Improve Posture Anytime, Anywhere

This 1-month Physical Therapy & Posture Exercise Program is available now, through our revolutionary [P]rehab on-demand app!

Built by world-renowned Doctors of Physical Therapy & Fitness Experts. Over $4,000 in value compared to in-person physical therapy alternatives.

Take Control Of Top Posture Related Issues To Feel Better & Move Better

“We simplify everything you need to know about posture”

With so much confusion and difference in opinion right now about posture, you have found yourself a program you can trust.

Designed by Doctors of Physical Therapy, we recognize that we live in a world where often too much time is spent behind a desk. By recognizing this, we have developed a program that is meant to optimize your posture and health while providing you with exercises that can and should be performed for life! .

Many people around the world are moving less and sitting more, don’t become one of them! Start your journey to a healthier you today!

  • 7-day no questions asked free trial
  • Zero wait times, no hidden fees, no barriers to entry

  • Quickly get out of pain & improve your mobility with daily exercise routines

  • Improve your posture with simple full-body strengthening & stability exercises

  • Prevent postural pain with education that will teach you everything you need to know about posture

  • Appropriate for any fitness level or exercise experience

  • Available on-demand, anytime, anywhere via our revolutionary app.


Common Problems With The Traditional Healthcare Path

  • Lack of access to quality in-person care or knowledge

  • Lack of time in your schedule or lifestyle for in-person services

  • Lack of financial resources or insurance benefits

  • Not in control of your health outcome – having to wait on tedious appointments or services

  • Over-prescribed medication and reliance on ineffective medical interventions

  • Tedious, insufficient results & not knowing what doesn’t work

You will find NONE of these problems with the [P]rehab app!

We’ve designed a solution that eliminates all of these pain points and delivers the results you want as fast as possible!

Ready to Get Started?
Welcome to the [P]rehab Family

Over the past six years as Doctors of Physical Therapy, we have seen a plethora of patients with different kinds of aches, pains, and injuries. The interesting fact was that most of these issues could have been managed or even prevented if people had a solution to quality exercise & education information they could access anywhere, at any time.

Thus, to give power & health back to the people, we pioneered the anti-barrier solution using the latest evidence-based research, technology, and our clinical experience. Our programs are safe & effective; they feature preventative rehabilitation exercises & education that teach you how to get out of pain, avoid injury, and optimize your health.

Included in the Prehab App

50+ High-end Programs

Unlimited access to ALL of the [P]rehab programs at once, available anytime, on demand. Take care of your rehab, prehab & fitness needs through just one revolutionary app.
50+ High-end Programs

80+ Engaging Classes

Follow along class style sessions led by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and/or a Certified Strength Coach built on principles of load management, specificity, progressive overload, muscle group ratios, and more.

100+ Workouts

No time for a full program? If you prefer effective single-day workouts, in the areas of Injury prevention, Mobility, Strength, Performance, (and more) – we got you covered!

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