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Celinne Da Costa – Business by Soul

Celinne Da Costa - Business by Soul

Today, there are more online businesses than ever. That means more and more people are sharing their gifts and services online, and the competition for eyeballs and attention has never been higher.
How do you stand out from the noise?
My journey as an online business owner began back in 2017. Just like with any business, it wasn’t always smooth sailing. But ultimately, it wasn’t the latest and greatest marketing strategy, trend, or tactic that put my business in the position that it is in today, where I’m able to serve hundreds of clients, operate from some of the most beautiful places in the world, take three months off per year, and generate millions with my brand.
Instead, very early in my entrepreneurial journey, my intuition told me to not look for answers externally, but instead, create a rock-solid internal foundation to grow and scale my business from.
And it just makes sense: If you approach your business from lack, thinking you need some “magic” external tactic or strategy because you’re not enough as you are right now, then your business will reflect that; it will be lacking and never be enough to fulfill you.
But when you become a soul-aligned, heart-centered, and prosperous CEO internally, everything you build externally will also be soul-aligned, heart-centered, and prosperous. That’s what I want for you.
Consider this: instead of wasting time, resources, and money trying out the newest trends, hottest marketing strategies, and whatever else the person you perceive as being “more successful” is doing…

What would it feel like to have a soul-aligned strategy custom-tailored to you, your unique soul expression, and whatever success is meant to look like for you?

That is what I want to help you build and achieve in my program, Business by Soul™.
Business by Soul™ is not some course to hack your way into fast success (or rather, a cookie-cutter version of “success” that is sold for the masses, but will never actually satiate you since it’s not unique to your soul blueprint).
Instead, Business by Soul™ will help you become a soul-aligned CEO who is creating a business that is not only profitable, but joyful, and in complete alignment with your highest purpose and destiny while being in service to the collective good. 
Once you create this, you become so unique in the market that your ideal clients will be seeking YOU out because they will intuitively feel who you are, what you stand for, and what you can do for them.
I can’t wait to help you build your business by Soul.



Your business isn’t exciting anymore… you’ve lost your desire to show up and innovate so that you can serve more clients.

You have generated good income while serving your people, but you’re not experiencing the financial abundance you know you’re capable of.
You keep wondering how you will maintain your success with how you feel right now.

Take your business to the next level by treating it as a vessel for your Soul’s service, instead of another cog in the wheel of capitalism (I said what I said)


Reignite the passion and fire in your business making more money than ever while having a business that sets your soul on fire!

Magnetize soulmate clients to you

Stop chasing people down and trying to convince them to work with you. Instead, become the magnetic force that draws in aligned clients who can’t wait to learn from you.

Feel inspired by your work

Stop focusing on business activities that don’t produce revenue or new clients, and learn where to focus your time & energy on revenue-generating activities that you love to do.

Break through the income lid

Articulate your genius, so people feel excited to pay you. Learn how to package your genius into offers people pay premium prices for.

Experience more fulfillment

Learn how to value your genius and your contribution instead of compromising yourself in order to make more money in your business.



This is for you if…

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    You’ve been feeling disillusioned about current condition of industry, wondering if you’re crazy for thinking that there is another way of doing things and still succeeding…
  • check-gold-celinne
    You’re fed up with following yet another course by yet another guru, showing you a step-by-step system that works for them but not for you.
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    You’re ready to level up your business and design your life YOUR way, from your own inner wisdom and core guiding values.
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    You want to learn how to fend for yourself and BECOME the version of you who knows what to do, instead of being co-dependent on experts to tell you what to do.
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    You’re ready to liberate yourself from old paradigms of marketing that so many of us have been brainwashed with, and become the CEO of the business who’s product is so good, it doesn’t need to trick people to buy.
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    You want to stand out in the market, earn abundantly, and effortlessly attract your best clients because you are being your best self – no faking, no pretending…. Just embodying the pure magnetism of authenticity, something that the world really needs right now (and is happy to pay for).
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    You are self-led, self-driven and are here to create what you want – there is a difference between explaining a system to a marathon runner who’s ready to run the race and a couch potato thinking about winning the race. You are the runner.

This is NOT for you if…

  • blue-star
    “More money” is your primary driver for growing your business – this is for people who are impact-driven and crazy enough to think they can change the world (the money, by the way, WILL come).
  • mys-blue-star
    You’re not ready to step out of the matrix brainwashing that’s turned the sacredness of business and being in service into a being another cog in a machine – all good, I’ll be here when you are 🙂
  • mys-blue-star
    You don’t care about people and genuinely being of service with your offers – this is for those who are doing this work to better themselves, raise collective consciousness, and contribute to the planet.
  • mys-blue-star
    You still need to learn the basics of running a business and/or never landed a client before – this program is geared towards individuals who already have a handle on the basics of running a business and have started generating income to support themselves. The curriculum will not cover basic business setup or client acquisition for those who are just starting.
  • mys-blue-star
    You’re looking for yet another step-by-step system and to be spoon fed all the answers – while I’ll be providing you with frameworks and practices to model, this is ultimately your souls journey and I am here to serve as a guide not a drill Sargent. The answers you find in this program will be uniquely YOU.





Recalibrating to a Soul-Led Life

Connect with your Soul to find your alignment and your core mission so you can become the CEO who leads powerfully, authentically, and with integrity.

Your Subconscious Illuminated

Uncover and rewrite your subconscious blocks that prevent you from fully showing up and instead learn to reprogram your subconscious for success.

Living Your Mission

Release resistance keeping you from living your mission and align your Soul’s purpose to your business so you can tap into your effervescent Source of creativity and cut through the market noise.

Embodying Your Soul Compass

Learn how to become magnetic in your industry by identifying your unique energetic Soul signature – the reason why clients will seek you out and not someone else.

The Soul Service Blueprint™

Get clear on how to identify & attract your soulmate clients, and match your unique Soul gifts to what they need the most, to ensure your offer is relevant and delivers a powerful transformation.

Infusing Your Business with Core Values

Redesign your business around your desires, values, and lifestyle so that every strategy, decision, and action is imbued with authenticity, ensuring that your business reflects not only what you do but who you are.

Soul-Infused Brand Messaging

Learn how to identify your unique story and share it with your audience to create more sales, all while transmitting your heartfelt message to the world.

The Roadmap to Intentional Action

Step into the role of the intentional CEO by identifying your zone of genius and structuring your business model to maximize your productivity, leverage your time, and remain in effortless flow as you expand and grow.

Expanding Your Energy

Unlock how to optimize your energy to achieve more while doing less. Tune into your Soul and make aligned, focused, and heart-led decisions that collapse timelines and propel your business forward with less stress, overthinking, and self-doubt.

Stepping Into Intuitive Leadership

Master masculine structure with feminine flow, to elevate your energy management and optimize your time by tapping into higher sources of creative life force energy, ditch energy-draining activities, and become more efficient so that you can create more with less time while enjoying more of your life.



Reignite the passion and fire in your business making more money than ever while having a business that sets your Soul on fire!

Understand the energetic strategy, emotional intelligence, and mindset acumen required to run a soul-led, multiple-six-figure (and beyond) business.

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