Will McGuire – Coding is for Losers/Data Analysis the Lazy Way


Will McGuire – Coding is for Losers/Data Analysis the Lazy Way

Will McGuire - Coding is for Losers/Data Analysis the Lazy Way

*️⃣ Overview

‘Data analysis’ probably isn’t in your job description – it’s something you do only out of necessity.

You get asked a question about your work, and you’re expected to present the answer. You can build reports, export data using tools like Google Analytics, or create charts. the Your job is the most enjoyable part of your job. But what if it was!

This course presents a fresh approach to data analysis. the lazy way. Google Sheets is a tool of mass laziness. It can be combined with tools such as Blockspring and Zapier to dramatically reduce the time spent analyzing and wrangling data.

☞ In this course, you’ll learn the Three-Part process we use at Coding is for Analyzing data is difficult for those who aren’t able to pay: 

  1. Blockspring or Zapier apps allow you to pull data into Sheets.
  2. The 10 most important Google Sheets formulas to get data wrangled
  3. Google Data Studio lets you create stunning charts and dashboards
If you’ve ever used a spreadsheet, you’re closer than you think to becoming a data analysis master. *Warning: This course is _not_ for spreadsheet beginners.
*️⃣ Contents
The Course Project

Every data analysis is a cupcake.

This section will tell you why. the Twitter data analysis project that analyzes Twitter data the The core of this course.
Why Google Sheets?

2 mins159 MB

The Cupcake Data Analysis

3 mins21.6MB

Asking good questions: the Course Project

3 minutes39.3 MB

The Lazy Toolbelt

Learn the Our tools Lazy Trade: Apps like Supermetrics, Blockspring, and Zapier allow you to pull data directly from the Google Sheet comfort.

You can now enjoy iced coffee without having to pull data manually.
Intro to the Lazy Toolbelt

1 min72.1MB

Why the Lazy Toolbelt?

2 mins53.2MB

WTF is Blockspring?

2 mins62.1MB

WTF is Supermetrics?

2 mins25.9 Mb

WTF is Zapier?

2 mins30.5MB

10 Sheets Formulas to Learn

These are the essential steps to becoming a data analysis master.

Pay attention the QUERY function – it’ll soon become your best friend.
Intro to Data Wrangling

1 min81.9MB

The 3 Types of Formulas

3 minutes23.8 MB

Learn the 10 Formulas

Answering Basic Questions

Dive into the We used Zapier to collect Twitter data to answer questions about how to interact with our sample Twitter list.
Introduction: Making your first cupcake

1 min121 MB

Copy the Example Sheet

Question 1: Top questions

3 mins74.2MB

Question 2: Top tweeters

5 mins110 MB

Question 3: Top Day of the Week

6 minutes 137 MB

Quiz 1: Basic querying

Answering Advanced Question

Now you have everything you need the Hang on the We’ll explore the QUERY function and how it can be used. for Complex analysis. Follow along with the Same sample spreadsheet that you copied in the Section last.
Intro: Diving Deeper

1 min99 MB

Question 4: What’s the top hour of the day? the Day

5 minutes132 MB

Question 5: Top Hashtags

8 mins148MB

Question 6: Top Domains

6 mins181 MB

Quiz 2 – Advanced Querying

Data Studio: Visualizing Your Answers

We’ll dive into the Google Data Studio’s core features, which can be connected to any Google Sheet to create stunning charts.

At the End of the section, you’ll find the You have the chance to create your own dashboard.
Intro to Data Visualization

1 min91.6MB

Data Studio: Get Started

3 mins60.6MB

Connecting your Sheet with Data Studio

3 minutes42.5 MB

How to Build a Simple Table

3 mins28MB

Data Studio: Calculating Metrics

4 mins86.5MB

Building Time Series Charts

4 mins89MB

Reports and styling charts

1 min12.9MB

Quiz 3 – Building your own Dashboard

The Lazy Way In Action

Learn how the Lazy Way is Use in the Real world, in case studies together with SEO expert Ryan Stewart or Kev Kaye, growth marketer.

There are also two other ways to do it. for Get started with your Cupcake data analysis

1. A worksheet for Map out your Cupcake analysis project
2. Access to the Trello entire CIFL vault of Excel templates

This is Where the rubber meets the road, for Addition the Lazy Way Your daily workflow.
Cupcake Data Analysis You

2 minutes 213 MB

Cupcake Data? Analysis

Access the Vault for CIFL Templates

Case Study: The Growth Engine – Kev Kaye

13 mins1.77GB

Case Study: Ryan Stewart, SEO Audit

*️⃣ FAQ
☞ What happens if I decide to buy? the It’s not, you’ll find out. for me?

I will refund your purchase within 30 business days, without questions.
Is there a quiz for this?

☞ There are four quizzes in this spreadsheet.

  1. Learn 10 key Google Sheets formulas
  2. Applying them to Twitter data
  3. Advanced Twitter data analysis
  4. Google Data Studio allows you to create charts
☞ Who is This course for?

If you’re a spreadsheet user who works with data but want to improve your skills, the next level.

You are probably in marketing, sales, finance, or ops.

Motivating yourself will make you a better person. the This course is best if you have a specific dataset that you are interested in.

Google Analytics data or not for It doesn’t matter if you have a website or Salesforce data. But it will help you see how you’ll use these skills in your day.-To-day.

☞ What if I need to get help while I work through? the course?

Fridays are my free day for You can book 30 minutes of office hours with students anytime.

☞ What tools are required? for This course?

You will need a Google Apps account to make copies of your spreadsheets. for Free with every GMail account

Blockspring, Supermetrics, and Zapier will be taught to pull data into spreadsheets. Accounts are not necessary. for the course.

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