Wyse Team – YouTube Xcelerator Program


Wyse Team – YouTube Xcelerator Program

Wyse Team - YouTube Xcelerator Program

Only “20 YouTube Videos”
1. FAST: More than 900,000.
2. Over 25,000,000 Views FAST
3. Get Our YouTube Award & TWO 2CC Awards
4. Built A Highly Automated, Successful Business
Because this was the only strategy ….. we knew.

YouTube Xcelerator Program ($997)
Keyword Research + Title Writing
We will provide advanced keyword and topic research strategies. This video on keyword research shows only one way. We will show you many more.-depth strategy to find the most relevant keywords so that your videos are picked up by the YouTube algorithm fast. This includes all plugins and tools that we use for this process.
YouTube Ranking Strategy
We share our exact strategy for optimizing your videos so they rank high for keywords and appear in search results. YouTube search.
Channel Setup & Optimization
We will show you how to set up your channel so it is ready to be picked by the YouTube algorithm designed to encourage high subscriber conversion rates.

Channel Niche Conceptualization
You must know how to choose the right niche for you channel and how you should model your channel identity. “just another generic” You will fail if you unbox a channel. There is a formula to selecting a niche channel.
YouTube Algorithm Mastery
We show you how to YouTube We have tested these strategies with clients and know what triggers them. This algorithm works! It is possible to harness its potential and use its secrets to your advantage.
How to Design Your Own YouTube Videos
We show how to actually structure one YouTube Video correctly explains what to say in the openings to make it hooky, how to ask for engagement and how to make all topics flow to increase their watch time and keep them there. You don’t know how to structure the backbone. YouTube Video, there will be a phenomenon known as a leak in which your audience stops watching the video suddenly.
Upload Mastery
We show you how optimize your video so it can be uploaded. YouTube The right way. Uploading isn’t as simple as clicking upload. This is so that the algorithm can recognize the video and categorize it as the right topic so that it can be promoted across the internet. YouTube.
Thumbnail Mastery
We will show you how to create perfect thumbnails to get the viewer to click on your video. Remember that thumbnails play an important role in a video’s success. We will show you how to create them, the programs we use, techniques, and a lot more so that you can create the perfect thumbnail every single time.
Thumbnail Archive
We will also include our thumbnail archives. This is a collection that we have selected the best thumbnails that are most likely to be clicked. These examples can be used as a guideline for your thumbnails.

Hyper Growth Strategies ($997)
This is a series of videos & strategies that will take help grow your channel fast. These exact strategies are applied to all channels we manage, and all clients we serve, which has resulted is hyper growth.



Turn YouTube Automated Business
We will show you how to monetize and make your audience fully automated.
How to create a digital product
We show how to create digital products the right way. Even if your product or service is not yet in use, we will show you what products you should make to suit your niche. We can help you implement a product or service you already have. YouTube Use this as part of your funnel to increase your business’s reach.

Make your own website
We show you how to make your own website, which can also host your course or digital product. This is how you do it yourself.

How to Create a Fully Automated Funnel
We will show you how to set up an automated funnel so your products and services can generate income on autopilot. This will allow you to stop trading your time.

YouTube Ads High CPM Strategy
We present our high cpm strategy, which you can use when choosing video topics. This is more specifically how you discuss your video. This will increase your overall CPM, which in turn will increase your overall ad revenue.


Script writing is the difference between an average video and one that people love & share
This is the exact way to proceed-By-We use a step guide for each video to help us write great scripts that simplify complex topics.


Video editing is the bonus item that we will include.
Editing is a skill that you should learn, not only for your own benefit but also for the benefit of others. YouTube However, you can pursue all business avenues.
We will show how to use the plugins and programs that we use to create professional videos that will be loved by your viewers.



✔️YouTube Xcelerator ($997)
✔️Hyper Growth Strategies Video Series ($997)
✔️Turning YouTube Into a Business ($397)
✔️Script Writing Mastery ($397)
✔️Bonus Item: Video Editing Simplified (397)
Total Value: $3185
Regular Price: $997 (without bonus items)
One-time Payment:

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