Travis Stephenson – Wealthery Live Workshop


Travis Stephenson – Wealthery Live Workshop

Travis Stephenson - Wealthery Live Workshop

WorkshopTurn Your Passion and 30 Hours into a 7-Figure Business
This workshop will provide you with all the information you need to profit from email.

Email marketing is the most reliable way to market.
Start and/or Grow PROFIT ONLINE
Email marketing is the best way to grow your company, no matter if you’re just starting out or have an existing product. It’s something we see every day. We look at our own business, which has grown to a little more than $3m in 2 years through email marketing. But, we also look at the largest businesses on the planet.

Snow Teeth Whitening Is a BILLION-dollar consumer brand in ecommerce… 35% of their revenues come from SMS and email.That’s approximately $100,000,000 per annum!
AppSumo is an affiliate marketing and software company that makes about $75,000,000 per year by selling other people’s products.
49% of their revenue comes from email.
Funny enough, email only accounts to 6.7% of their total traffic. This is crazy!

Email is more profitable than direct traffic, influencers, SEO, Paid Ads, and Affiliate Marketing. It also makes almost as much as all the other traffic combined, but accounts for less than 10%.

So while the world stresses out about getting better at paid ads and making dance videos—we’ve doubled down on our email marketing and the results were shocking. We did a deep dive into all the data we could about where our revenue came from over the past 14 years. Let’s take a look at the results.
It may seem simple, but it is not. Email flat out works We sold $150,000 worth of high ticket tickets in just 10 days. Email marketing was our primary source (over 90% of our sales).

We found the same results when selling affiliate products and digital products. Email was also a top seller.

It makes sense, right? We are all taught to believe that selling is about getting people to do business with you. “know, like and trust” It is possible to communicate your message effectively with your audience by getting it in front of them a lot. Email is the only way to do this effectively. “know, like, and trust” Sales will increase…

You may also be saying… “Well Travis, Sure, it works for you… but you have your own product.. what about those of us that are just starting out and don’t have a product”.

Funny enough… Funny enough… There are approximately 400,000 affiliate products I have seen. I have personally promoted over 450 products online, ranging from software products to kitchen knives. Email is my primary driving force for every promotion that I have ever run.

The reason I’ve enjoyed 14 years of sustained success in writing ads has nothing to do w/ being a genius in the art of graphic design. I can’t create sales pages that are eye-catching, I don’t have the skills to write them, and this page is full of grammar errors and ellipses .

No, the reason I’m successful is because…
I follow a simple method…

All of my traffic goes to something that builds my list. Once I’ve got someone on my mailing list, I can market to them whenever and wherever I like.
I don’t have the algorithm to contend with, I don’t need to contend ads and ad shutdowns. I just sit down to write emails that I believe will resonate with my readers using my proven framework for writing emails and sequencing them.
I build a list to make it easy to profit on demand. If I pay traffic or make content, I am building something I can use FOREVER.
  • When the next holiday is… I have a list that I want to monetize
  • When is the next long weekends? I have a list that I want to monetize
  • If sales fall for a month due to economic problems or pandemics… I have a list that I want to monetize

Take a look at the dates in this picture. Do you hear a ring?

This was right in the middle of the most uncertain times for Covid. All ads failed… but I was able generate. $454,711 in Net Profit, and it was all due to my email list.

There is no better testimony to the value and quality of email advertising than seeing that even during a global pandemic we were able turn our list to profit while everyone else was shut down.
So why isn’t everyone talking about email?
Everyone has decided to make cool TikTok videos and trending Reels, rather than focusing on building an Email List. I can tell you that a cell phone photo that builds your email list will make you WAY more than a tikTok video. “good” Video of a dance that goes “viral”.

This is because there are many influencers who are broke… but most email marketers that I know are buying larger houses.

*️⃣ The Secret to making email work for you:
You must be able provide what people want. To do this, you must understand your customer and what they want. Finally, you must provide something that they can use to solve the problem. Building that. “know, like, and trust” You don’t have to pay for advertising every day.

I actually heard a story of someone selling a book about how to stop biting your fingers nails (seriously). He made quite a bit of money just by showing his audience that he had a solution. You can sell anything once you know who your customer is.
This part of selling is often overlooked by most people.
We all know you want a list… but why should someone sign up to your list? What do they get? Marketers are too short-sighted and focus on making money, not giving their audience what they want. Email marketing is difficult because you must have a compelling incentive to get people to sign up.

Many people also fail here because they don’t know how to make their audience opt in.

One of my greatest accomplishments in my career was to create systems that automatically send email so I don’t have to. These systems are called “sequences” Or “autoresponders” They are the main reason for my most successful campaigns. Broadcasts are great, but I have undisputed proof that sequences make more money than broadcasts. There is a very good reason.

This is the most common reason people fail. They don’t use sequences. If they do, it leads to less sales and thus less happiness.

Hubspot claims that you can make $42 per $1.00 spent on email. However, that doesn’t mean that it happens instantly. People are too focused on putting $1.00 in ads and getting $2.00 out (which can be difficult these days), instead of trying to get as many email addresses as possible and turning $1.00 into $42. It all boils down to being too shortsighted!

People fail here because they focus too much on making $1.00 profit now and not $42.00 per week.

*️⃣ so how do we make email work for you?
If I had to do it again, I would be 100% into email marketing. I would use my knowledge about building my list to drive traffic into my funnel with a goal of building my profit systems and my list.

You can have an audience that you CONTROL and that will open and click emails whenever you send them.
It is priceless.
It’s a profound impact on my career that I cannot put into words.

It’s now your turn!

Here’s where it all begins Wealthery LiveEmail Profit System Workshop It is in.
I’m hosting a 2 Day LIVE Workshop (in person and via live stream) We will cover everything you need about building a profitable mailing list… and how to get started DURING this event.

I didn’t want to create an event where speakers are just paraded on stage. “learn cool stuff” But don’t try any of the ideas… you’ll feel like you bought 100 things and now have a laundry-list of tasks to complete. You’ll also notice that there are no speakers at this event. It’s a WORKSHOP, designed to help you get results, not ideas.

What if we spent that time learning about YOUR business and then executing it so that you leave with a system to build a list?

That’s exactly what we are doing.

This event will change the way you build your online business. It is perfect for anyone who wants to start, grow, or scale their business online, regardless of whether they have an email list. (I will teach you everything from scratch so that you don’t need a list.

☞ STEP #1
We’ll start by identifying WHO your promoting to. We can plug in my 5-step system and guarantee you start generating sales if you can identify WHO you are promoting.
☞ STEP #2
We’ll then spend some time discussing my exact 5 steps. It’s a “system” I have been cultivating and using cannabis for 14 years. It works like a charm whenever I promote any product, whether it’s mine or someone else’s.
☞ STEP #3
We’ll discuss the actual SYSTEM and how it contributes to automated production. “lifetime value”.

Once the system is in place, we know that we have a machine that works 24/7 for us to make sales. That’s crucial to your success so you don’t spend your time slaving at a desk trying to find content or wasting your time. “more likes”.

I’ll be breaking my exact 3 Step-by-step email writing system That allows me to tap into the resources and use them. “buyer triggers” That makes people buy on the spot, even for products that cost as high as $10,000
(Most people who have tried to email market don’t know what to send. I’ll show it.
Below are some of my most popular email campaigns. These emails give you REAL TIME insight on exactly what you’re looking for. Why certain emails work and when they should be sent. How to combine timing and message to generate 500x more revenue from the same email list.
Once everything is in place, it’s time to start TRAFFIC. I’d like to show you my Favorite traffic generation methods These will allow you to quickly build your list. This is where most people make mistakes. So we have simplified the process by providing a step by-step guideline for each traffic source.

These traffic sources have the goal of making them PROFITABLE as quickly and easily as possible.
Now, look at me – I’ll be honest… Some of these traffic sources are not profitable on day one… but they are the reason that I can make 6 figures a week down the road. Would you rather have $2.00 today or $42 per month?
I’ll also show you my personal life. “quarterly profit cycles” These allow me to run high-profit campaigns once a quarter, which then pays for everything I do the rest of my year. These are huge time profit centers that anyone can do. No matter if you have a product or not.
You’ll have everything you need to create your own email marketing system within two days. (Our goal for you to leave with traffic running and leads generated.
We’ll help you set up the pages that you need, provide the incentives you need to attract high-quality subscribers, create the follow up systems to generate sales 24/7 and all the rest you need to make big income streams in ANY NICHE.
We will spend a lot of our time in this area. “Break out sessions” Where you will actually work with US and your peers to build your own Email Profit System
As you can see, the tickets for this event cost almost as much as they look. I will actually lose money hosting this event and selling tickets at this price… no doubt about it…

Two reasons are why I would be willing to do it.
#1 – I am the Mastermind of the Wealthery Mastermind (which I will give you more information on later) is one of the benefits I offer my members. They get lifetime replays and free access to these events. I also give them exclusive meetups at the event. To summarize, I must have this event regardless of what to share this information with my Mastermind members. I will also turn this material into a course that I plan to sell for more than $1,997
#2 – I love hosting events and want to make them more enjoyable for everyone. These tickets are so cheap because of that. We will release 50 individual tickets at a MASSIVE Discount. Then, once 50 tickets have been sold, we will raise the price to normal (likely $499).

But there is!-Here’s the catch. This event will occur again, but it’ll be MUCH less expensive in the future
You have the chance to purchase this event now at a price I won’t ever offer again… but you can attend live (if it is still available) or view the livestream from your home.
Whatever option you choose, all members will have access to an exclusive members area INSTANTLY that will host all the event streams. After that, you’ll have lifetime access.

It’s the most important event for anyone who wants to start or grow an online business.-By-Step-by-step guideline of exactly what you should do and how to apply it to any niche or business. Email is the single most important player in virtually every business on the INTERNET. I’ll show you the exact system that I have created over the past 14 year so you can benefit from it.

*️⃣ About Travis Stephenson
I’m a digital geek and love to share the systems I’ve found to help people break free from the norm. The most effective and efficient way to do it is “system” Email marketing is something I have used. Getting Email right has allowed me to generate 10’s or more millions of sales without creating a lot content. I also have no ads secret which has made my business reliable.

Without a doubt, email marketing is the number 1 revenue driver for me and all of my online business contacts. It has allowed me help and teach more people and made a greater impact on the world while worrying less about how much I spend marketing.

*️⃣ Original Content:

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