Sigh Energy – Body Harmonizer Powerful Plus +11x(Additional Robust)


Sigh Energy – Body Harmonizer Powerful Plus +11x(Additional Robust)

Sigh Energy - Body Harmonizer Powerful Plus +11x(Extra Strong)

Good balancing and harmonizing all of the organs, cells, and features of the physique whereas clearing all caught energies. By balancing all of the energies within the physique, correcting the power stream, and transferring power from “stuck” areas to the areas that want it, the physique is ready to heal itself extra shortly.


Balances all of the power stream within the physique and releases trapped energies and extra power amassed in all organs and cells, balances the yin/yang energies Circuitry: Balances the power methods, together with the chakras, meridians, and the power circuits of organs, glands, and cells. Toxicity: Removes (helps naturally eradicate) all toxins, in addition to fungal buildup and bacterial development Pathogens: Helps heal infections and improves bodily well being by eliminating all pathogens and illness cells Structural: Heals imbalances in bones, organs, connective tissue, muscle groups, and nerves Dietary: Balances nutrient and vitamin/mineral ranges, and heals imbalances equivalent to dehydration, magnetic subject deficiency, and so forth. Right all power stream, right reversed polarity, right reversed chakras, open all blocked power pathways removes energetic blockages on all ranges

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"This course is available and delivery within a few hours!"By balancing all the energies in the body, correcting the energy flow, and moving energy from "stuck" areas to the areas that need it, the body is able to heal itself more quickly.File Size:4.56 MB Format File:1 mp3