Teddy Atlas – The Lost Art of Feinting



Teddy Atlas – The Lost Art of Feinting

Teddy Atlas - The Lost Art of Feinting

*️⃣ Fake & Move Your Way To Boxing Success With Hall of Fame Trainer Teddy Atlas’s Tips For Feinting To Set Up Shots & Control The Fight with The Sharpest Hands Possible

  • Find out why Teddy Calling feinting a lost art: How you can revive it with big success using these lessons
  • You can use techniques such as the magnet, the drop and the yoyo to get your feints to work and draw big reactions.
  • Teddy A hall of Fame trainer and one of The most well-known boxers, with decades of experience of Experience coaching and working at the top levels of The sport
  • Feints are art of faking shots to open up an opponent’s defenses and slow down their offense – giving you a huge edge
  • Use tactics to disarm, draw, or make your opponents blink. These are only some of the lessons you can learn. Teddy can deliver.

Teddy Is a Hall Of Fame Trainer and One Of The Most recognizable personalities in boxing, with Decades of Experience Coaching and Working At The Elite Levels The Sport!

*️⃣ What Will You Learn?

Learn how to fake your shots and change the dynamic with feints of Famous boxing trainers used to fight in a fight Teddy Atlas’s lessons on the lost art of The feint. Teddy He shares all the lessons he has learned about feinting in his hall with you of He is a legend in the training of elite boxers and world champions. This 4 minute video shows him at his best.-Volume series.

Feints are subtle boxing tricks that trick your opponent into thinking you are a professional boxer. They allow you to slow down your opponent and land bigger punches. Teddy Learn how to feint, when and where to feint. of The most effective combinations are listed here, with details.

Use feints to disarm an opponent’s aggression or to make them start swinging at punches that are never coming with Teddy’s techniques like the magnet, the doorbell, the yoyo, and more. Teddy One of boxing’s best trainers and now his knowledge on this subtle art can be yours on this 4-Volume series.

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