SWIS Video Flix Library


The SWIS Classic Video library is a collection of 153 different videos that are 60-90 minutes long on the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of weight-training injuries.

SWIS Video Flix Library

SWIS Video Flix Library

SWIS Video Flix Library

The SWIS Classic Video library is a collection of 153 different videos that are 60-90 minutes long on the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of weight-training injuries. It is also a collection of presentations on increasing strength and athletic development and also specific nutritional protocols. The SWIS library is broken into 6 main categories with 40 subcategories.
1. Weight-Training Sports
2. Weight-Training Principles
3. Sport Specific Training
4. Treatment Techniques
5. Rehabilitation
6. Nutrition



Vol.1 – Biomechanical Research on the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift – David Sandler

Vol.2 – How to Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift Safely and Effectively – Dr.Mike Hartle

Vol.3 – Powerlifting Techniques of World Champion Ed Coan

Vol.4 – Tips, Tricks and Techniques of World Champion Powerlifter Ed Coan and Mark Phillipi

Vol.5 – Worlds Strongest Men – Bill Kazmaier / Brad Gillingham

Vol.6 – Strength Training Techniques of the World’s Strongest Man Bill Kazmaier

Vol.7 – Advanced Powerlifting Principles – Dave Tate

Vol.8 – Powerlifting Technique Analysis – Dave Tate / Jim Wendler

Vol.9 – Powerlifting Technique for Increased Gains and Reduced Injuries – Dr.Mauro Di Pasquale / Dr.Ken Kinakin

Vol.10 – Advanced Powerlifting Techniques – Rickey Dale Crain


Vol.11 – The History of Bodybuilding and Weight-Training – Bill Pearl

Vol.12 – Bodybuilding Techniques of 8 Time Mr. Olympia Lee Haney

Vol.13 – Precontest Bodybuilding Techniques of Milos Sarcev

Vol.14 – Designing and Developing a Symmetrical Male Bodybuilding Physique – Mohamed Makkawy

Vol.15 – Designing and Developing a Symmetrical Female Bodybuilding Physique – Laura Creavalle / Winston Roberts

Vol.16 – Advanced Women’s Bodybuilding Techniques – Laura Binetti

Vol.17 – The Best Weight-Training Programs for Women – Laura Binetti

Olympic Lifting

Vol.18 – Incorporating Olympic Style Weightlifting into Sports Programs – Ed McNeely

Vol.19 – Accessory Olympic Style Weightlifting Exercises and Techniques – Chad Ikei


Weight Training Anatomy and Physiology

Vol.20 – Clinically Oriented Anatomy of the Upper and Lower Extremities – Dr.Carl DeRosa

Vol.21 – Mechanisms of Muscle Hypertrophy – Dr.Duncan MacDougall

Vol.22 – Prediposing Factors to Weight-Training Injuries – Dr.Jacek Cholewicki

Vol.23 – Weight-Training Injuries from a Physician and Competitors Point of View – Dr.Mauro Di Pasquale


Vol.24 – The Anatomy and Neuroanatomy of the Myofascial System – Dr.James Oschman

Vol.25 – Neuromechanics of a Weight-Training Injury – Dr.Chris Colloca

Vol.26 – Neurodevelopmental Approach to Spinal Pathologies – Paul Chek

Weight Training Assessment and Technique

Vol.27 – Shoulder Exercise Assessment and Technique – Dr.Ken Kinakin

Vol.28 – Injury Proofing – Dr. Ken Kinakin

Vol.29 – Comparison of Weight-Training Back Exercises – Dr.Mike Hartle

Vol.30 – Contraindicated People Versus Contraindicated Exercise – Scott Livingston

Vol.31 – The Application of Biomechanics and Competitive Methods in Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation – Dr.Mel Siff

Vol.32 – Evaluation Tools for Personal Trainers – Lorne Goldenberg

Program Design

Vol.33 – The Science of Strength Training – Charles Staley

Vol.34 – The Best New Weight-Training Program Design Concepts – Charles Staley

Vol.35 – Variable Weight-Training Protocols for Maximum Gains – Dr.Tom Bilella

Vol.36 – Program Design for Reduced Incidence of Spine Injuries – Ian King

Vol.37 – Overtraining:How to Prevent and Treat – Dr.Geron Cowherd

Business / Personal Development

Vol.38 – The Business of Wellness – Dr.Tom Deters

Vol.39 – Personal Training Business Development – Doug Caporrino

Vol.40 – Bridging the Gap between Doctor/Therapist and Personal Trainer – John Foulkes / Dr.Ken Kinakin

Vol.41 – Holistic Training for Optimal Performance – Paul Chek


Vol.42 – Sleep and Human Performance – Dr.Charles Samuels

Vol.43 – The Best Sleep Treatment Program to Prevent Overtraining – Dr.Charles Samuels


Vol.44 – Weight-training research: how to read and create research studies – Dr.Chris Colloca


Athletic Development

Vol.45 – Advanced Power and Strength Programs for Sports – Dave Sandler / Ed McNeely

Vol.46 – The Best Strength and Power Development Programs – Dave Sandler / Ed McNeely

Vol.47 – Optimal Training for the Developmental Athlete – Istvan Balyi

Vol.48 – Strengthening Rotational Trunk Muscles for Sports – Chad Benson

Vol.49 – Evaluation of Sport Movement and Developing Speed, Agility and Quickness – Peter Twist

Vol.50 – Computerized Russian Omega Wave Technique in Fitness Assessment – Val Nasedkin

Vol.51 – Foundations for Ground Based Strength Training – Lorne Goldenberg

Speed Development

Vol.52 – Speed/Power Program Design – Charlie Francis

Vol.53 – The Best Speed Development Program – Joe DeFranco


Vol.54 – The Best Hockey Conditioning Program – Lorne Goldenberg

Vol.55 – Advanced Weight-Training Strategies for Hockey – Lorne Goldenberg / Gary Roberts

Vol.56 – Hockey Strength and Conditioning Panel – NHL Strength Coaches


Vol.57 – Advanced Weight-Training Strategies for Overhand Throwing Sports – Dr.Dale Buchberger


Vol.58 – Advanced Weight-Training Strategies for Road Cycling – Dr.Jeff Spencer


Vol.59 – Strength Training for Endurance Athletes – Sheldon Persad


Vol.60 – Advanced Weight-Training Strategies for Downhill Skiing – Kate Pace-Lindsay / Dr.Mark Lindsay / Rory Mullin


Muscle Testing

Vol.61 – Introductory Muscle Testing for Weight-Training Injuries – Dr.David Leaf

Vol.62 – Advanced Muscle Testing for Weight-Training Spinal Injuries – Dr.David Leaf

Vol.63 – Integrated Treatment of Shoulder Injuries due to Weight-Training – Dr.David Leaf

Vol.64 – Muscle Testing for Weight-Training Shoulder Injuries – Dr.David Leaf

Vol.65 – Muscle Testing for Weight-Training Lower Body Extremity Injuries – Dr.David Leaf

Vol.66 – How to Muscle Test for Weight Training Injuries – Dr.David Leaf

Active Release Technique

Vol.67 – Theoretical Basis of Active Release Technique – Dr.Mike Leahy

Vol.68 – ART Introduction for Weight-Training Injuries – Dr.Mike Leahy

Vol.69 – Advanced ART for Weight-Training Injuries – Dr.Mike Leahy

Vol.70 – ART for Weight-Training Shoulder Injuries – Dr.Mike Leahy

Vol.71 – Active Release Technique for Weight Training Upper Extremity Injuries – Dr.Mike Leahy

Vol.72 – Active Release Technique for Weight Training Lower Extremity Injuries – Dr.Mike Leahy


Vol.73 – Trigenics Technique for the Shoulder – Dr.Allan Oolo Austin

Treatment Protocols

Vol.74 – The Best Treatment and Rehabilitation for Powerlifting and Bodybuilding Injuries – Dr.Mike Hartle

Vol.75 – The Best Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation for Weight-Training Injuries – Dr.Rob Rakowski

Vol.76 – Anatomy, Treatment and Rehabilitation Exercises for Rotator Cuff Injuries – Dr. Carl DeRosa

Vol.77 – Treatment of Low Back Injuries due to Weight-Training – Dr.Alain Vaillancourt

Vol.78 – Treatment and Diagnosis of Soft Tissue Injury due to Weight-Training Injuries – Dr.Mark Lindsay / Dr.Mike Leahy

Vol.79 – Treatment, Rehab and Training Protocols – Dr.Ken Kinakin and Guests


Vol.80 – Chiropractic Technique for Weight-Training Spinal Injuries – Dr.Dale Buchberger

Vol.81 – Chiropractic Adjustments for Weight-Training Lower Extremity Injuries – Dr.Mark Charrette

Vol.82 – Chiropractic Adjustments for Weight-Training Upper Extremity Injuries -Dr.Mark Charrette


Vol.83 – Graston Technique for the Shoulder – Dr.Tom Hyde

Muscle Activation Technique

Vol.84 – Muscle Activation Techniques for the Shoulder – Greg Roskopf

Vol.85 – Muscle Activation Technique for Weight-Training Extremity Injuries – Greg Roskopf

Matrix Repatterning Technique

Vol.86 – Matrix Repatterning for Weight-Training Extremity Injuries – Dr.George Roth


Vol.87 – Contemporary Medical Acupuncture – Dr.Alex Elorriaga / Dr.Mark Scappaticci

Vol.88 – Acupuncture Treatment Protocols for Weight-Training Extremity Injuries – Dr.Alex Elorriaga / Dr.Mark Scappaticci

Vol.89 – Functional Integrated Treatments for Weight-Training Injuries – Dr.Alex Elorriaga / Dr.Mark Scappaticci

Vol.90 – Medical Acupuncture for Weight-Training Injuries – Dr.Alex Elorriaga

Vol.91 – Lower Leg Dysfunctions Causing Low Back Pain – Dr.Mark Scappaticci

Vol.92 – Integrated Approach to Treating Weight-Training Injuries – Dr.Mark Scappaticci

Vol.93 – The Best Integrated Treatment Tools to Treat Weight Training Injuries – Dr.Mark Scappaticci

Laser Therapy
Vol.94 – Laser Treatment Techniques for Weight-Training Extremity Injuries – Dr.Fred Kahn

Vol.95 – Laser Treatment for Weight-Training Injuries – Dr.Richard Amy / Dr.George Gonzalez

Vol.96 – Advanced Treatment Techniques for Weight-Training Extremity Injuries – Dr.George Gonzalez

Energy Medicine

Vol.97 – Energy Medicine Treatment Application for Weight-Training Injuries – Dr.James Oschman

Vol.98 – Energy Medicine for the Shoulder – Dr.Jeff Spencer

Vol.99 – Frequency Specific Microcurrent for the Shoulder – Dr.Carolyn McMakin

Vol.100 – Electromedicine for Weight-Training Injuries – Dr.Dan Kirsch


Vol.101 – How to Remove Weight-Training Mental and Emotional Blocks – Dr.Jerome Rerucha

Panel Discussion

Vol.102 – Panel Discussion of How to Treat, Train and Use Nutrition – SWIS Presenters


Rotator Cuff

Vol.103 – Shoulder Disorders due to Weight-Training – Dr.Dale Buchberger

Vol.104 – Rehabilitative Exercises for Weight-Training Shoulder Injuries – Dr.Dale Buchberger

Vol.105 – Scapular Based Rehabilitation for the Shoulder – Dr.Dale Buchberger

Vol.106 – The Best Treatment and Rehabilitation Exercises for Rotator Cuff Injuries – Dr.Dale Buchberger

Vol.107 – Clinical Diagnostic Testing for Shoulder Injuries due to Weight-Training – Dr.Dale Buchberger


Vol.108 – Knee Injuries and Training Strategies for Prevention and Rehabilitation – Dr.Mike Hartle

Low Back

Vol.109 – Trunk Stabilization Concepts and Exercises – Dr.Mike Hartle

Rehabilitation Exercise Protocols

Vol.110 – Swiss Ball Exercises for Injury Prevention and Performance – Lorne Goldenberg

Vol.111 – The Most Unusual Exercises for Rehabilitation and Treatment of Weight-Training Injuries – Dr.Eric Serrano


Vol.112 – Computerized Postural Assessment and Exercise Prescription – Sylvain Guimond

Vol.113 – Advanced Postural Assessment System – Patrick Mummy

Vol.114 – Posturology in Prevention of Weight-Training Spinal Injuries – Paul Gagne / Dr.Michel Joubert

Vol.115 – Posturology Lower Extremity Analysis for Weight-Training Injuries – Paul Gagne / Dr.Michele Joubert


Vol.116 – Theoretical Basis of Active Isolated Stretching – Aaron Mattes

Vol.117 – Active Isolated Stretching for Weight-Training Shoulder Injuries – Aaron Mattes

Myofascial Stretching

Vol.118 – Advanced Stretching Techniques for Weight-Training Exercises – Ann & Chris Frederick

Vol.119 – Fascial Link Between Lumbar Spine and Weight-Training – Dr.Guy Voyer

Vol.120 – Myofascial Treatment for Weight-Training Knee Injuries – Dr.Guy Voyer


Nutritional Biochemistry

Vol.121 – How Different Types of Fat, Proteins & Carbohydrates Change Body Composition – Dr.John Berardi

Vol.122 – Review and Comparison of the High Fat-Carbohydrate-Protein-Zone Diet – Dr.Mauro Di Pasquale

Vol.123 – Nutritional Assessment for Fat Loss – Dr.Tom Incledon

Vol.124 – Use and Detection of Anabolic Steroids and Ergogenic Aids – Dr.Mauro Di Pasquale

Vol.125 – Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill – Dr.Udo Erasmus

Vol.126 – Nutrition:The Dirt Facts – Paul Chek

Fat Loss and Muscle Hypertrophy Dietary and Supplement Programs

Vol.127 – The Integration of Diet and Supplements for Fat Loss – Dr.John Berardi

Vol.128 – The Best Supplements and Diets to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle – Dr.John Berardi

Vol.129 – How to Increase Fat Loss by Macronutrient Hormonal Manipulation of the Diet – Dr.Mauro Di Pasquale

Vol.130 – The Zone Diet – Application in Fat Loss and Muscle Hypertrophy – Dr.Barry Sears

Vol.131 – The Use of Fats and Oils in Fat Loss and Muscle Hypertrophy – Dr.Udo Erasmus

Vol.132 – The Best Assessment Tools and Eating Programs for Fat Loss – Charles Poliquin

Vol.133 – The Best Way to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle – Scott Abel

Vol.134 – Pre-Contest Bodybuilding Dietary Strategies – Scott Abel

Vol.135 – Increase Powerlifting Strength through Specific Diets and Supplements – Dr.Mauro Di Pasquale

Vol.136 – Supplements to Treat Weight-Training Injuries and Overtraining Syndrome – Dr.Mauro Di Pasquale

Vol.137 – The Best Way to Implement Nutrition into your Practice or Personal Training Business – Dr.Tom Bilella

Vol.138 – Optimal Dietary Strategies and Supplements – Dr.Eric Serrano

Vol.139 – Precision Nutrition Post Workout Nutrition – Dr.John Berardi

Vol.140 – Post Workout Nutritional Recovery Strategies – Dr.Lonnie Lowery

Vol.141 – Nutritional Supplement Strategies for Fat Loss – Dr.Eric Serrano

Vol.142 – Optimal Supplements for Fat Loss – Dr.Eric Serrano

Vol.143 – Dietary and Supplement Principles – Dr.Eric Serrano

Vol.144 – Supplements and Diets to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle – Dr.Eric Serrano

Vol.145 – Fat Loss and Muscle Hypertrophy Supplement and Dietary Strategies – Dr.Eric Serrano

Vol.146 – Supplements for Weight-Training Injuries – Dr.Mauro Di Pasquale

Vol.147 – Panel Discussion:Ergogenic Aids for Fat Loss and Muscle Hypertrophy – SWIS Presenters

Clinical Nutrition

Vol.148 – The Best Assessment Tools and Eating Programs for Holistic Health – Dr.Rob Rakowski

Vol.149 – How to Test for Anabolic Catabolic Physiologic State – Dr.Rob Rakowski

Vol.150 – Overtraining-Clinical Protocols to Reverse Adrenal and Thyroid Stress – Dr.Rob Rakowski

Vol.151 – The Healthy Brain:Effects of Neurotransmitters – Dr.Jeff Morrison

Vol.152 – Nutritional Testing and Supplements for Weight-Training Injuries – Dr.Mark Percival

Vol.153 – Assessments for Metabolic Dysfunction – Dr.Alexander Wood / Dr.Ken Kinakin

Here is a list of all 85 videos from SWIS 2015 and SWIS 2016 that you will instant access to when you sign up.

Here is the Presenter and Topic Description!
Dorian Yates – Bodybuilding Techniques of a 6 Time Mr. Olympia

SWIS Rehab Panel: Dr. David Leaf/Dr. Peter Jaillet/ Dr. Dale Buchberger/Joe
Arko/Dr. Jerome Rerucha/Paul Gagne/Dr. Rob Rakowski/Chris Fudge – Demonstrating Their Favorite Rehab for Specific Weight Training Injuries

Dr. Rob Rakowski – Nutritional and Supplementation Protocols for Sleep

Dr. David Leaf – Muscle Testing – Weight Training and Shoulder Injuries

Kevin Darby – Fascial Stretch Therapy Techniques for the Low Back

Donnie Thompson: Advanced Mobility and Adhesion Techniques

Dr. John Rusin – Advanced Techniques for Weight Training Injuries

Dr. Eric Serrano – Fats – What Works and Why

Christian Thibaudeau – Loaded Stretching

Dave Tate – The “No Secrets” Business Plan to Starting a Growing Business

Victoria Felkar – Muscle Hypertrophy and Fat Loss Nutritional Strategies for Female

Dr. Dale Buchberger – Advanced Rotator Cuff Rehab Protocols

Ian King – Coaches Guide to Prevent, Identify, Manage,and Rehab Lower Back Injury Workshop

Renee Primeau – Bikini and Figure Post Competition Eating and Emotional Management Strategies

John Meadows – Advanced Hypertrophy Training

Rick Collins – Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach Scope of Practice and the Law

Dr. Douglas Stoddard: Stem Cell And PRP Injections For Weight Training Injuries

Dr. David Leaf – Muscle Testing Weight Training Low Back Injuries Workshop

Dr. John Berardi – Nutrition for Injury Recovery

Chris Duffin – Foot Mechanics, Cueing, and Corrections to Maximize Performance

Ian King – Injury Prevention in Strength Training

Eoin Lacey – Applying Heart Rate Variability to Maximize Training and Nutritional Success

Joe DeFranco: The “Slow” Approach to Developing Blazing Speed

Matt Wenning – Deadlift Assessment and Technique Coaching Points Workshop

Dr. Rob Rakowski – Performance Nutrition Made Easy

Dave Tate – Should You Open a Gym or Studio?

Paul Chek: Athlete Management – The 4 Doctors- Part 1 and 2

Dr. Eric Serrano – Unusual Exercises for Rehabilitation and Treatment of Weight-
Training Injuries

SWIS Chiropractic Presenters and Delegates: Dr. David Leaf/Dr. Dale Buchberger/Dr. Peter Jaillet/Dr. Rob Rakowski/Dr. Jerome Rerucha – Demonstrating
Their Favorite Adjustments for Specific Weight Training Injuries

Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale – Epigentics of Nutrition

JL Holdsworth – Strength Correctives – Building Armor for Your Athletes

Mat Boulé – Posturology for the Deadlift

Kevin Darby – Facial Stretch Therapy Techniques for the Shoulder

John Meadows – Dr. Scott Stevenson – Tips, Tricks and Advanced Techniques for
Physique/Bodybuilding Competitors

Eoin Lacey – Functional Nutrition for Fat Loss

Dr.Dale Buchberger – Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques for Low Back Injuries

Mindi O’Brien and Dennis Beitler – How to Prepare for Bikini, Figure, and Physique

Matt Nichol – The Art and Science of Sports Assessment

Mike MacKinnon – Food Addiction – Strategies to Overcome it

Dr. Peter Jaillet – Assess and Treat The Brain for Weight Training Injuries

Dr. Dom D’Agostino – Nutritional Ketosis: Effects on Metabolic Regulation and

Dr. Jerome Rerucha – Treatment Modalities-Laser, Percussor, Adjuster for
Weight Training Injuries

David Sandler – Nutritional Supplement Strategies for Intense Exercise

Kelly Armstrong – How to Treat Scars that Turn off Muscles Using the Neurostim

Mindi O’Brien and Stephanie Worsfold – Tips, Tricks and Advanced Weight Training Techniques for Bikini, Fitness and Physique Competitors Workshop

Rick Collins – Legal Implications of Dietary Supplements and Performance Enhancing Substances & Drugs

Bill Kazmaier and Patrick Holloway – Squat,Bench,Deadlift,and Strongman Technique Coaching Points Workshop

Dr. Tom Bilella – Adding an additional Profit Centre Through Nutrition Coaching and Body Comp Assessment

Dr. Martin Lai – Grip Strength Assessment and Training Protocols

Dr. Fred Hatfield – Super Power Seminar

Dr. Luke Bucci – Glucosamine & Chondroitin-When, Where, How & Why

Lorne Goldenberg – Advanced Strength and Conditioning for Hockey

David Sandler – The Good/Bad/Ugly of the Supplement Industry

Paul Gagne – Postural Sports Performance:Advanced Technologies for Training
Athletes with Low Back Pain

Dr. Ken Kinakin/John Foulkes/Dr. David Leaf/Nora Fedoryak/ Dr. Jerome Rerucha – SWIS Chiro/Personal Trainer Referral Systems

Dr. Darryn Willoughby – Nutritional Needs of Strength and Power Athletes

Dr. Mark Scappaticci – Acupuncture Protocols For Weight Training Shoulder

Dr. Peter Jaillet – Brain Based Treatment for Low Back Weight Training Injuries Workshop

Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale – Questions and Answers Session

Bill Kazmaier & Brad Gillingham – Legendary Strength Training Techniques

Dr. Robert Silverman – Pain and Inflammation Supplementation for Weight
Training Injuries

Lorne Goldenberg – The No BS Lecture on Training – The Truth About Variables &
Coaching Cues You Need

SWIS Nutrition Panel – Supplements and Steroids – Myths, Misconceptions and the Truth

Julia Ladewski – Building a New Woman – How Performance Matters

Donnie Thompson – Advanced Low Back Mobility Techniques

Dr. Jordan Moon – Advanced Muscle & Fat Physiology, Biochemistry and Measurement

SWIS Rehab Panel – Demonstrating Their Favorite Rehab Exercise for Specific Weight Training Injuries

Dr. Darryn Willoughby – Advanced Nutritional Applications for Muscle
Hypertrophy and Fat Loss

JL Holdsworth – Hip Assessment and Rehab for Low Back Injuries

Paul Gagne – Test it- Fix it

Paul Chek – Back Pain As Emerging Consciousness

Dr. John Berardi – The Complete Fitness Pro: Use your passion for fitness to create a wildly successful career

Dr. Mark Scappaticci – Functional Integrated Techniques for Weight Training Low
Back Injuries

Dr. Karim Dhanani – Healthy Muscle Cell Protocols Using German Biological Medicine

Victoria Felkar – The Good, the Bad and the Juiced: A Critical Conversation about

Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon – The Consistency Secret: How to get your clients to buy in, stay on track, and make the changes to recover from their injury

Kelly Armstrong – MPS Neurostim for Weight Training Low Back Injuries

Dr. Karim Dhanani – Advanced German Biological Treatment for Metabolic Disorders

Dr. George Roth – Matrix Repatterning for Weight Training Low Back Injuries

Dr. Anil Makkar – The Science of Jaw Power – Increase Weightlifting Performance
with a Proper Bite

SWIS Chiropractic Panel Demonstrating Specific Adjustments For Weight Training

Gaetan Boutin – Performance Strength Mechanics: Introducing torque, core
stabilization and performance breathing to athletes

Dr. Erin Saltzman – Shockwave Therapy Applications and Demonstration

Dr. Scott Christie – Reps and Sets Determination through Technology

Nutritional Panel – Subjective and Objective Assessment Strategies to Determine
The Best Diet For You

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