Travis Stevens – Mastering Seoi Nage


Travis Stevens – Mastering Seoi Nage

Travis Stevens - Mastering Seoi Nage

Travis Stevens provides one other basic to his catalog with Mastering Seoi Nage!

The Seoi Nage is an extremely-efficient approach that may be finished by anybody with correct setup and timing.

What Will You Study?

  • Mastering Seoi Nage is a 7-half educational devoted to all-issues Seoi Nage. You probably have tuned in for a Travis Steven educational you understand he means enterprise. Travis covers a wide selection of ideas that pertain to the Ippon Seoi Nage together with drills, variations, and complimentary throws which might be essential to your total Seoi Nage success. Travis even dedicates a number of sections to Two Handed Shoulder throws!
  • Half 1 covers your fundamental entries and rules of the Ippon Seoi Nage. Right here Travis lays the groundwork for touchdown the seoi nage. He expands upon this basis and covers uchikomi drills. Uchikomi is repetitive apply designed to concentrate on particular features of a method. Ippon Seoi Nage is a method that advantages from repetitive apply. Travis demonstrates uchikomi for a number of phases of Ippon Seoi Nage.
  • Half 2 focuses on attacking seoi nage in opposition to each left lead and proper lead stances. This variable is one that may be laborious to regulate to. Travis offers you choices off assault no matter how your opponent is standing. For an added bonus, he provides within the kneeling variation of Seoi Nage, Seoi Otoshi. Mastering the Seoi Otoshi will enable you to advance to half 3 the place Travis begins to introduce the Drop Seoi Nage. The Drop Seoi Nage is an immensely highly effective approach that depends on very good timing. Travis reveals you find out how to not depend on athleticism however as an alternative correct grips and footwork
  • As an added bonus Travis covers some supporting throws partly 4. By having a number of avenues of assault you retain your opponent guessing! By no means cease attacking with throws like Ko Soto Gari, Koshi Garuma, Maki Komi, and Yoko Tomo Nage. Every throw exploits a response to the Seoi Nage menace. With Mastering Seoi Nage you study to repeatedly assault and threaten throws from all angles!
  • The final THREE sections are devoted to Two Handed Shoulder throws! Cowl methods like Morote Seoi Nage and Sode Tsuri komi Goshi to present your self a scientific method to launching the opposition!
  • Take a look at the entire listing beneath!

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"This course is available and delivery within a few hours!"The Drop Seoi Nage is an immensely powerful technique that relies on superb timing. Travis shows you how to not rely on athleticism but instead proper grips and footwork

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