Sean D’Souza – The Brain Audit


Sean D’Souza – The Brain Audit

Sean D’Souza - The Brain Audit

The Brain Audit
Why Clients Buy (and Why They Don’t).

Have you ever had a customer cancel a contract at the last minute?

(Have customers signed up only to be mysteriously turned away by you? Do you not feel like tearing your hair when customers do this?
It can be extremely frustrating when a sale is canceled.

It’s frustrating because you don’t know when the sale failed. Your customer will love your product or service. You’ve done everything possible to get them excited and ready to buy.

Yet despite being interested in what you’re selling, they shift, fidget—and then inexplicably walk away. And a ‘sure sale’ slips through your fingers forever! What stops customers buying? What is stopping them from moving forward? What’s the real story behind your customer’s mind?

Is it possible to lose a lot of business simply because you don’t know the brain function of your customer?

Your customer’s brain is a lot like the ‘conveyor belt’ at the airport.

Have you ever waited in line at the airport to get your bags? Do you think you would leave the airport without taking your bags off of the conveyor belt? Even if you have one bag missing, you start to get anxious. You aren’t sure what to do.

Your customer’s brain looks a lot like a conveyor belt.

If you don’t get those, Bags The bags are a constant reminder of the customer. Even one Bag The sale can be stopped if the bags aren’t returned. How are you going to get the bags off the shelves if you don’t know what they look like.

Introducing The Brain Audit

The Brain Audit It is a complete system that allows you to understand the brain of your customer. It is based upon a deep understanding how our minds work.

It will show you the brains of your customers. It helps you understand how your brain responds to psychological triggers. It also speeds up the sales process without being pushy.

Pushy behavior is not a good idea.

This is because pushiness creates an abnormal situation. The Brain Audit It doesn’t teach you mind tricks. It is not a system that coerces. It doesn’t psyche the customer into buying against his or her will.

Instead, it shows you how attract customers’ attention.

It shows you how keep your attention. It will show you where your attention is slipping away. It takes you through a series that we all go through on a daily basis.-To-When buying products or services, it is important to do so on a daily basis.

It also shows you how to take a step.-By-step method, but it gives you a checklist that takes the ‘iffiness’ factor out of your own marketing and communication.

So what’s the ‘iffiness’ factor?

On any given day, if you were to ask someone to critique your website, your presentation or your business cards, they’ll simply give you an opinion. Each person’s opinion will be different. This variety can leave you confused.

It is difficult to know if your marketing messages are working at 20%, 55%, and not at all. You suspect that you could greatly improve your results if you had clear guidelines and benchmarks.

With The Brain Audit, you’re going to have consistent results

The reason why you’ll get consistent results is because of three simple reasons:

Reason 1: The Brain Audit It is built on a system. It isn’t random.
Reason 2 It’s not some magic trick. It follows the decision-A pattern that we use every day.
Reason 3: You can identify the errors and correct them, improving attraction and conversion.

What’s the point? The Brain Audit? How can it help?

Here’s a small preview of what’s inside The Brain Audit.

How to Brain Takes into consideration all aspects of the decision-Making: Do you often wonder what your customer is thinking? Don’t let the customer go and leave the thought process up to chance. Customers don’t want you to leave. They want to do business with you. How does the brain make these decisions? What causes it to get lost?

Is the Brain What is a Conveyor Belt: Does the brain actually process thoughts in a step-By-Step by step? Would you believe that it isn’t random? The Brain Audit It is a tool that helps you understand the predictability and order of a buying process. The moment you understand how the ‘conveyor belt’ concept works, you’ll see that your brain follows this sequence no matter what product or service you’re buying.

The Hidden Trigger: This one factor will turn everything you’ve learned on its head. Once they discovered the power of this trigger, readers have transformed their business cards, websites, as well as their thinking. This trigger activates the brain’s curiosity and gets customers to engage. Customers ask questions and invite you to answer them.

The Futility of Solutions: Most of us believe that we should talk about benefits and solutions. Although benefits and solutions can work, they fail badly if they’re not in the right sequence. Where do you place your benefits, then? Why?

Getting the Customer’s Attention: The Flagging a customer down is the key to getting attention. How can you do that if they don’t know what attracts their attention? The Brain Audit This will not only show you how to get their attention but also help you get a response. This response allows you to proceed with the sale.

Targeting and Testing: Easily the most important factor of marketing is targeting. But how do you target? How do you target multiple products and services? How can you target such a large potential customer base? The Brain Audit shows you how. You can ignore targeting and get as close to zero as possible-Reaction and polite smiles

Case Studies: How to create a killer case study based on the brain. Here are some case studies to help you create a unique marketing tool you can use in any new business.

Uniqueness: You’ve probably heard about a USP several times before. How can you stop your brand becoming a commodity? The following pages contain a wealth information. The Brain Audit This article explains how to define your uniqueness in one step-By-Step by step.

Is the customer ready for purchase??: Customers give you a clear indication when they’re ready to buy. We don’t understand how to read these signals. Instead of anticipating the moment and preparing for it, we become defensive and drive customers away. What does the customer say to us? How can we tell if the customer is ready to buy? This is a buying signal that is obvious and you will be amazed at how easy it is to recognize.

Attracting the Ideal Customer: It’s all very fine to attract customers, but how do you attract the customers you want? There is a simple way to attract people who aren’t in your industry.-pesky customers. There is a simple way you can attract customers from certain industries or specific locations. This information will help you find the perfect customers, and the ones who are not so lucky will disappear.

The Risk Factor: One of the biggest reasons customers don’t buy is the inherent risk. The There is always the chance of making a mistake. There is also the possibility of appearing foolish. There is also the risk to waste time, money and other resources. Even if a customer is ready and willing to buy, the risk becomes almost insurmountable. How can you reduce this risk to zero How do you identify the obvious and hidden risks, and get them out?

The Next Step: It doesn’t matter how much information you have, if it isn’t possible to benchmark it or audit it, it becomes useless. Think of it as: The Brain Audit system as ‘brain analytics’. You can test and measure, but more importantly you can spot EXACTLY when you’re doing something wrong—and fix it all by yourself.

The Brain Audit It is designed to accomplish the following:
-Enables you to spot every one of the ‘seven bags’ that are required to make a decision
-Present the bags to the customer in the correct sequence
-It allows you to persuade customers to buy without having to use pressure tactics.

What’s Inside?

The Brain Audit This simple system is used to achieve the above
1) Structured explanation
2) Cartoon-Callouts based
3) Checklists + Downloadable checklists for future reference.
4) Case Studies
5) Comprehensive summary

Structured explanationsEach chapter has well-structured explanations. Each explanation builds on the last, and each chapter builds upon the previous. This allows for sequential assimilation and integration of facts and details. This is very helpful when it comes time to implement the concepts on your web page, articles, presentations, and so forth.

Cartoon-Callouts based on: There are 99 cartoons in the collection. The Brain Audit. These cartoons have two main functions. They are visual relief while you read the contents. But, more importantly, the cartoons act as a memory trigger. Each cartoon serves as a quick visual summary of each page.

With captions and cartoons, important points can be visually summarized.

Checklists: The book contains checklists. The Checklists allow you to follow the steps and ensure you don’t miss anything. You may also need a series of checklists to help you through the application process. The Brain Audit It can be used across multiple media so a downloadable version of the document is also included.

Case Studies: The Case studies from real businesses show how you can build your message up stage by step. Each chapter has specific case studies that can be followed as a common thread. There are many other examples as well as case studies.

Comprehensive textual summary: There is a summary page at the end each chapter. This is not a list of points; it’s about 8-Ten paragraphs summarize the entire learning. This will allow you to refresh your knowledge, and also serves as a quick reference for the future.

Why you should buy The Brain Audit

#1: Customer Conversion

Most people are focused upon attraction. They drive visitors to a sales site or entice people to attend a presentation. Despite the obvious numbers, conversions remain extremely low. The Brain Audit It instantly increases your conversion rate as it helps you to craft a message that encourages customers to buy.

#2: Give yourself the tools and confidence

The The biggest problem is not knowing what you are doing right. You don’t know what you’re doing wrong. The Brain Audit Not only do you have the tools, but you also have the confidence to go for it.

#3: There’s no risk

The Brain Audit It is 100% guaranteed for a full 30 days. Take your time to fully absorb the information. If you find the information not appropriate, send us an e-mail or call us and we’ll be happy refund your money with a smile.

You should also know that there are many thousands of customers who have purchased and implemented the software. The Brain Audit Different cultures, different sizes of economies, and different business conditions. It’s not flash in the pan.

#4: It’s not an online/offline/b2b/b2c issue. It’s a brain issue.

Customers often ask “if?” The Brain Audit They can be used in their businesses. Some customers claim they are offline businesses. Some customers say they’re online companies. Some say they have large numbers of customers. Others say they have low volumes. The There are many more. B2B,B2C, and many more variations.

You need to know that The Brain Audit It has worked as a professional service provider, such as graphic design, lawyers and consultants. It has also worked well for products like motorcyle ignitions or construction or selling of beds. It works just as well online as on paper. It has been used in countries like Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, as well as the USA, Canada, India and South Africa. This is just a small list.

In fact, we use the same concepts and strategy as those in the Brain Audit We have three distinct business units. We also offer training, consulting, and products sales.

What’s Unique About This Book?

The Brain Audit It’s not just an idea. It’s a system. It also gives you clear tools for implementing the system. It’s not just an audit. There are steps and there is no randomness. You can go back and see what you did correctly and where your mistakes were.

But there’s more! The Brain Audit.
The Brain Audit It has been around for many decades and is unique in that it has over 800 testimonials Psychotactics website, and over 100 Amazon testimonials. It’s proof of the fact that The Brain Audit It works and it works very well. It has been tested in almost every country. You will find testimonials from readers all over the world, including the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Because it’s brain-The concepts are universally applicable in all languages and cultures, as well as in small and large economies.

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This course is available and delivery within one day! And not only does it show you a step-by-step method, but it gives you a checklist that takes the ‘iffiness' factor out of your own marketing and communication.