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Subliminal Shop – X4A-1000 5.9G


Disclaimer: This program is intended for adults only. Minors should not be allowed to use this program or be exposed while it is being played. This program is your responsibility.

*️⃣ About This Experience

X4A-1000 is only for males. This audio should never be exposed to any female!

Ever notice someone you couldn’t help but notice when you were with them? Who caught your attention and made you want them in primal, sexual ways you couldn’t ignore. Who turned you on and sexually aroused?

If you have, then I bet that you’ve felt the same way. If you don’t know, then you are about to find out. This is exactly what X4A does.-1000 can affect the people you’re most attracted to sexually.

This subliminal experience can be used to incite these responses in your sexually-attracted friends. This program transforms your aura into a powerful natural aphrodisiac. Your presence alone will make them want to have sex with you.

X4A-1000 starts by causing users to project a powerful aura o energy that naturally works fast-It can act as an aphrodisiac. It then tweaks and optimizes that aura to achieve the best and fastest possible results. This will make it possible for you to have sex with anyone within your line-of-sight, provided they are at least 18 years of age. They will be aware that it is you affecting them. It will continue to grow in effect for as long as you are within their line of sight. You don’t even need to be there every day.

If they have been exposed to enough of this aura-induced effect, they will need to do something to reduce their arousal. It could happen in one exposure, or it could take several, but they will have to do something sooner or later.

Shield for Directional Reflection

This type of effect doesn’t go unnoticed, as you may well be aware.-You may experience negative energy reactions from those who would-Competition, significant others, or even family members of the people you are affecting. X4A provides protection against this.-1000 includes an active Directional Reflection Shield that will automatically return any negative energy, intent, or influence efforts to the person who sent them, in real-time. In X4A-The DRS is significantly more powerful than any other program. The person you are affecting doesn’t have to respond, but you don’t have to deal with subtle energy attacks or attempts to cause you guilt shame fear manipulation.


X4A-1000 has 26 goals. Most of them are intended to guide, modulate, and optimize your aura. Many of them will have interesting effects that you will enjoy. I won’t tell you what these effects are, but I will let you have the fun and joy of discovering them for yourself.

Your aura will start influencing the person. They will notice and be more inclined to act on your attraction and arousal towards you. Or, they may accept your attempts to initiate. It all depends on how you handle the situation.

*️⃣ These are some possible indicators that X4A-1000 is working

  • They suddenly notice you, even though they didn’t know you before.
  • They may find reasons to be close to you and may continue this behavior as often as possible.
  • They may make extended or direct eye contact.
  • Smile at you, often multiple times.
  • Flushing of red all over the face, neck, and shoulders. (Sex flush.)
  • Fidgeting a lot, becoming anxious.
  • You can create excuses and opportunities to be physically closer to your family.
  • Start a conversation with you.
  • Steering conversations toward sex.
  • They may appear subtle or not at first.-So-Subtly, they will show off what they consider their best sexual assets to get your attention.
  • Touching you casually at first can escalate into sexual acts.
  • Share their sexual desires with them.
  • Mentioning that they are on the pill, or any other contraceptives, is a subtle invitation to you to have sex with them. Wrap it anyway, in the event it’s false!
  • Invite them to take you somewhere private with them.

Depending on the situation and the individual, you might see one, many, all or none.

Some people may not choose to act or express their arousal and attraction because they are in a relationship they wish to keep. Others might have religious reasons. They may be too shy, or inexperienced.

These cases are examples of where encouragement and action are key. Some people might want to do something, but need help being discreet. Your mileage will vary from person-to-person and situation to situation. You might need to expose them multiple times to your aphrodisiac energy before they act. How quickly and clearly the people affected act and react to you?-Act depends on many variables, including how intense and consistent your aura is from the program.

*️⃣ X4A-1000 Limits

  • X4A-1000 is not designed to force anyone to make decisions for them, or control their minds. It creates an aura which is modulated to be a powerful natural sexual aphrodisiac in those you are most sexually interested (of minimum legal age). Then, you and the person that you influence with your aura have the final say on how to proceed. You can either actively help things to move along or let them decide what happens.
  • X4A-1000 is intended to be used Only by genetic males over 18 years of age. It is not intended, intended, or recommended for anyone who is not genetically male regardless of how they identify.
  • X4A-1000 works for all males, regardless of sexual orientation. It doesn’t matter if you’re straight, gay, bisexual, or anything else. It will automatically adapt how it works depending upon who you are.
  • X4A-1000 won’t make straight people gay or bisexual or convert them to straightness. People who don’t share your sexual preferences or orientation shouldn’t be expected to have sex with you if you touch them.


  • ☞ It is unknown how much this program can affect your aura. It is possible that anyone who is affected by it or touched by it will be affected in some way, regardless of how much you sex with them. It is unknown how they will respond and how.
  • ☞ The program’s effects can have a profound impact on the people who you are affecting with your aura. They may want more than just sex. Depending on the person’s beliefs, personality, age, and circumstances, they may request a relationship, marriage, or even try to have a child with you. If you are interested in having sex, it is best to be cautious. Please remember that this program creates an opportunity for you to get involved. EXTREME PREGNANCY IS A RISK, AND ALWAYS WRAP THE RASCAL You should also dispose of any used condoms in a secure way. This will prevent anyone from stealing your sperm from a condom, which could then be used to legally charge you for a pregnancy that you didn’t want.
  • ☞ This program is only for men and should not be used by women. Never be used by any female and no female should Ever This audio should be heard.

*️⃣ Questions & Answers

Q: Can I use this to affect people remotely, say via video chat?

A: The specific design is to impact the three people in your household. Line of sight Who are you most interested in having sex with? Video chat means that the person you are talking to is within your direct line of sight. They may be affected regardless of how far they live from you. They are within your line of sight if they are within your range. They don’t have to be right in front of you all the time, but you must be within their reach to be able see them. This is likely to be true for photographs too.

Q: Is this program meant for men only?

A: It is easier to get a man to respond sexually to another woman than it is to influence him. If the program is meant to get women to respond to their sexual arousal it can cause men to behave in ways that are inappropriate or unnecessary. A gay man will not have a problem with a bisexual or gay man coming on him sexually in an aggressive way in most cases. But a woman may perceive this as excessive and that could cause problems for them all. This program is for men only.

Q: Can this be done with females?

A: NO! NEVER Any female can listen to this audio.

Q: What is the difference between this program and DMSI?

A: X4A-1000 is vastly different from DMSI. It is a completely new script with 26 goals. It is designed to be light, fast, fun to execute, and easy to use. It’s designed to “just work”Start attracting people as soon as you start using it. It doesn’t try and work through your fears. The approach is simple enough to not trigger most fears.

DMSI, however, does many of the same things as X4A-1000 does not. DMSI, which has a celebrity affect, optimizes your natural hormones for sexiness, adjusts the way that you think, feel, respond, and move. It encourages you seduce people you want to have sexual relations with. Both the user and the affected enjoy sex more when they have had sex. It takes many months to overcome the fear of having sex. This can be frustrating for those who don’t do it naturally.

X4A is the best choice if you want to be light, fast, easy, and fun.-1000. DMSI is a better choice if you want features rich and are willing spend potentially months making deep subconscious personal improvements in order to reach the goals DMSI has.

Q: How long is it going to take for me start seeing results?

A: It is possible to create the aura in just one use. The time it takes to see the effects you have created depends on many factors. These include how socially connected you are, how long you live within their line of sight, how old they are, their belief system, personality, where they are located, how often they are involved, how often you affect them with your aura and how many loops you use.

It can take just minutes to meet someone for the first time, or it could take weeks or even months to influence them depending on what factors you consider. You may not be able to influence someone if you only have an hour per week with them. If you have all the factors in your favor, it might take minutes or hours to see noticeable results or even sex. This can also be affected by how you use it, how much you interact with them, and other factors.

Q: Does this program work for everyone who uses it?

A: No. It is only intended for men and is not meant to encourage you to do so. Before you try to use this program, you should get rid of any fears or sexual attraction.

Q: Does this program use manifestation in the same way as DMSI?

A: X4A-1000 is not a difficult number to attract people into you life. It focuses your energy on creating and projecting your aphrodisiac aura and then modulating it as well as possible.

Q: Will this program cause my aura to affect my arousal?

A: Yes, after they have identified that you are responding to them. There are situations where the respondent may not immediately be aware of who they are responding.

Let’s say, for example, you go to a club with a guy you like and a guy you don’t. They will start to become aroused and may be able to tell that it is coming from you. However, they may initially mistakenly think they are responding only to you. To prevent this, make sure there are no other men between you and the guy you want to have sex with.

You may also notice the effect you have on others. “steal” You can alter your aura by allowing others to insert themselves between you, the person you are affecting with it. You can reverse this by moving to a place where there is no one between you and them. Once they realize that you are responding to them, it will be easier to manage. They will begin to dislike the actions of others who try to interfere with you.

Q: Can this program also be used in a strip club, dance club, or bar?

A: Let me first say in no uncertain terms, that this program is NOT It was not intended or designed for public play. It is not a sport you should ever play in public. It is best to use it in private and then let others who are interested in it experience your aura. You could be creating competition for yourself and may result in energy overload, which can be dangerous for others.

You can use this program to go to a strip club, dance club, bar, or other similar venues. Your aura can be used to influence others and help you have sex.

Q: Can this be used to trigger sex in a group?

A:NEVER This program should be given to females. This is not recommended, even though you can observe the stricture. When too many people are exposed at once, they can produce so much energy in such a small area that it can overload the nervous system. This can cause serious health problems and feel like excessive caffeine.

Q: Will X4A be available?-1000 people I don’t want to have sexual sex?

A: X4A-1000 is intended to affect only those three people who are legal to consent to sex. The program’s aphrodisiac effect should not affect others. If they are, they will have to deal the effects of being extremely sexually attractive.

Q: Can I use X4A-1000 with synthetic hormones?

A: Using X4A-1000 with synthetic pheromones Not advised. It will first prevent you from understanding what X4A is.-1000 is accomplishing more than the pheromones. You may also be affecting the results you get with X4A.-1000 by using the wrong or excessively high doses of pheromones. Finally, X4A-1000 is designed to have a superior effect to synthetic and natural pheromones in many ways. This program would degrade or destroy artificial pheromones.

Q: Can I use X4A-1000 with another subliminal mind programming method or method?

A: No. It must be used on its own. Advanced Stress Relief would be the exception. Although it may have a relaxing affect on those who are exposed, it may also have a detrimental effect on the effects of X4A.-1000 has on your mind. It is not compatible with any other programs or mind programming.

Q: Can I use X4A-1000 with another type aphrodisiac

A: This is not recommended as they could conflict. In the event that the other aphrodisiac uses subliminal mind programming methods, it could damage the effects of X4A.-1000 has on your shoulders to help you project the aura it wants you to project. You don’t need to pair it with another aphrodisiac.

Q: Is there anything I should be careful about when using X4A-1000?

A: Yes. X4A should not be used.-1000 situations in which alcohol or other drugs are involved. When this happens, the result could mean that the person affected responds to the alcohol wear off by concluding the sex you had wasn’t consensual. It’s a good idea all around. Always ensure that any sex you have with anyone is mutually agreeable, without a shadow of a doubt.

NEVER Any female can be exposed to the audio.

Before you consume any drugs or alcohol, you should be fully informed.

Q: Will X4A be available?-1000 protect me from diseases, pregnancy, sex with crazy people and other things like this?

A: No. It causes arousal in the person you most desire to have sex with. You are responsible for making your own decisions, including choosing safe sex and who you have sex with.

Q: Can I use X4A-1000 to change how my spouse/significant other responds?

A: This program is only safe for men. It should not be exposed to women.

Q: This program affects people in my immediate area of sight. Do I have to be there all the time to affect them?

A: But it is helpful. They must be in the same vicinity as what you can see and you should have seen them in that area. It should work as long as they are seen at least once a week. This is how it works for us.

Q: Who will this aura affect?

A: It will affect three people in your immediate vicinity, who are at minimum the legal age for sexual consent.

*️⃣ Instructions

Never expose any female to the audio of this program.

You can use this program for 4 (Fourteen) loops per days. After 3 (Three), days, you can take 1 day off. It can be used at a volume of 10 on an Android phone’s speaker, 11 on an iPhone’s speaker, and 20 on a Google phone. It is recommended that you listen while sleeping unless you don’t want to expose anyone else.

This program cannot be used in conjunction with any other mind or subliminal programming, except as stated.

It is not recommended to exceed 4 loops per day if you are trying to affect others who are emotionally sensitive or inexperienced (virgins). People who are trying to shut down or fight 4 loops can use more loops than 4. If you use it correctly, it can even work under 1 loop.

*️⃣ Generally speaking:

If you’ve been using full loops, but don’t have the time or desire to run another full loop, a shorter loop (usually 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 minutes) can be used to refresh your memory. I used 3 loops yesterday. Today, I did a 2 minute refresher before breakfast. I’ll be doing 3 complete loops later.

1-2-3 loops can be used to affect other people who are inexperienced, sensitive or timid.

4 loops are generally the best and most effective choice for most users and in most situations.

5-6 loops is a good choice for people who resist 4 loops, but aren’t hardcore about it.

7-8-9 loops is a good choice for guys who resist hardcore (7 loops), or who are virgins after age 21 and are afraid of getting laid. This works best with 8 loops. However, extreme cases may require 9 loops. 8+ loops is a lot for most people, and it is likely to get you in serious trouble.

If 4 loops aren’t working, you can experiment with loops. However, you must use a certain number of loops each cycle. Increase or decrease one per cycle. Find your sweet spot if you find that 4 loops isn’t working after a couple of usage cycles.

*️⃣ Original Content:

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