Travis Sago – The 2 Page Google Doc Cash Machine (Ferrari Model)



Travis Sago – The 2 Page Google Doc Cash Machine (Ferrari Version)

Travis Sago - The 2 Page Google Doc Cash Machine (Ferrari Version)

The NEW 2 Page Google Doc CASH MACHINE
Blank Doc to Sales Poppin’ in Paypal (in 30 Mins)…

Pop! Pop! Pop!

If there’s a simpler, faster, more predictable way to top off a Paypal account, I dunno what it is?

If you’d like to nuke up a 5 figure (or 6) SALES POP for more than 72 hours

Take a look at how easy it is to feed our hungry crowd, and get paid with a Bite-Sized MICROWAVE OFFER A G that is ugly Doc! 

Saturday 9:44 am – I decided to try a little experiment on my second cup of coffee to draw in buyers and sales from my FB group. I sometimes fail to plan, but this one might work.

By 9:52 AM I created this recipe. 2-page Goog Doc with a PayPal link. I posted a pic (carefully picked) 2 My group has sentences.

10:14am – 30 mins after posting. My first $99 sale appears (see pic, I am in central time, but Paypal posts in Pacific for me. The The 1st sale is always so sweet!

10:52am – An hour later, 6 peeps have been added to my buyer list. $600 has been transferred into Paypal. $600 in less than an hour! – That was the way it used to be 2 When I was in the Navy, weeks were my pay!

Now, fast forward Monday at NOON: Closed with 139 SALES POPS.

I pulled out 139 SALES in a world where it is difficult to get 139 comments on a blog post. 2-Page Goog Doc This took me less that 10 minutes to write, and I only had one goofy moment.-LOL!

  • NO Replying to hundreds comments (Except to say). “Thank you for buying!”)
  • No video, workshop or challenges.
  • NO long ass post. (The First post 2 sentences. 2nd had 7 sentences. The last post was only 1 word!
  • ☞ NO Dm’ing Or Tapping!

TIP:When you microwave up a good deal, people love to buy. Offer in bite-sized portions Make it a no-brainer to eat up! (That’swhy I call it a NO Brainer Campaign!

Side note: I also received 139 buyer emails and snail mails. (valuable asset for me)

I can and have up-levelled many of these 139 BUYERS.

All this from…

… a 2 Page Google Doc

… and 3 brain dead simple posts (emails work too) Over the weekend

Take a GuessWhat do you think were the most popular comments on this No Brainer Campaign campaign?

*️⃣ HINT:


“Can you spot the most common comments?”

 Did you guess, “Paid!”, “I’m in!” “No Brainer!”???

Maverick, you have a great eye!

The other side of the equation is 72 Hour Pop,Pop,Pop, of Paypal NotificationsDo you see what else happened?

Check out all the SOCIAL PROOFs??

You can’t buy wallet lube that slippery at any store!

Now, I can (and will!) fire that up 2 Page Google Doc (NO Brainer Campaign AGAIN)

I almost always have a higher number of sales the second time than the previous.

Even with the EXACT product…

…from $99 to $999 this special 2 Pager makes my sales pop, pop, pop!

This is what I did 2 Pager to a few people to see how it works for them.

They made some adjustments.

One person put it on his PERSONAL FB profile…

Could that work?

It did.

He added his own taste to it, but he kept the volume up. 265 salesFrom his PERSONAL FB Profile.

Other’s did $3k to $8k in sales.

One Mojo Man had an affiliate promotion. selling someone else’s product, but used the 2 Page GD Cash Machine doc as his base ingredient…and he popped in $10,000 in commissions.

EVERYONE I’ve handed this to has made their sales pop.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

It’s simple, profitable and FUN way for me (and other folks) to monetize call recordings, bundle products or just take something sitting on our digital shelf and top off our Paypal accounts.

*️⃣ Question?

If I gave you the keys to my house, 2 Page Google Cash Machine which spits out $99 to $999 sales…

Would you like to jump in, turn on the engine and pedal to the metal?

If you’ve got the “need for speed”…( and an advertising pop

Right now you can…

Choose from 3 Cash Machine Kits

☞ Muscle Car Level


Only $99. Muscle Car Level Cash Machine Kit Includes:

*Pump out a cash machine in under an hour with the exact 2 Page Google Doc My clients and me use to flip the sales faucet.

*Drive hungry peeps to your cash machine with the 3 Posts or Emails (The First post has been published 2 sentences. The 2nd post has 7 sentences, and the last one was just ONE WORD!

*IMPORTANT: Maximum money, minimum wordsWith the SALES “Shortcut” PSYCHOLOGY Our behind-the scenes “No Brainer Campaign.” You’ll have at your fingertips all the self-Paced training to ensure your success Google Doc It’s like an ATM that you can use again and again. How many 5 figure sales figures do you want to see? 2 Page G Docs to spit it out?

*BONUSESCash windfalls are yours selling your products/programs just “sitting on a shelf”. My 2 Favorite email and FB groups Hacks to create BUYING FRENZIES…so easy and NOBODY does it. My #1 choice-Word subject line for ALL TIME for opens AND SALES.

*It’s only 99 bucks, but save your receipt and GET $300 MOJO BUX You can use this card for any future live Zoom or In Person group trainings.

*SUPER BONUS Get all the traffic and leads you’ll likely ever need Without being Google, FB, Youtube or any platform’s lil’ bitch. (The The secret is to tap into the raging creator of content. Influencer traffic rivers (Available upon request.)

PLUS: NEW SUPER SURPRISE Gifts Valued at Way More Than $100 

☞ Level of TURBO Charged 


($199) TURBO Charged Cash Machine Kit Includes all of the above +

*Bolt on an additional $10K, $20k, or $50k You can thank all your buyers and offer them a second helping. (2nd Helping Campaign).. You’ll be a big hit with your customers. And wait until you see what it does for you and your Stripe and Paypal accounts. You’ll be happy AF!

You’ve now got 2 methods to which can Add thousands of dollars: One by email (for me non-video peeps), and one with what i call a Zoom Appreciation Call (ZAC). For my BUYERS ONLY. It’s not unusual to bolt on $25k to $50k in sales with a handful of buyers. With Turbo you’re getting BOTH methods!

☞ The Ferrari Level


($499) Ferrari Cash Machine Kit Includes all of the above +

*Grow ANY Audience with the Audience Multiplier Campaign: Recently, I doubled my FB group’s size (and the income) by asking the members to promote it FOR ME.

I’ve been using my own audience as a traffic source since 2005. Grows email subscribers, FB groups, Youtube subscribers, or any other audience I wish to grow… It NEVER FAILS ME and the way I do it, I don’t HAVE to pay a dime. I COULD pay, but I’ve figured out a way I don’t HAVE TO…and now you won’t have to either. 

With the shiny keys to your Ferrari Cash Machine, you’ll have in your hot little hands a 2nd grade simple way to grow your email list, groups, or whatever you want, whenever you want.

*You can get up to 50% commissions while you are running 2 Pager Campaigns for OTHER PEOPLE! I’m gonna do a BONUS Q and A call Here I explain why not having an audience can actually help you make more money doing it for others. (Date yet to be determined.

Please, don’t be surprised (or mad) if you come back tomorrow and the investment is MUCH more. 


Click a Pic & Take Your Pick! (May be necessary to click twice)

Text links: Gimme Muscle!Gimme Turbo!Gimme Ferrari!

What kind of fun can we have together? Holy HECK, to me there’s nothing MORE FUN than popping in sale after sale together. I can’t wait to mix mojo with ya! 🙂

Rooting for Ya

“I get into my BBQ, what can I say? I’m glad our paths crossed!”

PS 2 Page Google Doc Cash Machines work with FB profiles & groups, Emails, Youtube channels, Twitter, Tik Tok or anywhere there’s an audience where you’d love a potential 5-Figure (or 6 Sales Pop) over 72 hours

PPS Wondering why this doc is so long? 2 pages? One of the things that we look into is When and where It is logical to take a little longer:-)

Here’s What You’ll Get in Travis Sago – The 2 Page Google Doc Cash Machine (Ferrari Version)

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Course Requirement Travis Sago – The 2 Page Google Doc Cash Machine (Ferrari Version)
Real Value $ 499
One-Time cost: USD 62

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Is it safe? To use?

  • 100% Secure Checkout Privacy Policy
  • Communication and encryption of sensitive data
  • All card numbers are encrypted at rest using AES-256 and transmitting card numbers are available in a separate hosting environment, and doesn’t share or save any info.

How can this course be delivered?

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How to Download (*2*)?

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  • Online learning is possible. Downloading the files will give you better results. You can also track your learning progress. Download times are shorter in the mornings and at noon Pacific. Ensure your device isn’t asleep during download.

What is the policy on refunds?

  • We’ll Bear The Risk, You’ll Take The Results…
  • Within 30 days of purchasing “Travis Sago – The 2 Page Google Doc Cash Machine (Ferrari Version) “, if you don’t get anything out of the program, or if your order has any problem, or maybe for some reason, you just don’t like the way it is. We are here for you. Thank you for your understanding.

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"This course is available and delivery within one day! In a world where folks have a hard time getting 139 comments on a post...I pulled out 139 SALES with a 2-page Goog Doc that took me less than 10 minutes to write and one goofy-ass pic as a post, LOL!"