Mariah Coz – Profit Architecture


Mariah Coz – Profit Architecture

Mariah Coz - Profit Architecture

The best program for course creators and coaches.-round revenue.
A Library of Launches. An Encyclopedia of Evergreen. A collection of cash campaigns.

Profit Architecture Is your All-Access-To build a successful hybrid evergreen education company that is driven by courses, coaching, and digital products, you must pass to every funnel, strategy, template, and training.


Finally, you can get EVERYTHING (and I mean everything) you need to build your hybrid course & coaching business, in one place.

To grow your hybrid online education business, you can master the holistic ecosystem of products, programs, evergreen funnels, enrollment events, and sales calls without having to launch, sell, or hire a large team.

We don’t need to juggle random trendy strategies from 10 different places. This will only make it harder for us to move the needle. We only work with strategies that work.

Profit Architecture Includes All of our premium programs & curriculumAll this, in one seamless and enhanced experience
We’ve combined our renowned, best-Selling programs and courses such High Ticket Hybrid: The Accelerator, Evergreen Engines and Webinar Rockstar. Virtual Event Blueprint All of it into one integrated ecosystem that works seamlessly together.
If you’ve ever just wished you could tap into everything we’ve ever created, all of our strategies and systems in one place – this is it!
Imagine how it would feel…
You’re creating your evergreen products or programs. It’s exciting to see your clients talking in your local community and new students enrolling, as you provide value through your coaching and course group.
  • You wake up to an email from another student telling you how your course changed their lives
  • Looking at your week’s calendar, you feel so light and spacious
  • When you get that, you do a little happy dance “ding” On your phone: Another client has joined you course or high-No sales call required for ticket offer
  • You can spend a few weeks with your family during the summer without worrying about your income
  • You are trusting your own ability to make decisions. Your family and friends tell you that this makes you more confident in your abilities and your business.
  • You feel fulfilled when you know you are making an impact on people around the world, at both a larger and deeper level.


Whether you want to travel the world, make more money while working part time hours, or take 3+ months off every year to go adventuring, it’s time you design your online education business model around YOU.

What would it look like for you to…
  • A new revenue stream can be created where one client is worth 10.-20 normal course sales?
  • Register high-No sales calls required to ticket clients into your group program.
  • You can double your course business with a high-quality service without having to get twice as many leads.-touch, group program that builds on the courses you’ve already created?
  • You can enroll clients in your courses or coaching programs throughout the year-round?
  • You can teach, serve, and mentor hundreds of clients at scale without delivery bottlenecks.
You’re fed up with binary thinking, either/or, this vs. it, right vs. incorrect, when it comes building your online course.-End coaching business.
You’re done with the endless debate on Courses vs. Coaching, High-Ticket vs. Lower Ticket, Energy and Strategy vs. Evergreen. Launching.
Your next level can be achieved by integrating all these powerful elements into a holistic ecosystem.
Your evergreen engine funnels are the foundation for your next live enrollment event or promo.
You are now able to step into the new mindset that supports your decisions-Making
Your strategic low-Your programs and courses can be seamlessly connected to ticket lead generation offers
You combine courses, high-A profitable product suite that combines ticket and low ticket
You’re way beyond boring blueprints

It’s time to put an end to the “copycat coach” And “copy-paste course creator” culture.

You know you can’t. “copy & paste” Your next level is waiting for you. You need to learn how think like a CEO to make empowered decisions.

No more needing approval or permission from others, abdicating power, and looking at other people’s papers.

Too many coaches and course creators copy.-You can copy and paste templates and swipe files, but you don’t actually learn the strategy or nuance behind how it works.

You’re ready to truly elevate your course & coaching business into an evergreen ecosystem that is simple, streamlined and sophisticated – by your own design.

This is your chance to make things exciting, new, and fun. It’s time to become the architect of your business!

Create a sustainable, cyclical, and integrated course, coaching, or digital product business.
Programs & Products
Each product in your offer package serves a purpose and is unique to your audience. These offers seamlessly flow between each other as cross-sells and upsells.-Sells and downsales There are three categories of offers that could fit in your product suite:
  • Low-Ticket: $10-$200
  • Self-Study Courses: $200-$2,000+
  • High-Ticket Group Program: $3,000 – $20,000+
You can either create a business around one premium offer or include 2 or 3 of them. Create the product line and model that works for you.
Signature Sales System
You can establish a repeatable, signature selling system that you can resell.-Use and repeat. We provide the tools and training as well as templates for all types of enrollment events. This allows you to choose the best option for yourself, your style, and your bandwidth.
  • Simple Email-Based Flash Sales
  • Webinars that are valuable and profitable
  • Participating in Paid Live Workshops
  • Epic Virtual Conferences
We give you all the strategies, tutorials, and templates for each of these powerful enrollment events, and you’ll make an empowered decision about which strategy you should focus on.
Evergreen Enrollment Engines
Turn the powerful sales assets you’ve created into a system for year-round enrollments so clients can join your courses & programs every day.
Design your course and high touch programs to be ready for evergreen onboarding, and then set up the evergreen sales systems so you’re never turning away a client who is ready to join now!
Learn how to turn your emails, sales pages, webinars into an evergreen enrollment engine using automations, systems, or super-simple tech.
There are a lot of moving parts to an online course & coaching business.

Webinars, promotions, evergreen funnels, and oh yeah… actually delivering your course, products and programs to your students and clients! It’s a lot to wrap your head around, but there’s no reason for it to be so complicated.

It is not necessary to do it all alone.

We’ve helped hundreds of our clients escape the revenue roller coaster and make more money doing work they love.
  • You’ve been thinking about going evergreen with your online course or high-Although ticket coaching has been a business for months, or even years, it is still difficult to organize all the pieces.
  • You’re exhausted with clients, 1:1 coaching, freelancing or providing services, and you know that you need a scalable income stream in order to break free from your current plateau.
  • You dream of the freedom and impact that comes from being a well-respected course creator and coach in your niche. But you are still overwhelmed by others.
  • You don’t have the systems in place to scale your impact or revenue. This is why you are currently having to close enrollments and cap clients.
  • You want a premium course & coaching business – with minimal overhead, designed around YOUR lifestyle and your unique personality, but you keep putting it off to finish “just one more client project” Or “one more launch” Even though you may not realize it, creating an evergreen enrollment engine (aka funnel) for your products and programs is the only way out of this vicious cycle.
Let’s hop off the Revenue rollercoaster You can get rid of it Monthly live launches.
You are stuck on the launch rollercoaster and living in feast-and-famine mode. There is no way to bring in sales if you aren’t promoting live or on your back.-To-back sales calls?
It’s time to hop off the live launch roller coaster, ditch the draining sales calls, and let go of the “one-size-fits-all” blueprint: Create a simple, sustainable and high-quality product suite with an alwaysgreen enrollment engine.
It is essential to ensure that your online education business is sustainable and consistent.
Stop stressing out and become evergreen.
Your best customers won’t wait 6 months to see your next launch.
Stop turning away dream clients and students because you don’t have a way to enroll on evergreen!
Your best customers or students don’t have to go through weeks or days of free content in order to be ready for you to sell them something.
Your ideal clients will want to purchase the solution to their problem right away. Think about it. People who register for your free webinar and those who apply for your waitlist for your program need something immediately.
Your job is not to force them to jump through hoops, but to offer them a solution.
Don’t make them wait!
Bottom line: Customers don’t want to be denied the opportunity to enroll when they need it most.
Break free from the Monthly launch cycle.
It’s not only great for your students and clients, but also helps to increase their motivation and senses of community. It can also help you get out from the feast-And-famine live-Launch cycle.
An evergreen engine, also known as an evergreen funnel, is vital for all your offers. It is the difference between making sales every month and having a business that makes no sales. “string of promotions that you hope work”.
You can create a process that allows you to take a break when you need it – without compromising your business!
“DING! You just made a sale”
…While you were watching the movie with your children
…While you were at a farmers market on Saturday
…While hiking a mountain completely off the grid
…While you were out for lunch with friends on an unspecified Tuesday
…While you were dealing with some life sh*t (it happens, right?)
…Yes, even when you were sleeping!
There is nothing better than a few little things “cha-ching” While you live your life, serving others around the world, and doing what your heart desires, notifications pop up on your smartphone.
A Higher, Expanded Experience for Course Creators, CEOs, and Coaches

We combine the world-class training, tools and templates with convenient asynchronous support so you have everything you need to build your simple & sophisticated course and coaching business.

Design your custom roadmap to a profitable course, coaching & digital product business

Each client’s journey looks a little different. We empower clients to follow their strategic plan and become the “architect” These powerful programs will help you grow your company. Follow our step-by-step guide.-By-You can follow the steps or create your own adventure.

Hybrids for high-ticket customers

High Ticket Hybrid is a unique application-A based enrollment process to scale an evergreen high-ticket group program without making sales calls. This program includes everything you need for validation, pre-Sell, launch, and sustain a high-ticket program.
Evergreen Engines

A simple, elegant and effective evergreen sales funnel that your customers will love will streamline your online course sales. Get off the revenue rollercoaster by removing the monthly live launches. This program will help you validate, pre-launch and manage your prelaunches.-Your signature self-study course can be sold, launched, and maintained.

Your 1K First

Our timeless list will help you get your first or next 1,000 subscribers to your email.-Building techniques. Launch & evergreen a low ticket digital product, followIng our step by step action plan and fill-in-The-Blank templates
Virtual Event Blueprint

Every template, script, or SOP needed to host a profitable virtual conference that promotes your signature program or high-ticket course. This is exactly how my clients and me have used to launch our most successful programs and generate hundreds of leads.
Low-Ticket Lead Generation

Use a low-ticket lead generation strategy “Front End Funnel” or paid workshop for high-ticket clients and signature course sale. This is our signature “low to high” This funnel brings in hundreds of warm leads and serves every segment of our audience.

Champagne Client Content

This content marketing strategy is designed to sell your courses or group programs. Enhance your messaging to attract the right clients. These timeless content themes will never go out-of-fashion, no matter how you blog, podcast, livestream videos, make youtube videos or send emails.
You can do so much more!

Scale up your current offering, add another product or program to your product portfolio, or explore a new strategy for sales. You’ll implement a cyclical, seasonal ecosystem of promotions and evergreen throughout the year for sustainable growth.

Who is the perfect fit? Profit Architecture?
  • You’re ready for action. You’re a self-starter-Get motivated and go-getter.
  • You have a very long history.-term mindset and can see why you’re planting seeds now to harvest later.
  • You can always get up and go again if you fall. You already know that there are no magic bullets. All you need is hard work and a positive attitude.
  • You are responsible for your own results. You are responsible for how you use the tools and programs.
  • You want to take your existing business or work (coaching, freelancing, services, brick and mortar, products, etc) and shift in the online course & group program model.
  • You’re a successful course creator stuck in the launch ‘feast or famine’ cycle and you need an evergreen funnel yesterday.
  • You have the business basics in place – you’ve sold *something* online and are established enough to take action when given the tools and strategy.
  • At least 300+ email subscribers are required or you have a platform (e.g., social media, YouTube channel, website, blog). The more subscribers, the better!
  • You’re familiar with creating web pages and checkout pages. You won’t get bogged down in creating a simple landing site.
  • You’re ready to DIY your sales page, slides, and tech, OR are willing to hire help to do those things.
  • You are willing to invest your time, money, effort and resources in you and your business


Creator, strategist, and CEO obsessed about creating a spacious lifestyle and thriving businesses.

I’ve been running a hybrid evergreen course & coaching business for the last 8+ years. I have had the pleasure of working with many of today’s top course creators, coaches, and consultants.

I am here to show you how to create a profitable, evergreen hybrid course & coaching company, with a clear and spacious CEO calendar – the ultimate luxury!

I will warn you that I have never done things the traditional manner. Although it can seem counterintuitive, what I teach works!

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