WhizBang – The Master Plan Advantage


WhizBang – The Master Plan Advantage

WhizBang - The Master Plan Advantage

Learn 5 Simple Building Blocks To Strengthen Your Business & Get Control Of Your Life!

You love your store and are proud of what you’ve created – a great team, a beautiful space, terrific products, a wonderful reputation in your community, super loyal customers, and some money in the bank.

You Should Be proud. Do Have a great business!

But, if you’re like 94% of retailers we surveyed (and many of the most successful store owners we’ve worked with), lurking just under the surface there’s another truth…

Another ugly truth.

Maybe you’re working 60+ hours a week, rarely take two days off in a row, and haven’t gone on vacation in a couple of years.

Maybe the grind of trying to do everything yourself – or to get people doing what they are supposed to do – is making you edgy and irritable.

You might feel like you are about to give up because of the pressure of making every decision, and trying your best to figure it out all on your own.

Perhaps the excitement of owning your own store is losing its appeal.

If that’s you, if you love your business but sometimes feel overwhelmed, overworked, frazzled, and frustrated, there is good news….

The Master Plan Advantage includes 5 video lessons…

  1. Your Retail Vision Clarifier – to help you understand exactly what you It is really What you want from your business. Once you have a very clear picture of your ideal business, you will feel an unstoppable energy and motivation to make it happen.
  2. The Blueprint for Retail Accountability – to help you stabilize your business and identify everything that needs to get done. When everyone knows who is supposed to do what you’ll spend more time doing what you love and a lot less time putting out fires.
  3. Defining Your Superpower team – to help you get everyone on your team doing their best work. When you’re all using your own superpowers getting stuff done is easier, faster, and better.
  4. The Peace of Mind Planning Process – to turn your ideas into action and your vision into reality. This is exactly the process we use at WhizBang! Retail Training is a proven method of achieving success, and I can attest to that!
  5. Management of your company with meetings – to set a consistent rhythm for coming together as a team to set objectives, check in on progress, or ask for help. If you use them correctly, meetings can be magical!

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"This course is available and delivery within one day!"Maybe the grind of trying to do everything yourself – or to get people doing what they are supposed to do – is making you edgy and irritable.