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Celinne Da Costa - School Of Story

An epic digital experience to help you confidently craft a compelling story that unlocks your purpose

Deeply connects with your audience, skyrockets your business, and creates world-changing impact.


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    You don’t want to contribute to the same-same content you see online. You want to stand out and cut through the digital noise. But everytime you take a step forward, you get sucked back into a washing machine of overwhelm.
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    You’re worried about what others will think (#trolls) when you start to create something that’s authentically you (and as a result, you are second guessing yourself, big time.)
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    You’re putting yourself out there… but if we’re to be honest, you know you’re playing small.
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    You know and understand the power of “your story”, and you know in your heart and soul, there’s a story that you’ve been itching to tell – but you can’t quite put your finger on that “something” that is holding you back.

Sound familiar?

And hey, let me guess… Being the action- taker and
visionary that you are, you don’t just sit there.
You’ve taken action. You’ve tried a number of different ways to uncover “your story”.
You’ve opted into free webinars, masterclasses to those personal profile “opt-in’s” that promise you ALL of the answers, but you’re still left more confused than ever before.
(Because pssst… they give you all the templates, or ideas, but zero strategy).


The negative nancy that’s been living #RentFree in your head:
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    “Nobody wants to hear my story. I mean, I don’t have anything worthy of sharing.”
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    “Who was I thinking anyways… my story isn’t interesting, aspirational, or meaningful enough to make any difference.”
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    “But what if telling my story hurts the people who helped shape the story?”
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    “I don’t want to make me the center of attention, people will think I’m bragging or begging for attention.”
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    “I’m not a good writer, maybe I should outsource my story to someone else, because my story feels like it’s all over the place.”
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    “How and where do I even begin to pull together my story when there are so many moving parts of my identity and what I’ve been through?!”
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    “If I share my story, people will look at me differently, pity me, or judge me.”
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    “How do I even begin to pull together my story when there are so many moving parts of my identity and what I’ve been through?”

We are emotional creatures.

Which means without knowing WHO you are, and without creating that emotional bond with your audience by telling your story, there will always be someone else who will do what you do.

You can perform all the trendy marketing tactics, reels, and shell out thousands of dollars on ads, but nothing will ever replicate the power of vulnerability that comes from sharing your story.
Getting clear and loud with your message and your story alone can transform your influence and increase your profits.
How am I able to make this bold claim? Because I’ve seen it and experienced it first-hand.
From a social experiment I ran 5 years ago (where I spent over a year couchsurfing in 100+ incredible humans’ homes around the globe across 20+ countries, and got to hear and tell their stories) to the hundreds of business owners, executives and leaders who I’ve helped since, to excavate their stories.


And I’ve experienced the impact that telling one’s story has, in connection, in cultivating trust, and in creating impact in the world.




A digital storytelling toolkit and experience designed to help you unapologetically craft an irresistible story that unlocks your purpose, deeply connects with your audience, skyrockets your business, and in turn, create world-changing impact.
  1. There’s no guarantee that uncovering and sharing your irresistible brand story will be effortless, even if you deeply desire it.

  2. And of course, there’s no guarantee you’ll master storytelling simply by joining School of Story.

  3. You’ll need to implement what you learn, embrace mistakes as stepping stones, and commit to the journey.

  4. You’ll find no shortcuts here, but rather a roadmap that harnesses the transformative power of storytelling. This journey rewards patience, practice, and a willingness to go all in.

You can choose to pursue storytelling mastery alone. I did. But with the right mindset and mentorship, you will be able to accelerate your storytelling journey and sidestep common pitfalls.

From templates, interactive classes, and lessons designed to help you uncover YOUR unique story, deep dives into mindset, to tried-and-tested swipe files,

It is the ultimate storytelling toolkit for visionaries who are ready to stop playing small.

It’ll help you go from:

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    Lacking confidence and feeling like you can never find the “right words” to finally craft and share your compelling, ready-to-market story.
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    Seeing your story as something that isn’t worth sharing, to confidently sharing who you are and your story in a way that’s relatable and emotionally connects to your audience.
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    Being “all over the place” with what to share, to having a structured story that captivates people from beginning to end… and leaves them feeling like there’s no one else better suited to support them in their journey than YOU.
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    No clear connection between your “personal” story and your “brand” story to having it all strategically weaved together and aligning so you can skyrocket your reach and profits.
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    Feeling like a “small fish in a big pond” to bettering lives and creating more impact for others to reach their dreams and make the world a better place.


Celinne Da Costa is a brand story expert and self-actualization coach for CEOs, executives, and leaders.
After leaving her successful career as a brand strategist in corporate New York City to travel the world and design life on her own terms, Celinne rapidly grew her coaching company by helping changemakers tap into their authentic truth and build magnetic brands through authentic relating, unapologetic self-expression, and conscious leadership.
Celinne’s work has been featured all over the world, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and TEDx. She’s worked with top industry leaders, Fortune 200 companies, and thousands of business owners in 50+ countries who are committed to becoming the best possible versions of themselves and unlocking their most powerful story from within.
Her work offers a unique mix of several healing and neuroscience modalities including Master-Neurolinguistic Programming, Conscious Connected Breathwork, Holistic Healing Hypnotherapy, and Life, Motivational, and Emotional Intelligence Coaching, which she uses to help her clients create breakthroughs.
Celinne is passionate about helping visionary leaders let go of the old stories of their past, step into their power, and not only tell but become the greatest story they ever told so that they can impact more people, become influential leaders in their industry, and grow a legacy brand that’s in full alignment to their soul’s purpose.


Most importantly, you’ll create an IMPACT in the world, simply by being authentically and unapologetically you.

When you join School of Story, you will be equipped with the ultimate go-to storytelling resource that includes courses, workbooks, swipe files, and instant access to transformative teachings I’ve created to help you uncover, write, and tell your irresistible story.
Whether you’re a corporate executive, business owner, or early-stage entrepreneur, this toolkit is FOR YOU if you are a visionary who is READY to stop playing small, and start playing bold, by inspiring and helping more people, while living your bigger purpose.

So how does School of Story work, you ask?

It is an e-library of do-it-at-your-own-pace classes, practical swipe files that are tried and tested, my OWN storytelling templates designed to help you uncover, write and tell YOUR most irresistible story.
Phase One


You’ll learn how to discover what makes you magical and overcome the biggest mindset blocks and fears currently holding you back from feeling confident and clear in your story.
Phase Two


By crafting a brand story rooted in your vision and values, you can wave goodbye to imposter syndrome and confidently show up in the world with a powerful story that’s clear, captivating, and aligned with your goals.
Phase Three


You’ll learn how to tell your signature brand story in five minutes (or less!) and use it as the backbone in every single business communication – whether it’s on your website, your professional bio, your speech, an interview with the
media – essentially everywhere!
These modules are the exact ones I personally use for my own business and are also ones I share with my clients. Which means at current, there are no other ways for you to get your hands on them, unless we are working together at a minimum of $40,000.
You’ll also learn how to create a limitless bank of stories so you’ll never run out of content again. No more banging your head against the wall trying to come up with inspiring captions that just feel like fake, empty platitudes.
You will complete this course with a captivating brand story to use immediately to impact more people, expand your reach, skyrocket your income, and change the world.


he Tell Your Brand Story program is made up of


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    How To Slay Your Mindset

    Get clear on what’s “under your hood” – including the fears and concerns that hold you back, so you can stop self-sabotaging and start getting your story into the world.
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    Know Your Story From The Inside-Out

    Accessing the confidence, clarity and alignment you need to craft a story worth sharing.
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    Create A Bank Of Stories

    Unlock a never-ending bank of stories so you never run out of captivating stories to tell. Content creation will become much easier and fun for you!
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    Your Unforgettable Signature Story

    Craft your authentic & captivating story that moves your audience to action… even if you feel like it’s too big, complex or all over the place.
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    Transforming Your Story Into Profit, Visibility And Impact

    Turn your story into tangible results for your brand and business. I’ll share ways you can start using your story to capture your audience’s attention and wallets!

Because I know and understand that the biggest roadblock to telling your story is actually asking WHY you’re not telling your story in the first place…

I have also curated a bonus vault for you, to help you with your mindset and your confidence and also provide you with accountability and support from my team, and like-minded storytellers.


I invite you to join me in


We’ll take you through our step-by-step storytelling process and help you uncover, write, and tell your most irresistible story while staying true to your worth, values, and mission. You’ll be absorbing all of my years of learning and refining in the world of storytelling (and save yourself years of yo-yo-ing because you’ll fast-lane through the many mistakes and pain I went through in my own journey).

So my dear visionary,


Are you ready to unleash your truest, most authentic self with the world, and create success your way?

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