Tad James & Adriana James – Techniques for Learning


If you truly want to improve your child’s learning ability,then listen close… and read every word of this letter! Your child’s future depends on it!

Tad James & Adriana James – Techniques for Learning

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“Proven Methods For INSTANTLY Increasing Your Child’s Learning Ability And Boosting Their Mental Focus!”
…WITHOUT Using Old Fashioned, Tedious Mind Exercises That Will Bore You Both To Tears!
From The Desk Of: Tad & Adriana James M.S., Ph.D.
Dear Parent,
If you truly want to improve your child’s learning ability,then listen close… and read every word of this letter! Your child’s future depends on it!
What if I could show you a tested and PROVEN strategy that AUTOMATICALLY shatters the learning barrier and allows your child to learn faster than ever!
No more failing exams at school – when you know your child is capable of much more than he is showing, or willing to admit.
No more begging your kids to do their homework. (They’ll actually ENJOY it because they won’t get frustrated anymore… They’ll be proud of how smart they feel because they breezed right through it faster than ever.)
No more spending money on “experts” about why your child can’t perform at school. These so-called “experts” often complicate the issue, sucking up all your time, energy, and money with no results to show for it.
No more expensive and dangerous prescription drugs. Many kids are mistakenly placed on drugs like Ritalin to keep them under control and help them do better in school. I’ll reveal why this is completely unnecessary.
I’ll show you how to FINALLY understand how to BREAK THROUGH your child’s learning difficulty by using a simple step-by-step method than changes their learning pattern so they actually learn better and faster than all the other students… Giving them an unfair advantage over all the other kids in school!
Don’t Trust The School System To
Improve Your Child’s Learning Ability
The fact is, public school teachers don’t have the time to give each child the attention he needs…
And even worse: They don’t even know why your child is having difficulty learning!
They have a set “one size fits all” learning curriculum that’s supposed to teach ALL of the students in the school the SAME WAY.
I don’t know about you, but last time I checked, MY CHILD was a unique human being – and every person learns in a different way.
Your child is NOT some kind of robot that fits neatly into a school system curriculum like a puzzle piece.
That was so important that I’ll say it again…
Every Child Responds Differently To
Certain Learning Strategies!
Children who are presented with incorrect learning strategies have difficulty formulating a plan in their minds as to how to go about an activity.
They have difficulty translating a plan into actions and following a sequence of instructions. But that doesn’t mean that your child is dumb or has a learning disability!
Instead, they are simply applying the wrong strategy.
“So What Is The Right Learning Strategy
For My Child To Use?”
Children have different learning strategies depending on the subject matter.
For example, a child may have one strategy for spelling… one for math… one for reading… etc.
(You learn something new every day, huh?)
Today, I’m going to show you my proven NLP learning strategies that will make learning a piece of cake!
What is NLP? It stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which is an approach to psychotherapy, that has the ability to change the patterns of mental and emotional behavior in your child.
Does that sound complicated? Trust me, it’s not.
In fact, I’ve broken down these advanced strategies into bite-sized chunks that will help your child start learning faster virtually overnight.
Techniques For Learning
The Easy Step-By-Step System For Improving
Your Child’s Learning Ability …GUARANTEED!
Here are just some of the POWERFUL techniques you’re getting access to right now…
The 3 easy steps that INSTANTLY get your child into a learning state of mind. HINT: Have your child use this method during class to help him easily absorb information and recall it later with pinpoint accuracy.
The REAL reason your child is having trouble in school (And how to kick your child’s old learning strategies to the curb – replacing them with new ones that will transform your child’s learning ability in the blink of an eye.)
What is NLP? …And how these simple learning methods and exercises can increase your child’s learning ability by 230% or more!
The 4 magic questions that will reveal the BEST learning strategy for your child. (Ask your child these 4 questions and they’re already half way to accelerated learning beyond what you thought was possible.
How to use your child’s eye patterns to tap into their infinite learning ability! (This exercise alone will produce jaw-dropping results, making the schoolteachers think your child is actually gifted.)
The “New Spelling Strategy” that instantly turns your child into an excellent speller. An NO it has nothing to do with flash cards or long, boring, memorization exercises that your child will dread!
Why putting your child on prescription drugs like Ritalin is completely unnecessary! Using the learning and behavior techniques inside will solve the problems that drugs simply can’t!
No-brainer learning strategies for kids labeled “dyslexic.” After implementing just one of these strategies with a dyslexic boy on Ritalin, I had him easily spelling words forwards AND backwards! (Both the boy and his mother were SHOCKED.)
The “Laser Beam” method that gives your child laser-like focus in class. It’s like putting a trap door on your brain so it sucks in information like a vacuum WITHOUT getting distracted by your surroundings.
Why understanding ____________________ is the single most valuable skill your child can posses if they want to increase their learning ability. (And YES, they’ll learn how to easily perfect this skill.)
The simple strategy that INSTANTLY improves your child’s grades by improving their memory and ability to recall information.
And much, MUCH MORE…
I’ve left no stone unturned and given you EVERYTHING you need to help your child become successful in school by improving their learning ability… and their ability to PAY ATTENTION and recall information that they’ve learned.
Imagine your child taking a test… Whizzing through it and finishing before everyone else.
…All because he took the CORRECT approach to learning the information. And he REMEMBERS what he learned with ease.
How much easier will your child’s life be once they overcome their learning problem?
Heck, how much easier will YOUR life be?
…Not having to worry about your child bringing home bad grades. Not worrying about whether or not your child will ever get into college, let alone graduate high school!
I’m sure you’re with me when I say that your child’s learning ability will affect them in all areas of their life. Financially, socially, mentally, physically…
But there’s just one question you’re probably asking…
“How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?”
For starters, there’s nobody who is more interested in your own child than yourself. You already know the public schools aren’t going teach these simple but POWERFUL learning strategies that will allow your child to have a bright future.
Fact is, MOST schoolteachers aren’t even aware of these strategies! (And you and I both know they don’t get paid enough to care.)
Fortunately for you, I DO have these advanced, PROVEN strategies and I’m willing to share them with you right now…
So your question really shouldn’t be “What’s it gonna cost?”
Instead, it should be, “What’s it worth to me?”
Well, if you take action and follow their advice, your child will rapidly improve his learning ability in a VERY short period of time.
Grades will improve, your child’s happiness will skyrocket, and they will grow into a smart, capable adult. All thanks to your decision to help your child succeed.
And while we’re on the subject, let me ask you…
If You Don’t Do This… What Will You Do?
I don’t mean to sound harsh, but if you don’t give “Techniques For Learning” a shot, what other options do you have to improve your child’s learning ability?
I’m right here in front of you, extending my hand and offering you this opportunity to LEGALLY STEAL the most effective learning strategies from a M.S., Ph.D. Certified Master Trainer Of NLP… Put it to work for your child, and let them reap all the rewards of finally being a smart, healthy, capable person.
I don’t think I need to tell you that an opportunity like this doesn’t come around often.
With that said, I consulted a few of my close friends and asked them what would be the best way to get this information into the hands of parents everywhere…
The general consensus was that I should hold a one-time event like a seminar, and price it at $500. I liked the idea of holding an event… And the $500 price tag would be well worth it considering the priceless information everyone would get that they could go home and begin using immediately.
But then I got to thinking…
“I Sincerely Want All Parents To Have
Access To This Missing Link…”
And at the $500 price tag, many parents wouldn’t bother coming to the event… Not only would it be a hassle to get everyone together in a central location for 1-on-1 training, but many families are on a tight budget these days.
That’s why I decided to compile everything into this online format… So I could substantially lower the price and allow everyone to have a chance to get this valuable information in their hands.
So here’s what I ultimately decided…
Either you just don’t believe me when I say these strategies work, or you really don’t think your child has what it takes to improve their learning ability.
And in case you’re wondering, YES, this program comes with a guarantee…
“My Rock-Solid 100% Money-Back Guarantee”
There’s no question that the “Techniques For Learning” system works like a charm…
In fact if you just do something – even if it’s just half of what I tell you to do – your child’s learning ability will increase dramatically… it’s as simple as that.
So take a full 30 days to check out “Techniques For Learning…” Go through it, and put these strategies to work for your child. Go ahead and test it out for yourself.
…And if for ANY reason (or no reason at all) you’re not completely blown away by the results your child gets, simply let me know and I’ll give you all of your money back… no questions asked, no hassles, and no hard feelings.
That’s how confident I am in this training!
Fair enough?
I truly can’t make it any easier for your child to improve their learning skills dramatically. All you need to do is take the next step…

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