Talmadge Harper – Unreal Series Unconscious Mastery – Unconscious Competence


Talmadge Harper – Unreal Series Unconscious Mastery – Unconscious Competence

Talmadge Harper - Unreal Series Unconscious Mastery - Unconscious Competence

Imagine if you could skip the 1000 repetitions required before you become unconscious master of any subject.

Do you remember how you thought about everything when you first started driving? You had to pay attention to the gas, the steering, and the brake while also being aware of everything around. You had to be mindful of the rules of road. It all seemed so tedious, but it became very simple. It was all automatic, and you didn’t even have to think about it. You could actually drive while thinking about errands. This is because your subconscious mind took control, it’s not becoming. “Unconscious competence”. After thousands of repetitions, the skills became automatic.

This concept can be applied to all things, from instruments to martial arts to chess playing to learning a new skill. But …..what would it mean? What if you could skip the 1000 repetitions that are required to develop unconscious competence.What if you could actually develop unconscious competence in 10 minutes?-20 repetitions or more? How would this change your life? Now you’re beginning to see how this is supposed to work. This was made 10 months ago. I kept it private because I didn’t want it misused. We were all stunned by the results of the tests. It was not clear if people were ready for it. It’s now clear that I was wrong. As with any tool, it is the user who matters. People need to quickly learn new skills. It is vital, especially right now.

Before using this product, it is a good idea to have used the trifecta of power. This product is for someone who already has a strong foundation of self-worth and inner power. “speed up” They do it because they love it.

Below is a video testimonial of someone who used this during testing and trial phases.

What is included in the downloaded file?
Instant MP3 Download Unreal Series: Unconscious Competence

How can you maximize your effectiveness?
Listen at least once daily before you go to bed for 2 weeks.

What is the expected outcome of this project?
Your subconscious will quickly take control, allowing you to achieve unconscious mastery in all aspects of your life.

What kind of commitment are you willing to make?
The MP3 must be listened to at least once daily for 21 days.

What if there are more questions?
Every customer receives a lifetime email consultation. Send me an email to discuss your concerns.

What kind of money-back guarantee can I expect?
Due to the nature of this powerful tool, refunds are not possible.

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This course is available and delivery within one day! This product is designed for someone who has a solid foundation of self worth and inner power and they wish to "speed up" the process of what they do.