Sifu Wing Cheung – Hua Shan Qigong



Sifu Wing Cheung – Hua Shan Qigong

Sifu Wing Cheung – Hua Shan Qigong

Master He Wei was the original designer of the second set. Qi, in collaboration with Professor Lin Hou Sheng, began her career in 1980s. Sheng has been promoted to millions of people across Asia since then. The second set’s movements are more difficult and physically demanding than those of the first. Although it’s not as simple to remember as the original Tai Chi Chuan, it’s still very easy to do.

Master Cheung Master He will meet in Shanghai, China on 06/06 for discussions about the details and possible modifications to the 2nd set. This DVD is a slightly modified version of the original. However, it retains all its benefits. This DVD includes Master. Cheung The mirror technique allows him see the form simultaneously from multiple angles. The poster is a great tool to learn the second set. The poster and the DVD should enable you to master the second set in just a few weeks.

The 2nd set’s movements are more demanding than the first set. As such, it is recommended to perform the 1st Set (perhaps two repetitions per movement) before moving onto the 2nd. This DVD demonstrates proper closing techniques for the Qigong workout.

The first set focuses on opening the meridians in your arms. Most people feel the qi in the hands after they have practiced the first set. The second set is more focused on opening the meridians of the legs. It is excellent for improving one’s balance ability. People who practice this form of qigong experience a different sensation when they meditate. During meditation, people often feel numbness in their legs when they sit cross legged or in a kneeling position for a long period of time. Because the qi can’t flow freely on their legs, this is called numbness. Because of the numbness sensation, practitioners cannot experience deep meditation in low-alpha or theta states. Practitioners can experience deeper meditation because the second set is more focused on opening the meridians. Zhan Zhuang (standing) is available for those who wish. QigongThe 2nd set can be used as a great preparation.

☞ The 2nd Set has some benefits

  • All the benefits of the 1st set, plus …
  • Unlock meridians in the legs
  • Balance ability increases
  • Zhan Zhuang (standing-qigong experience) improved
  • Sitting cross-legged or kneeling can help you meditate more deeply.
  • Improved body coordination
  • More endurance

☞ DVD Video

  • Instructional videos that last over an hour
  • Make sure to use the correct closing technique
  • Both the front and back views can be viewed simultaneously
  • The screen tells you exactly when to breathe
  • Soothing background music by Oliver Shanti & Friends
  • Subtitles are available to those with hearing impairment
  • No region code for DVD
  • Also available in MP4 format

☞ Instruction Manual

  • Description of the 18 movements, 2 positions, and the closing technique.
  • It addresses common errors made by forms.
  • Additional information to help maximize the benefits of qigong
  • More than 80 illustrations
  • Professionally printed in magazine format
  • Also available as PDF

☞ Practice Aid – Folded Poster

  • All 18 movements can be displayed together with their movement titles
  • It will allow you to quickly remember the movements
  • 23.4 inch x 16.5 inch (594mm x 420mm)
  • High quality printing is also possible using PDF format

Here’s What You’ll Get in Sifu Wing Cheung – Hua Shan Qigong

Sifu Wing Cheung – Hua Shan Qigong

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This course is available and delivery within one day! It is excellent for improving one’s balance ability. People who practice this qigong also feel different when they meditate. File Size: 2.244GB, Format File File: 1 pdf, 37 MP4