AWAI – Michael Katz – 3-Minute Marketing


AWAI – Michael Katz – 3-Minute Marketing

AWAI - Michael Katz - 3-Minute Marketing

See the Difference
3 Minutes Can Make…

Dear Writer

Rebecca Matter is here.

Rebecca Matter

In the more than a decade I’ve spent with AWAI, I’ve had thousands of writers ask me how they can find more time. More time for writing, more time for their goals, more time for themselves…

The problem is, we all have the exact same 24 hours per day. It fills up quickly!

But there is a way to turn small bits of free time — In as little as 3 minutes — into significant forward progress, a bigger client roster, and more money.

It’s hard to believe, but I do. Yet if you’re willing to change how you spend a few tiny bits of time each day, you could dramatically transform your writing career over the next few weeks…

The Time Shift That Unlocks Success

As writers, we’re pulled in a lot of different directions. And that’s especially true when it comes to business building and client management.

Try and keep up with everything, and it’s likely you’ll come down with a serious case of information overload and burnout.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can focus on less and get a lot more from it.

How is that possible?

It’s part of the 80/20 rule… the business principle that says 80% of your success will come from just 20% of what you do.

That special 20% represents what’s known as “high-value activities”… the actions that directly lead to major forward progress and results.

Reduce your busywork and focus on more important tasks and your business will transform in a matter weeks.

How can you make the transition from busy work and distractions towards more high-value tasks?

I’m so glad you asked…

*️⃣ Meet the Expert Who Has it All Figured Out…

At AWAI, I have the luxury of working with all kinds of experts and coaches… including the uniquely gifted (and very successful) Michael Katz.

You may recognize him as the author of AWAI’s Creating Email Newsletters For Professional Service Firms — A Step-By-Step-by-Step Guide program. You may also have seen him at our annual B2B Writing Course… read some of his articles on the AWAI and B2B Writing Success sites… or even caught him online in our B2B forums…

Michael Katz

Michael Has a unique talent for helping people to cut through busywork and confusing situations to discover their highest-value tasks.

And because he’s got decades of experience doing this, he knows how to show you — FAST — where a few little changes to your personal marketing, client management, and work flow will earn you the biggest personal and professional rewards.

Actually, you could learn valuable tips and tricks from him in just three minutes.

Now, when he first mentioned this to me, I was intrigued… but skeptical.

You may be too… after all, how can a three- minute shift in how you’re spending your time make any kind of difference?

So I pressed Michael for details. He made me believe in 2 minutes and 33 seconds with a simple video that I watched on my smartphone.

He took a major business problem for individual writers and boiled it down into the most valuable idea. Then he presented me with an actual, practical solution.

He even threw real-World examples using Jennifer Aniston and Starbucks. I was able to see how his advice worked in real life.

In under 3 minutes!

I was hooked. This lesson was not only a great one, but it also makes writing easy for anyone who is short on time.-Sizing learning was the ultimate solution.

No more reading through endless books, attending webinar after webinar, taking program after program, trying to search for specific marketing tactics that will you build up your writing business — fast.

So I asked him for more lessons… and he delivered a set of priceless freelance insights we’ve organized into a special fast-Action program for busy writers such as you 3-Minute Marketing: Bite-You can easily build your freelance business in just 3 minutes per day with these sizeable strategies

*️⃣ Your 3-Minute Ticket to a Better and More Profitable Writing Business

In 3-Minute Marketing, Michael’s figured out how to put an end to all the “overwhelm ” You might feel when you work on your writing business.

He knows how to get rid of marketing anxiety, useless busywork, and allow you to focus on marketing activities that actually move you forward.

And since his 36 lasers-focused lessons average just 3 minutes each, you’ll be able to handle his lessons even on your busiest days.

You should finish the series in less than 90 minutes if you want binge eating.-watch it), you’ll see how to run your business and land clients in a whole new way.

A way that gets you the results you want — more clients, better projects, higher fees — and leaves you with a lot more time for the things you actually enjoy doing.

*️⃣ What’s Inside…

Michael’s 36 lessons cover all the major challenges copywriters face in an upbeat, fun, and easy to follow story.

They’re short, a bit funny, and packed with illustrations so you can see exactly how to put his lessons into practice. And — because Michael’s found that variety lowers stress and perks up your brainpower — they’re presented non-sequentially.

You might watch one about pricing… and the next video lesson might be about managing client relationships.

The idea is to get out of the “I have to master this before I do that” You can achieve more by changing your mindset

*️⃣ You ’ll be covering (in no particular order):

  • Finding your ideal clients — Michael This will teach you how to quickly identify your perfect client And how to get more great clients headed your way fast…
  • The hidden value of your personal expertise — plus, how you can quickly convert your unique background into a major competitive advantage…
  • How to make sure your prospects and clients open every email you send. And that you respond promptly.)…
  • LinkedIn’s business-building secrets — Include the one line of your profile that you need to update Get it now
  • Prices — how to set them, where to publish them, and how to make it so clients don’t care what you charge…
  • Why it pays to stay in touch Forever with your network… (Plus, he’ll reveal how to make constantly staying in touch feel natural, painless, and fun.)
  • What to put in your social media updates… complete with fast secrets for finding great update material and proven examples of updates that work!
  • Capacity management and getting other people to help you market your services for free — you will be flat-out SHOCKED how easy this can be…
  • Why your relationships with your clients are so important… and the one thing you can do to dramatically improve them in just a few weeks…
  • How free content downloads boost your business — including the simple step-By-step guide for making a downloadable bonus in minutes…
  • These are the two tips that will help you. Amazing testimonials… and even help you vastly improve the client feedback you’re getting Get it now…
  • What makes packages so attractive to your prospects… Plus, how to make sure you’re definitely getting every penny your skills are worth…
  • How to relax and be yourself around your clients with no danger of losing business — in fact, it may make them love you more than ever. (And here’s a hint: It all comes down to how you talk to them!)
  • And much, much more — including everything from how to get clients to commit now Find out what to include in your holiday cards

All in all, Michael It is packing the best marketing and client communications-getting tips in the world into a program that adds up to less than 90 minutes — total! — of your precious, precious time.

And that’s not all…

*️⃣ Michael’s Bonus Gift to You …

It is difficult for most people to change their mindset and focus on high-value marketing activities. That’s a part of what makes it such a powerful tool for busy writers — it’s a very different way to approach business, writing, and life.

To help you make the switch — and help keep you from falling back into old “busywork” habits — Michael’s written a very special, very entertaining book about thriving as a freelancer, It sure beats working.

Inside, you’ll find an additional 29 stories and practical business lessons to encourage you as you turn your Writer’s life In the fun, flexible, & financially rewarding-You deserve the rewarding experience that you desire.

Similar to the 3-Minute Marketing You can jump into and out of the program directly. It sure beats working You can find valuable insights whenever you need them. You can read each section separately, but you can combine these additional insights with the rest of the book. 3-Minute Marketing lessons, you’ll find both your brain and your business are going to change for the better — FAST.

Get access to the 3-Minute Marketing Sessions Available Now

There really isn’t another program like 3-Minute Marketing anywhere — and for the time you’ll spend on the lessons (just under 90 minutes for all 36), the potential return on your investment is HUGE.

Here’s what Steve Maurer reported happened when he reviewed the sessions for the first time this past fall:

“One tip alone saved me $500. I hadn’t heard back from a client who still owed the last third of a writing project. I figured it would be a write-off. But I used Michael’s Tip #22, an email tip, and sent it. Today I got an email apologizing and letting me know the check had been mailed. And our business relationship was still intact!”

Not bad for three minutes of work… and exactly the kind of high-Value activity shifts you can use in your business right away

You can get started for just $297

That ’s a flat-out steal… especially since you can review every one of the 36 lessons “on spec ” Get in touch with us!

Love it or Get a Full Refund — For Up to a Whole Year!

At AWAI, we ’re all about bringing you The very best Resources to help you thrive in a happy, successful job-at-home writer — and I certainly feel Michael’s 3-Minute Marketing Program qualifies for the top 10.

Which is why I’m willing to make it It is ridiculously simple For you to say “yes ” to this program…

Including giving you one of the most generous guarantees you’ll ever find:

I’m not expecting any calls. I have so many confidence in Michael — and I know just how amazing his bite-sized video lessons are — that I’m happy to take the risk.

Now, Can You Honestly Tell Me You Don’t Have 3 minutes How can you Invest in Your Success?

Being a successful writer (and happy) is all about spending your time doing the right things.

Even as little as Three minutes Your time spent on a task can make a difference.

That’s the power of high- value activity — when you dedicate a few minutes to the right tasks , it makes all the difference. You can quickly transform from feeling overwhelmed to feeling confident, and you can easily shift from being under to being over.-To turn your business around.

Stop wasting precious time! Register now 3-Minute Marketing You’ll be amazed at how far you can go with just a few wells-In the weeks ahead, directed moments can lead to you taking control of your life.

To your success,

Rebecca Matter
President, AWAI

P.S. P.S.

You spend 9.1 years on average watching TV (including 2 years watching commercials).

You spend 4.3 Years driving, 2.5 Years cooking, and another 1,1 years cleaning up.

If you work online like most freelance writers, you will spend around 11 hours a days looking at a screen.

Surely Somewhere in all of that time, you’ve got 3 minutes to spare for a short video that’s truly useful.

Something that’s fun, engaging, and honestly going to help your business thrive.

Something It’s exactly the same the coaching you’ll get from Michael Katz in his 3-Minute Marketing program.

Don’t waste your time!

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