Sales Papi

Since 2021… I’ve been using simple G-Docs to sell and deliver pretty much everything.
From $50 widgets and products… to $500-53k courses… to S3k-S18k group coaching and consulting… to $20k-$30k masterminds… up to a $50k service… and everything in between.
I use them to sell my own offers. I use them to deliver my content. I write them for clients and consult on how to deploy them.

Google Docs are the lifeblood of my business!

Here’s why I love using G-Doc Sales Pages:

1. They’re simple and fast AF to create. You don’t have to hire a designer or funnel builder. Simply open a doc and start typing. I suck at design, which is why these are great because even ugly ass docs can work.
2. They’re a “pattern interrupt”. People’s guards are down because they don’t expect to be sold from a on how the ve never o lane something let ng-D efore but for loven get comments rom folks.
3. They’re flexible AF. You can inject your personality throughout your copy. You can easily add images, memes, and gifs to make it entertaining. You can sell low, mid, or high-ticket. The G-Doc Sales Page is your playground.
There are endless possibilities when writing your G-Doc Sales Pages.
In this training — I’ll show you how I use them.
And once you learn how to write them.. you won’t want to do it any other way.
Write them for your own offers. Write them for a client. Or just write them for funzies.

Whatever the case… if you sell stuff or help someone sell their stuff… this should be super useful for you.

Here’s What’s Inside:

– The G-Doc Gold Rush training to help you make sales right away (my goal is for you to be making money within 3 hours after the training)
– How to create G-Doc Sales Pages that slap (I’ll share the fundamentals and frameworks that have worked best for me) Tecome hote a roing every og Sales Pages work so well (understand this and you’ll
– How to sell to a cold vs warm/hot prospect (you need to get this right or you could talk people OUT of a sale)
– What types of offers you can sell with Google Docs (I’ve sold everything from $50 products up to $50k services)
– How to make your letters more entertaining (even if you’re not funny) |
– How to outline your G-Doc (I’ll give you a framework/template you can use to get it done FAST)
– How to use simple and short stories to sell in your Google Docs
– How to write bangers even if you’re not an A-List copywriter
– How to become a Meme Lord using images and gifs in your letter to sell more
– Examples of proven Google Docs that generated 7-figures And a ho lot more…

Exactly What You’re Getting

– The G-Doc Gold Rush training (Replay)
– G-Doc Sales Page template
– Examples of proven G-Doc Sales Pages
Now… this is usually something I only give to my Email Rainmaker client group which starts at $300/week.
I also considered charging $1000 given how effective this has been and the “competition” I’d be creating for myself.
But I decided against it because I’d rather see more wins flowing in. And I can only write so much of these at a time, after all.

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The G-Doc Gold Rush training to help you make sales right away (my goal is for you to be making money within 3 hours after the training). File Size: 1.1 GB

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