RSD Todd – 3 Girls A Day


Most people won’t give you a straight answer “Just play it cool”. “Just say something original” And my personal favorite — “Just got for it!” SHUT UP ALREADY This type of advice won’t get you anywhere

RSD Todd – 3 Girls A Day

RSD Todd - 3 Girls A Day

I call it:

Most people won’t give you a straight answer “Just play it cool”. “Just say something original” And my personal favorite — “Just got for it!” SHUT UP ALREADY This type of advice won’t get you anywhere
Here’s What I’ve Perfected For You To Copy/Paste:

How to start the conversation so she’ll definitely reply back
How to make her laugh through online messages and text
How to get her attracted even if you’re not normally her type
How to ask her out without risking rejection
Where the best places to take her on a date are
What to do if she suddenly stops replying
How to tell if she likes you or is just leading you on
What to do if she doesn’t reply back
How to date on your own terms
How to set up the date to end in sex
How to get a second date
And much more…

It’ll Be Like Cheating The System, Through Tried And Tested Techniques To Get Her Excited To Meet Up With You…
I’ve Made It As Simple As Step 1: Say This, Step 2: Do This, Step 3: Get The Date Like This…

3GAD is designed to teach by example. With every new technique or concept I introduce, I provide several concrete real world examples of it in action. You’ll get specific lines, conversation starters, cocky funny witticisms, and more —- to swipe and use the same day
You Get My Entire Repertoire of My Most Effective:

Conversation starters
Funny jokes/routines
Interesting stories and routines
Witty profile descriptions
Attractive photo ‘hacks’

Instantly Boost Your Dating Life (And Learn The Secrets To Becoming The Guy Every Girl Wants To Be With)

My goal is to not only give you the conversation starters, messaging tips, and profile ‘hacks’ to get immediate results, but to actually turn you into THAT GUY who she can’t ignore or play games with, who gets her so turned on that she’ll be actively texting you and asking you to meet up again and again and again…

I will ingrain in your brain the deeper understanding of attraction the BEST GUYS AT THIS UNDERSTAND, so you can replicate this for yourself and skyrocket your attractiveness with women

Here’s the truth. Women ARE EVEN MORE attracted to someone with alpha male characteristics and personality

Take Al Pacino, Sylvester Stallone and Bill Clinton

None of them are good looking by the standards of society, yet they are incredibly charming, confident and ALPHA, and that is absolutely irresistible to women…

So even if you think you’re not ‘traditionally’ good looking (read: ugly), you CAN still attract the girls that you want online or off — IF you follow the right system

I’ll teach you how to exhibit this alpha male personality in your profile pictures, descriptions and messages, so even if you’re not ‘normally her type’, she won’t be able to stop herself from wanting to get to know you more

You’ll be bypassing her logical mind (what she logically thinks she’s attracted to), and speaking directly to her emotional brain to TURN HER ON on an instinctually primal level

You’ll not only know how to do this online, but even be able to take this to ‘real life’ interactions, as an added bonus
“No Stone Left Unturned” Techniques And System To Get You From Zero To 3 Dates A Day If You Wanted To…
Here’s just a sneak peek of what you’ll learn:

How to write clever profile headlines that grab attention instantly (girls will often message a guy solely because his headline is funny and witty, even if he’s not usually her type)
4 topics you must avoid putting in your profile at ALL cost
11 profile descriptions that scream “cliche, I’m just like any other guy on here”
The Number #1 Rule to writing dating site profiles (ignore this at your own peril)
What you should and should not write in the “what type of girl am I looking for section”
How to know if your profile is accurately portraying your personality and attracting the girls you want to be with (3 key indicators)
The perfect number of photos to have in your profile (based off extensive real world testing)
4 things you can do to make your profile pictures amazing
3 things to keep out of your profile pictures that will kill response
The biggest mistake guys make that is the reason behind 90% of their rejections
The number one goal of the first 5-10 minutes of your conversation with a new girl
When to read her profile and when NOT to read her profile before sending a message
6 Hilarious Mass Messages I’ve Sent that got me crazy results overnight
4 Things your conversation starter must convey when directed at a super hot girl (8 or above)
The 4 General Categories Of Online Communication and Text, and how you should respond to each one
What to do when a girl doesn’t reply back to your first message
What to do when a girl stops replying back mid interaction
What to do when a girl goes silent after you asked her out
6 Ridiculous ways to challenge a girl (not to a duel, I mean how to put her on the spot so she knows you’re not the type of guy who will take her shit)
4 Things you should NEVER do when a girl ‘tests’ you or acts bitchy
What to do when she says ‘no thanks’ to a sexual come on. I promise you, you’ll laugh out loud when you hear this and it works like pure gold
The best way to time your text messages so you’re not coming off needy but you don’t blow opportunities either
The best time to ‘diss’ a girl online (do this at the wrong time and you’ll ruin perfectly good opportunities)
How many messages you should send out before you go for the number
5 message templates that you can use and customize to your own needs
The primary distinction between online messaging and text messaging (PLUS how to approach the two of them correctly)
My go-to first text right after I get her number (this punchy little line is funny, yet does its job of getting her to save your number)
When to call and when NOT to call her after you got her number
A fun and engaging thing you can do with the girl to overcome the “who pays” problem
The best places to take a girl on a date (this isn’t some stupid journalist list, this is from my personal experience of what dates worked out best and led to sex)
How to get a second date without giving up your power or coming off as needy
How to tell if a girl is ready to be kissed (plus how you should go for it without risking rejection)
How to set up the date to lead to sex
How to tell if she’s down for sex (sometimes, this is before the date even starts, so you can actually skip the date altogether if you want to and go right into the bedroom)
8 First Date Pointers that will save you a lot of awkwardness and embarrassment and also get you laid twice as often
Dozens of real life breakdowns of my personal interactions, text messages, and first date accounts

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RSD Todd - 3 Girls A Day

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Get RSD Todd - 3 Girls A Day, I’ll teach you how to exhibit this alpha male personality in your profile pictures, descriptions and messages, so even if you’re not ‘normally her type’, she won’t be able to stop herself from wanting to get to know you more