Xande Ribeiro – Diamond Concept


Xande Ribeiro – Diamond Concept: Aspect Management And Mount Escapes Plus: Trendy Hip Escaping And Vortex Strengthening Workouts

Xande Ribeiro - Diamond Concept: Side Control And Mount Escapes Plus: Modern Hip Escaping And Vortex Strengthening Exercises

Be taught The Tremendous Efficient Diamond Concept To Escaping Dangerous Positions That World Champion & BJJ Legend Xande Ribiero Used To Create An Impassable Guard

What Will You Be taught?

Grasp Xande Ribiero’s diamond precept for escaping from mount and facet management and by no means get held down once more, with these artistic and efficient ideas and methods. Xande Ribiero is without doubt one of the most technical fighters of all-time, and now you possibly can be taught the escaping precept that has helped him succeed in opposition to the world’s finest for the final 15-years.
Escaping from unhealthy positions is without doubt one of the most basic facets of grappling, and now you possibly can sharpen this talent with the diamond guard that Xande has developed. Body correctly, protect, elegant, and pedal your technique to a greater place in opposition to robust opponents with the information you’ll achieve on this 4-quantity collection.

Get out from a few of jiu-jitsu’s worst positions, together with all of the variations from facet management and mount that folks will use to pin you down, together with facet management, kesa gatame, north south, mount, half mount, technical mount, and extra.
With unbelievable precision, you possibly can start to use this new idea to your sport and cease being crushed below these dominant positions. On this collection, additionally, you will see the workout routines and warmups that Xande recommends for any grappler to construct their abilities, together with workout routines for mobility and strengthening that you are able to do anyplace.

Half 1:

  • Diamond Concept Overview
  • Mobility Drills.
  • Hip Escape
  • Base foot Hip Escape
  • Single Leg Hip Escape
  • Shoulder Escape
  • Shoulder Escape 2
  • Kickstand
  • Reverse Hip Escape
  • Stomach Down
  • Kickstand Stomach Down
  • Budo Con Change
  • Working Step
  • Hip Change
  • Budo Con Change to Alligator Roll

Half 2:

  • Strengthening Workouts Connection Crunches
  • Single Aspect Crunches
  • Cross Knee Touches
  • Constructing Resistance
  • “Roll Up Roll Down”
  • Diamond Crunches
  • Understanding Vortex

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"This course is available and delivery within a few hours!'Get out from some of jiu-jitsu’s worst positions, including all the variations from side control and mount that people will use to pin you down, including side control, kesa gatame, north south, mount, half mount, technical mount, and more.