Jake Tran – Laptop Lifestyle Academy


At 19 years old, my life had forever changed – I cracked the code on how people just like you can earn a high income from home without years of experience or burying yourself in debt for a useless degree.

Jake Tran – Laptop Lifestyle Academy

Jake Tran - Laptop Lifestyle Academy

“I live in South Africa. The cost of living here is like 3 times less than the US. So $ 25 h/r to me is like $ 75 for the average American”
“I got a remote marketing assistant position”
Meet Florian R:

Landed a remote job while still in college at $13/hr with the potential for “upwards of $25 an hour”

The exact job search strategy and secret hacks that had companies fighting over me…

At 19 years old, my life had forever changed – I cracked the code on how people just like you can earn a high income from home without years of experience or burying yourself in debt for a useless degree.

This lead to me having companies fighting over me and landing my $40/hr (~$83,000 per year) dream job at 19 years old.

Which took me from having ZERO experience, NO degree, ZERO network or connections… to making nearly TWICE as much as the average college graduate, dropping out of college, and living a legit laptop lifestyle on my own terms 3 years before my peers even graduated (without racking up $38,390 in student debt lol).

This allowed me to:

Work from home, or anywhere I want
The flexibility to work on my own time
Not deal with commuting, office politics, etc
And most importantly – be financially set for life

Because they don’t teach you any of this stuff in school, I’ve had to learned these techniques through YEARS of trial and error, failing, and basically throwing a ton of stuff at a wall and seeing what sticks.

From this, I’ve been able to narrow down and pinpoint specific techniques and hacks to immediately stand out to employers, have your phone legit blowing up for an entire week with job offers and interviews like I did, and ultimately live a laptop life that only a tiny fraction of the world gets to experience.

And for the first time ever, I’ve decided to compile all my secrets and strategies into what I can say is “the most in depth and effective course on how to land a remote job” on the internet so that you can shave years off your life, make the money you deserve, and live the life that you deserve.

Yes, this is one of my real checks from my $40/hr job thanks to everything I’ve put into Laptop Lifestyle Academy.
? “Jake helped me scale my income to $5,000 per month”
Meet Tyler Powers:

❌ Quit minimum wage Starbucks job

✅ Now works remotely as 8-figure entrepreneur, Kevin David’s Right Hand Man at 19 years old
? Degrees are DYING ? Remote is RISING

We can all feel it coming – the death of degrees. As much as our parents don’t want to admit it, (and trust me, I know because I have asian parents lol,) the old system is irrelevant.

In fact, for the first time ever in history, remote jobs are increasing at a faster rate than traditional office jobs as reported by Thinknum.

And what’s replacing it? The Knowledge Economy. A world where you’re paid in proportion to the results that you bring to the table and not the three letters in your title.

I didn’t make the rules. That’s just how it is.
So if you’re ready to…
Learn the fastest and most foolproof path to working from home without having to start a business from scratch
Be able to make a high income wherever and whenever you want
Live a lifestyle that only a small percentage of the world will ever experience
Then this is for you.

If this doesn’t sound like you, then you can stop reading here. I really only want to help driven and ambitious people who are ready to live the life that only a small percentage of the population get to live.
Here’s A Fraction Of What You Get In The Laptop Lifestyle Academy

This program took me well over a month to put together with hours of content for you to watch and enjoy FOR LIFE. Again, I really don’t think there’s any other course on how to land a remote job as comprehensive as this. Here’s what’s included.
1. How To Get Your Money Back From This Course

Sound too good to be true? It’s not lol. I wouldn’t offer this program if I didn’t think you can make more money back from it than what you paid for – as long as you put in the work, of course. And in this section, you’ll learn exactly how.
2. Why would someone want to hire me?

Have you ever wondered that? 12-16+ years of our lives are dedicated to “preparing us for the workforce” yet no one ever thought to take a step back and answer this simple question: why would someone want to hire you? Why would someone hire you if you don’t have experience or a degree? Because if you can answer that… everything becomes pretty simple.
3. How to systematically find out what remote job is best for you.

People don’t live happy lives by mistake. Success is systematic, planned, and carefully executed. That’s why we’re gonna deep dive into what remote job would be best for you. And no, it’s not as simple as “which one pays the most?”
4. Learning Your Remote Job

What’s the fastest way to get good enough to land your remote job? How good do you have to be? I’ll give you a hint, it’s definitely not by going to college. In this section, you’ll get to learn how I was able to go from zero to remote in around a year and how you can get there even faster than me.
5. How to Network Your Way Into A High Paying Remote Job (even if you’re an introvert)

I am an insanely introverted person. I could go all day without talking to people if I wanted to and I’ll be just fine. Yet, I’ve got a pretty powerful network for someone as reserved as me. And I definitely wouldn’t have landed my remote jobs without the power of networking. So in this section, I break down how to network, especially as an introvert, and how it’s not as hard as you may think.
6. How Craft An IRRESISTIBLE Resume That Stands Out Like A Purple Cow

Your resume is your first impression to your employer. One small change in your resume can mean the difference between you getting your dream job and the employer not even noticing you… ? That’s why in this section, I take out all the guesswork and give you my secret marketing tactics to make your resume irresistible to employers.
7. My Secret Job Application Process That Will BLOW UP Your Phone With Job Offers And Interviews

But your resume doesn’t really matter if you don’t apply for job postings right. This section is the bread and butter of how I legit had my phone blowing up with job offers and interviews for a week straight while I was on vacation with my parents.
8. How To CRUSH Any Interview

Tbh, I BOMBED all my interviews. It was awful. But the great news for you is that I’ve learned a TON from these embarrassing experiences. Mistakes that you’ll get to leverage so you don’t risk losing your potential dream job.
9. How To NEVER Get Fired

Landing a job doesn’t mean anything if you get fired within a few months. This was a big stress of mine and that’s why we’ll conclude this program with how to be so irreplaceable that you’ll never have to worry about being fired.

Here’s What You’ll Get in Jake Tran – Laptop Lifestyle Academy

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Get Jake Tran - Laptop Lifestyle Academy,  have your phone legit blowing up for an entire week with job offers and interviews like I did, and ultimately live a laptop life that only a tiny fraction of the world gets to experience.