TheSourxe V – Manifestation Software from Peter Schenk


Protect yourself and those you love from unwanted negativity, unhealthy energy

TheSourxe V – Manifestation Software from Peter Schenk

TheSourxe V - Manifestation Software from Peter Schenk

Please be advised that the HFA Mini does not have a clear protective coating. This is because the field being generated needs to have a clear connection with the person of whom is wearing the device, unlike the other two HFA’s. Because of the purity of the copper and silver you may experience some tarnishing due to exposure to the air and energy running through the device. You may have to use some tarnish wipes or cleaner when this happens.
Protect yourself and those you love from unwanted negativity, unhealthy energy… even road rage! The Harmonic Field Amplifier Mini harnesses the same breakthrough technology as the HFA+, but in a beautifully compact pendant that you can wear or carry in your pocket.
The universe is made up of energy. Whether we notice it or not, we encounter positive and negative emotional energy all of the time. Interacting with friends or family, talking with coworkers, even passing by others on the street can cause a shift in our own emotional energy by association. If everybody was healthy and in a good mood all the time, this wouldn’t be a problem. But we all know that isn’t the case.
For those of us on a healing and spiritual path, it is essential to consciously and continuously shepherd our emotional energy to a positive, healthy place. It is only then that we can make rational, healthy decisions that are in our own best interest in life. But how can we counteract all that negative emotional energy coming from others? After years of careful development, we’ve created the answer: the HFA Mini.
By running your immediate atmosphere through a zero-point energetic field, the HFA Mini cleanses and charges all energy around it. In essence, it creates a Quantum shield around your aura, protecting you from the types of outside thoughts, feelings, vibrations that would normally cause a disturbance.
Have you heard of a Spiritual Vortex? Sites like those in Sedona, AZ and The Great Pyramids of Giza have long been attributed with spirit-enhancing properties. Visitors to these spiritual destinations often report feelings of deep peacefulness and comfort. That is because due to the energy movement surrounding these vortexes, the energy around them has been cleared and charged. The HFA Mini works in a similar way, except you don’t have to travel to the ends of the earth to benefit from it!
Imagine traveling through life feeling calmer and safer – how would your life change? If you had less fear and didn’t have to waste so much time processing others’ negativity… what could you accomplish? Now imagine that those closest to you could enjoy the same benefit. How would your relationships improve? The HFA Mini is the first step toward healing your outlook and supercharging your ability to manifest your dreams. Try it for yourself and see the awesome results – you’ll want to give one to everyone you love!
While the HFA Mini creates an energetic “safe zone” around you, what’s just as incredible is the effect it can have beyond your own physical space. Because of the principle of harmonic resonance, your newly-tuned energy can have a positive effect on everyone and everything with which you interact.
How it Works
Like the other HFA devices, the HFA Mini takes the negative energy in your surroundings, cleanses it and returns harmonic energy. It creates a quantum shield around you that keeps you safe and feeling like you are wrapped in a womb of serenity.
By maintaining the integrity of the energy field around you, it is aura-protective. Most people don’t realize it, but common disruptors in our environment, such as strong negative emotions (anger, fear), alcohol and drugs, some pharmaceuticals, even the radiation from a computer monitor can create holes or cracks in a person’s aura. If these breaks in the aura are not repaired, we are much more vulnerable to negative influences, which can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, mood swings, headaches, pain, unhealthy habits (addiction, overeating to fix the problem) and disease..
The HFA Mini protects your etheric body from these aura disruptors, and provides you with a healthy, protected space within which to heal yourself from any existing aura tears.
It works by employing sacred semi-precious metals in a specific configuration to induce properties of zero-point energy with infinite potential. This energy clears your immediate atmosphere of unwanted frequencies and converts them into calm, positive, healing energy.
Wearing the HFA Mini is a beautifully discreet way to protect yourself from the sometimes less-than-ideal energetic influences of co-workers, strangers, even the constant barrage of negativity from the news media. And because it vibrates on a similar wavelength, positive energy, such as that from a wise spiritual leader or support group, can only be amplified and enhanced. The HFA Mini quietly works to enhance your state-of-mind anywhere and everywhere you go.
Unfortunately, all the books and spiritual teachings in the world can’t prevent the harmful physical effects of negative emotional energy… they can only teach you how to cope with it. That’s why we created the HFA Mini – your personal Quantum shield.
The HFA Mini surrounds you with a consistently cleansed field of energy so that your own best intentions can shine. You might notice a lift in mood, or that goal-setting and meditation are more effective than before. And don’t be surprised if your interactions with others become more positive! It’s an energetic Law of the Universe that “like attracts like.” So when your energy field is clearer and healthier, you will naturally attract people with healthier energy fields into your life!
Give yourself the gift of freedom from negative influence and synchronize your life to a more peaceful frequency. Order your HFA Mini and experience your personal spiritual vortex now.
HFA MINI Usage and Operating Instructions
Linking your HFA MINI to Yourself
Your HFA MINI will need to be linked to you before your HFA MINI will operate correctly. Linking is a process by which you activate your HFA MINI by honoring its existence. When sitting, or standing comfortably, place your left thumb on the back of your HFA MINI so you can feel the grooves. Then put your attention on yourself and the space around you. Repeat the words “I Honor the Space in Which You Exist” out loud. Once completed your HFA MINI is now linked to you.
Once linked the HFA MINI can be worn around your neck or placed in your pocket. The more time you spend with your HFA MINI the more powerful the field will become over time. For maximum results, should you decide to wear your HFA MINI choose a chain made of silver or copper. These two metals will complement the HFA MINI field. Once your link has been established its good until you unlink your connection.
Unlinking your HFA MINI from Yourself
If you decide allow someone else to use your HFA MINI you will need to unlink it first. This process is just the reverse of linking. When sitting, or standing comfortably, place your right thumb on the back of your HFA MINI so you can feel the grooves. Then put your attention on yourself and the space around you. Repeat the words “I Honor the Space in Which You Exist” out loud. Your HFA MINI unit is now unlinked from you.
Like all of the products on the MDM site we implore you to think outside the box when utilizing this kind of technology. When using your HFA MINI unit think in ways that are outside of your comfort zone with the open mind of a child filled with wonder. This will optimize the performance of your HFA MINI and truly maximize the amazing journey you are embarking on.
*PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds on HFA products
Package B
What if there was a way to take all of your thoughts, dreams, hopes and wishes and turn them into a physical reality that lasts? TheSourxe V encapsulates a massive upgrade that builds upon powerful TheSourxe IV software to help you channel your internal desires into the external world. In short, you choose your own reality and TheSourxe V will help you become the creator of your own destiny.
Get immediately download Peter Schenk – TheSourxe V – Manifestation software
A host of new features allow for a better flow of unrestricted energy from your mind to the universe. This 5th Generation software has been redesigned with more customization options to give you more control over the flow of your life. Now you can program every detail of your new reality as you wish, and even blend different combinations of options for truly individualized results. TheSourxe V has also been updated with synergistically-enhanced, new symbol designs that draw upon the awesome power of Sacred Geometric principles. In addition, it has been supercharged with the powerful Aquaware 5 engine so you can see results sooner, allowing you to take advantage of its new Ultra Fast Manifestation Program. This is the single most effective way for you to activate your deepest desires and bring them to life. All you have to do is to set your manifestations – then simply watch the results unfold as this breakthrough software goes to work.
After using the previous version of the software, users reported results from simply being luckier, to the truly miraculous. With TheSourxe V, we’ve taken that software and turbo-boosted it give you unrestricted access to the universal, unbounded power of the Quantum Realm. Imagine the kind of results you can achieve. Are you ready to step into your new reality?
New Features of TheSourxe V
Ultra-Fast Manifestation Program
Synergistically-Enhanced New Symbol Design
Supercharged with Aquaware 5 Engine
Faster Manifestation
Completely Customizable with Arrays
TheSourxe V Capabilities
Effortlessly create your own destiny
Noticeable increase in beneficial synchronicities
Enhanced confidence about your “path” in life
In the Quantum realm, there is no friction. Thoughts become reality instantaneously. Whatever you can imagine, you can become. This power to manifest your wildest dreams has always been inside you, but society has programmed us to believe otherwise. TheSourxe V acts as a conduit to bypass this false doubt and provide you with the unencumbered ability to manifest your true desires.
Unlock your own true potential as you tap into the power of universal Source energy. Thanks to potent new features, TheSourxe V carries you beyond your current limitations to a level of consciousness and abilities you never before thought possible. What would you love to do? Start a new career? Develop psychic and intuitive abilities? Get more comfortable financially? With TheSourxe V, you’ll find that obstacles transmute almost instantly to become opportunities.
Using TheSourxe V regularly is easy and fun as you watch your dreams unfold. Begin each day with a 1-minute water-preparation ritual, and you will be blown away by the results. Through repeated use, your vibration will shift on a more permanent level, allowing objects of your desire to flow effortlessly to you as you create your new reality. Increased synchronicities, or “lucky coincidences” have been reported, and are a pleasant effect of your enhanced level of focus as a result of using the software daily.
Your desires continue to present themselves for a reason – they are clues to the reality you are supposed to experience. Free yourself from the shackles of perceived limitations and live the life of your dreams: with TheSourxe V, it’s as easy as drinking a glass of water.
How does TheSourxe V Software Work?
TheSourxe V software upgrade builds upon powerful algorithms using the turbocharged Aquaware 5 engine to release negative memories and lower vibrational fields from water, reprogramming it at a higher vibrational level. This super charged water assists you in reaching a vibrational frequency that is more attuned to manifesting positive intentions. TheSourxe V melts away obstacles and connects you to the limitless power that fuels the universe!

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Get TheSourxe V - Manifestation Software from Peter Schenk immediately when you secure your purchase by clicking on the order button on this page While the HFA Mini creates an energetic “safe zone” around you, what’s just as incredible is the effect it can have beyond your own physical space. Because of the principle of harmonic resonance, your newly-tuned energy can have a positive effect on everyone and everything with which you interact. You linked all the topics in a logical and structured manner.

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