DTC × Pilot House – Scale School (FB & IG Ads)


DTC × Pilot House – Scale School (FB & IG Ads)

DTC × Pilot House - Scale School (FB & IG Ads)

Access the Proven Performance Marketing Blueprint That Scales Brand Post iOS 14.5.
The Facebook Marketing System That Drove over $50 Million in Value for Pilothouse’s Clients in the Last 6 Months


Do you look at Ads Manager like this post iOS14.5?

There’s no doubt that the data loss caused by Apple’s recent iOS14.5 update has been felt by every marketer in some way or another.

At Pilothouse and DTC we’ve been marketing long before there even was a Pixel. We’ve built our systems to be essentially “algorithm agnostic.”

Scale School works because it’s based on timeless marketing principles and supercharged with the up to the minute platform tactics you need to scale with confidence.

*️⃣ Fastest Growing DTC Agency Spills the Facebook Tea

Now, for the first time ever, you can access the entire Scale School System, pioneered by the performance marketing veterans at Pilothouse,

To generate millions in profitable ad revenue for our clients, all distilled into one course.

If the thought of that makes you salivate even just a little, keep reading…

*️⃣ Scale School

We didn’t follow the playbook of a guru – we wrote our own.

Scale School is the distilled knowledge and wisdom of over 120 Facebook and Instagram advertising experts – not one guru who makes their money selling courses…

Our own posse of badass marketers spend their days slugging it out in the trenches… tirelessly testing, iterating, scaling and learning from each win or loss.

A dedicated team with the insider knowledge, drive, and passion it takes to generate record-breaking profits…

Pilothouse Digital’s Facebook and Instagram marketing warriors


We’re going to rip the doors off what you thought you knew about Facebook and Instagram advertising…

And walk you step by step through the exact performance marketing system we use at Pilothouse Digital to make our clients insanely profitable.


Tens of thousands of advertisers rely on the expert advice we pack into each edition of our weekly ‘DTC Newsletter,’ and podcasts, including some Fortune 500 companies.

Many of the world’s top agencies and brands subscribe to the Pilothouse newsletter to learn how to perform in the world of direct to consumer marketing.

*️⃣ Here are some of the results Pilothouse has been able to achieve using the Scale School System


Increase in Revenue


Increase in total orders



Increase in total ad spend.

Increase in conversion rate.


Daily Subscription Orders in 2021

In Profitable Ad Revenue

Growth in EPC ($3 to $11 in 10 Months)

Revenues increase

Average cart value increases

The brand has been profitably expanded internationally


You have exclusive access to all content, delivered in a series if short, easy steps-To-Learn to understand videos

Module 1 – Foundations For Scale

☞ Brand & Competitor Analysis

☞ Knowing Your Customer & Your Market

☞ Metrics That Matter & Why

☞ Customer Journey & Messaging

☞ Facebook Pixel Strategy

Module 2 – Creatives That Convert

☞ Insights into Creatives That Convert

☞ Fast & Furious Creatives

☞ Polished creatives

Module 3 – The Pilothouse 6-Step Strategy for Maximizing Profitability from Your Campaigns

  • Step 1 – Find Your Top 5 Angles
  • Step 2 Copy + Angle Testing
  • Step 3 Analyze data and uncover your winners
  • Step 4 – Finding Creatives You Need
  • Step 5 Audience Testing
  • Step 6 – Consolidate Winners into Scale Campaigns

Module 4 – Strategies For Scale

☞ Attribution & The Eco ROAS

☞ Bidding Types & When to Use Them

☞ Horizontal Scale Strategies

☞ Split Testing Pages & Funnels

☞ Split Testing Creatives & Copy

☞ Influencer & Whitelisting

☞ Budget Management & The Scaling Mindset

Module 5 – How to Build a Powerhouse Marketing Team

☞ When Should You Hire an Agency & What Should You Look For

☞ How to hire great marketers

☞ How to Align Your Internal & External Marketing Teams

☞ Company Culture

Bonus Video – Navigating The Digital Landscape Post iOS15.

☞ What we are doing in order to mitigate iOS

☞ Ecosystem ROAS across all platforms

☞ Attribution

These strategies Have Tens of millions of dollars are spent on advertising backing them up… Strategies we’ve perfected over many years.

*️⃣ Who will benefit? Scale School?

☞ Independent small agency owners.

☞ Brand owners who are interested in running their own FB ads.

☞ Brand owners who want their marketing team to be educated.

☞ Agent owners who are looking to train their staff.

☞ Small / mid level media buyers looking to sharpen their skills + learn new strategies…

*️⃣ Now, if you’re wondering about the price, relax…

We could have easily charged $10,000 and more This value is yours-packed course and it would still be a huge bargain…

If you’re spending any money on Facebook and Instagram Ads, this course will teach you simple, easy to do things in your first viewing that you can apply right away to increase your conversions, and skyrocket your profit.

Think of the cost of this course, and think how any of the following (you’ll learn them all and more) could pay back the cost of this course tenfold.

☞ Multiple Creatives Strategies & Winning Creative Ideas

☞ How to Structure Your Testing Campaigns

☞ New Scaling Methods To Unlock Hidden Revenue

☞ How To Find New Angles & Customers

☞ How to Build A Marketing Team That Is Powerful

☞ How to win with Influencers

☞ Plus, so much more


☞ 5 Training Modules

☞ Over the Shoulder: Building and Optimizing Live Accounts

☞ Slides and full notes for all course material, for easy copy paste internal communications

☞  Over 7 Hours of Proven Facebook Strategy Content

☞ It’s so easy that even your kids could do it!

☞ Workbook with Worksheets that is easy to follow

Bonus Video How to reduce iOS 14.5

*️⃣ Original Content:

Here’s What You’ll Get in DTC × Pilot House – Scale School (FB & IG Ads)

– Download Sample files

Course Requirement DTC × Pilot House – Scale School (FB & IG Ads)
Real Value $ 995
One-Time cost: USD 92

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What is the policy regarding refunds?

  • We’ll Bear The Risk, You’ll Take The Results…
  • Within 30 days of purchasing “DTC × Pilot House – Scale School (FB & IG Ads)“, if you don’t get anything out of the program, or if your order has any problem, or maybe for some reason, you just don’t like the way it is. We are here for you. Thank you for your understanding.

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"This course is available and delivery within one day! Scale School is the distilled knowledge and wisdom of over 120 Facebook and Instagram advertising experts – not one guru who makes their money selling courses"