Secret Sourcing – Find, source, & import ANY product


Secret Sourcing – Find, source, & import ANY product

Secret Sourcing - Find, source, & import ANY product


Physical Products are the single greatest opportunity To fire your boss and FINALLY let go of the boss Secret Entrepreneur inside… so you can Take back control Own your future… without having to jump in at the deep end and quit your job… (until you are ready, of course!)

Take a look all around you… and notice all the physical products we buy everyday… It could be the pen in your hand… the cup on your table… or the utensils in the kitchen… anything…

How many can your eyes see right now?

I bet if you really counted properly, just in the room you’re in right now… you’d easily be in the hundreds.

Now… while we still continue buying all these physical products… the WAY we buy them is changing…

Have you purchased anything online in the last month?

I know I have… nowadays I buy more or less everything with my Amazon Prime… and it just shows up at the door.

Did you know… more people in the US have an Amazon Prime membership… than go to church… I know… crazy… right?

We’re buying less and less from retail stores… and instead buying online. 

What this means is… it’s easier than ever for ordinary people like you and me… to claim a piece of the massive physical products market… without the traditional cost of needing retail space and storage.


This is a large-scale shift of the way people buy everyday physical products means we’re experiencing the Most valuable transfer of wealth In the past 20 years!

While traditional retail stores are struggling… another group are thriving… Online business owners! Despite all the historic challenges the worldwide economy has faced over the past years… online retail is thriving.

Amazon’s sales have now hit a whopping 386 BILLION dollars…

But what most people don’t realize… is more than 50% of THAT… comes from third party sellers like you and me… Yep… not all products sold on Amazon… are… Sold byAmazon!

Part of the reason for their meteoric growth over the past decade or so… is they’ve opened their platform for anyone to sell on.

This gives the best choice of products to the 197 million customers that use Amazon each month… and that’s why they get on average 2.5 BILLION visits each month.

A Once in a generationOPPORTUNITY

There’s never been an easier time to start a business. Press Releases The Secret Entrepreneurship… and gives you REAL freedom

The opening of access to online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay presents an unprecedented opportunity… for small businesses like you and me… to access a huge customer base right off the bat.

And… the shift online also means it’s easier than ever to find thousands of suppliers at the click of a button for hot selling products… which are selling eye-Watering figures every month

These simple, but highly-seller products are a great example of what you can do with your money.

… and what have all these products got in common… …they’re all from third party sellers… so those eye watering figures you’re seeing on screen… are going straight into THEIR bank account… and not Amazon’s.

Finding suppliers has never been so easy.

The shift online also means it’s easier than ever to find thousands of suppliers at the click of a button for hot selling products… which are selling eye-Watering figures every month

These conditions are perfect Start an online company.


Reselling other people’s products will Always have thin margins… because the brand owners always take the lion’s share of the profit.

So the secret to starting a physical products business… is to You can source your own improved versions and variations of popular products… and tap into the massive sales happening every day on platforms like Amazon and eBay.

Nowadays… this is really straight forward… and isn’t as hard as it used to be…

It’s called Private Labelling

It’s kinda like havingYOUR OWN versionPopular product to sell… with YOUR brand name on it… but it’s Made for you by someone else… in THEIR factory.

The process is really simple…

  1. Step 1 – You choose What to do Look for the best-Selling products
  2. Step 2 – Check to see if there are any You can make small adjustments and improvements… that’d make it better
  3. Step 3 – Then you Find a supplier who’ll make it FOR you.

The Benefits of Private Label

Exclusive Seller

You set price & keep all profits

You set your own sales price… and keep all the profit… without sharing it with middlemen and resellers


Easy to reorder inventory & grow

You’re not scrambling to find more inventory when nearly sold out… you simply fire off an email to the supplier and place a repeat order

Valuable business

Can be sold… or passed on to children

You’re actually building a valuable business… with a brand & products of its own… that in the future can be sold… or passed onto your kids

As a matter of fact… there’s a very active market with Investors Are you looking to buy? Ecommerce businesses… who have a brand and range of products.


You can choose to source your products from local suppliers… in the country where your selling… or… you can use low-cost international suppliers… in China or dozens of other countries.

And you can sell your private label products on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, in your own retail store… or even on the shopping channels like QVC.

SELL FOR $21.99

Take a look at this car seat organizer selling on Amazon… you can get a 2-Pack for $21.99


And here’s a supplier who can make it… for around $2 to $3 a piece

SELL FOR $64.99

How about this wall mounted infrared thermometer… selling for $64.99?


And here’s a supplier we can source it from and get them to put our brand on the box… for around $13.

SELL FOR $46.00

Finally… here’s a pretty basic Yoga Matt which sold on QVC for a whopping $46.00


And here’s a supplier who we could source pretty much the exact same product For as low as $3

Can you see the? Types of PROFITS Possible… by private labelling Eliminating the middleman?

Many of the products that you see on Amazon, eBay, and other popular marketplaces… Private Label products

Such as Anker… who sell products like charging cables and portable battery packs.

Steven Yang started off just like you and me… but now has a business worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

In fact most of the big names themselves have their own private label brands…

If you walk around Costco… you’ll see their Kirkland branded products everywhere. Amazon also offers products under private label brands.


The 7-Step by step method Find, Source, & import ANY product… from ANYWHERE All over the world.

The 7-Step Method To Find, Source, & import ANY product… from ANYWHERE in the world

In Secret Sourcing you’ll learn our easy-To-Follow these instructions Approx.h… to Discover the top-selling products… find, validate, and negotiate the lowest price with Reliable suppliers of high quality… AND… ensure your product It is safe and quick All over the globe.

What we’ve learnt over the last 10 years… is no matter what product we’re sourcing… it can be broken down inTo the SAME 7 steps.

We’ve refined this over the years… and now have it perfected… with each of the steps broken down into easy-to-Follow chunks. So we know EXACTLY what to do next… and make sure NO important steps are missed, or ANY expensive mistakes made.

In Secret Sourcing… you’ll learn our Easy-To-Follow these instructions approach to…

  • ☞ Find out more Hot selling products… 
  • ☞ Find, Validate, Get the lowest price With Reliable suppliers of high quality
  • ☞ AND… ensure your product Is Quickly and safelyShipped all over the globe!

The best part… is it can be repeated as often as you like… to take a product from just an idea… through to being made… and on sale to customers.

Secret Sourcing This guide will walk you through the process of using our Step-By-Step methodFrom START to FINISH… and gives you a CLEAR ACTION PLAN… and EVERYTHING you need… to GET STARTED & SEARCH YOUR FIRST PRODUCT.

*️⃣ How It Works…

When you log into our members area… you’ll have full access to the 9 training modules…

Modules list

9-Training Modules

The first two modules give you all the vital info you need to know… before you go off and start to source…

Then in the remaining modules we’ll walk through each of the 7 steps together.

Take a bite-Managable, manageable chunks of the right size

For each step… we then break it down into much more manageable bite-Selected chunks.

This is exactly how WE do it… taking ONE step at a time… making sure things aren’t missed and mistakes aren’t made.

10-minute training video

Then for each chunk… we’ve shot a dedicated training video for you to watch… which all get Straight to the point They are less than 10-minutes long.

Step 1

At the end of each video there’s an assignment… for you to go off and take action… and keep moving forward… without getting overwhelmed.

You can do as FAST Or SLOW as you like…
By the end… we’ll have held your hand through the WHOLE process… and you’ll have FOUND and SOURCED your First product.

Are you sure that you could do this?
What if you JUST did One or two The 10-minute lessons each evening… or during your lunch break… Would you be willing to do that… to give this a fair shot… and see if it could change your life?

Be a MASTER at Sourcing HOT-SELLING Products… 

Secure Your Place Now…

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