Summer Huntington – Kinesioloyoga 101


This course is a year’s worth of private training with Summer, and covers everything she teachers in her private sessions, at seminars and in her group yoga and conditioning classses.

Summer Huntington – Kinesioloyoga 101

Summer Huntington - Kinesioloyoga 101

What is this Course?

Summer Huntington, created this course to allow anyone and everyone to learn her signature Awaken, Condition, Practice & Flow method. The Kinesiologyoga 101 course covers every single drill, exercise, pose, and pose sequence presented at her yoga seminars, updated with the highly effective cueing for maximum fascial tension, deep core stability, barefoot science and self myofascial release techniques with RAD Roller tools (take 15% off at RAD Roller checkout with code SH).

This course is a year’s worth of private training with Summer, and covers everything she teachers in her private sessions, at seminars and in her group yoga and conditioning classses.

Kinesiologyoga has:

Summer recently had her strength and conditioning yoga syllabus accepted as a Kinesiology 197 class, at WWU where she also served as an Adjunct Faculty. The Kinesiologyoga 101 course serves to support those in the physical training, coaching, yoga and wellness field to understand how to use the tools effectively, and access Flow State. She wants this information to be available to anyone, regardless of location, income or college degrees.

Summer also wants people to be able to fully understand Awaken, Condition, Practice & Flow concepts to be fully prepared to learn from her in person at one of her many educational seminars. This course is also suitable for people wanting to just learn from her at home, gaining expert guidance and support.

Live Lectures added at the front of each section to fully explain how to use this program, anyone can do it!

What equipment is recommended for this course?

You can use any steel Clubs for this program, a simple web search will help you locate them. Indian Clubs range in weight from 1- 5 lbs.

Secondly, you can get your RAD Roller “All in One Kit” for 15% OFF by using Summer’s code: SH at RAD Roller Checkout. These tools will be used in the Awakening Section.

All flows featured on the Naboso Technology Mat.

Who is it this online Kinesiologyoga course for?

All fitness & flexibility levels welcome!
Trainers & Coaches
Yoga Instructors
Kinesiology & Physical Therapy Students
People who love yoga
People who don’t love yoga
Inflexible people
Hyper-mobile people
Wellness Professionals
People who have attended a seminar with Summer and want a refresher
Mace Athletes
Humans who like quality instruction
Fit Body Wellness clients
People who have wanted to train with Summer in person
Flow Freaks
Movement nerds
Fascia nerds

How do I use it?

Step One: Make time to learn. (i.e. decrease social media time)
Step 1.5: Breathe.
Step 2: Roll out your Naboso Technology Mat, get your clubs & RAD Roller tools ready.
Step 3: Practice and learn the material from Summer.
Step 4: Show us your flows on social, tag @summerhuntington when you feel proficient in Conditioning exercises & Flows. Take before and after photos. You WILL get stronger in your yoga poses.

Get ready to strengthen your yoga practice, and tap into Flow State.

Testimonials from those who have been using the Awaken, Condition, Practice method for years. It can be a life changing practice, both mentally and physically.

Praise for Summer’s Work:

“I have been training with Summer for about 4 years now. The impact this has had on my life , my quality of health and the various disciplines I’m involved in has been nothing short of profound. As a full time martial arts instructor, trainer and recent white belt in a new style, this practice has given me a greater depth of physical preparedness for my training that carries over into all areas of my life. It has allowed incredible restoration, stability and a deep accessing of natural movement and power. Summer has provided a system that has delivered profound results for me and continues to do so.”

-Dean Jones, South Africa

“My personal experience training with this program and Summer Huntington stands out with its functionality and intelligence. Integrating strength and yoga over the last 2 years into my personal life, through learning, practicing, and teaching has given me greater understanding of alignment and the ease to which structure can actually be held! I’ve been able to reduce the effort I use in poses and strengthen poses where I’d built a pattern that I’d ‘cheat’ in.
Summer’s training gave me the confidence and knowledge to create dynamic flows for exciting classes for those I have taught. Summer’s training empowered me to deliver classes where all abilities practiced together. Where I can provide regressions to those needing adjusted poses, maybe due to injury or new to Yoga and also progressions to challenge others.
The club is tool that I have loved from the first time I picked one up and ed to learn to use it. Adding the 1kg or 2kg club to practice gives you immediate feedback on alignment and an added dimension to class flow and strength and toning abilities.

Whether you are a yoga teacher already or wanting to learn for your own practice, this will be beneficial to you and I know you’ll turn up to your mat with an expanded toolkit and big smile!”

-Cameron Taylor, Brisbane, Australia

“Practicing yoga and clubs has changed my life. Literally. I spent years working to reduce chronic upper back and neck pain. During the process of recovery I knew it would be imperative to develop strength and mobility in order to fully heal and create resilience. In January 2017 I ed implementing Kinesiologyoga training protocols. I ed practicing with a dowel first to ease my upper body and correct shoulder mobility, then transitioned to a 3lb club and now I can train using the 5 lb clubs! I was able to not only free my body of pain but I am stronger now than I have ever been before.
I decided to train in person with @Summer Huntington and get certified in her modality to help other people in my community develop inner strength, mobility and resiliency. The benefits of this online training are immense”

-Natalie Marnica, Sacred Mountain Yoga, Toronto, CA

Kinesiologyoga fuses yoga asana with strength conditioning, providing a way for athletes to increase mobility and core stabilization and a way for yogis to increase strength and stamina in their yoga practice. As a fitness professional and yoga teacher who has always implemented a yoga practice and a weight lifting regimen, Kinesiologyoga has allowed me to combine both into one session. By being a regular practitioner of this style, I have created a stronger and more stable movement pattern due to the implementation of weight while flowing. This fusion of style has allowed me to feel stronger in my yoga practice has allowed me to find more purpose in my practice.”

Megan Percy, Kinesiology Grad & Fit Body Wellness Coach, Bellingham, WA

Thank you for your commitment to Flow State of Mind, and meaningful movement training. We are so excited to meet you where you are and help you reach your mobility & strength goals!

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Your Instructor

Summer Huntington
Summer Huntington

BIO: Summer Huntington, MS is the founder of Clubbell Yoga, a Master Trainer for RAD Roller and an Ambassador for Naboso Barefoot Technology yoga & workout mats. She also coaches emerging entrepreneurs to create authentic brands with heart through her signature Flow State of Mind Coaching programs. Summer leads immersion retreats for personal development, mentors people around the globe and is a Head Coach for RMAX International – a leader in Flow Science and performance coaching.

Summer has led Clubbell Yoga seminars and workshops in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Vancouver, BC, Budapest, London, Brisbane, Madrid and beyond. She has taught Clubbell Yoga at Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Whistler, Victoria Yoga Conference, contributed to Shape Magazine, and writes inspirational articles for multiple online magazines.

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Clubbell Yoga Seminars:

Summer’s official biz coaching & consulting website:

Course Curriculum

Introduction & Key Concepts

Kinesiologyoga 101 Introduction with Summer Huntington (3:38)

Live Lecture #1: how to get ed (7:27)

Live Lecture #2: How to Get on a Four Day Wave (8:30)

Introducing Equipment – Clubs, RAD Roller, Naboso Technology (1:58)

Getting Aligned & Key Terms for this course (5:41)

Learning the 6 Degrees Of Freedom (3:31)

4 main Players of Inner Core (6:30)

Fundamental Inner Core Exercises (11:12)

Awakening Drills + RAD Roller

Live Lecture 1.1 – Using the New Client Manual (7:27)

Live Lecture 3: How to use the awakening section (10:53)

Joint Mobility Head to Toe Pt 1 (9:50)

Joint Mobility Head to Toe Pt 2 (11:38)

Awakening Drills from Chair Pose: Diving Chair, Chair with Arm Sweeps, Chair with Shoulder Slides (5:48)

RAD Roller Techniques: Shoulders And T-spine Pt1 (9:36)

RAD Roller Techniques: Shoulders And T-spine Pt2 (10:15)

**RAD Roller Techniques: T-Spine & Serratus Anterior (5:42)

Awakening Drills from Quadruped Pt 1: Cat Cow, Spinal Balance (dynamic), Quadruped with Hip Circles (6:58)

Awakening Drills from Quadruped Pt 2: Quadruped Tail Wag, Quadruped + Arm Thread, Quadruped to Sun Bird (6:00)

RAD Roller Techniques for Lower Traps Pt 1 (6:52)

RAD Roller Techniques for QL (Quadratus Lumborum) Pt 2 (10:35)

RAD Roller Techniques: Illiacus & Psoas (Hip Flexors) Pt 3 (10:00)

Awakening Drills from Kneeling Lunge Pt 1: Kneeling Lunge + Chest Expansion, Kneeling Lunge + twist (6:15)

Awakening Drills from Kneeling Lunge Pt2: Kneeling Lunge + lateral bend, Kneeling Lunge to Scandasana (7:40)

RAD Roller Techniques: TFL & IT Band (11:33)

RAD Roller Techniques: Adductors and Quadriceps (10:36)

Awakening Drills from Down Dog: Circular Dog, Hip Circles in Down Dog, Bear Squats (6:23)

Awakening Drills from Down Dog: Knee to Nose, Down Dog to Tripod, Down Dog to Dances Bridge, Down Dog + Twist (8:32)

RAD Roller Techniques: Feet/Arches (7:36)

RAD Roller Techniques: Calves (7:36)

Sun Salutation A (2:45)

Sun Salutation B (4:55)

Conditioning Exercises

How to do conditioning class planning (5:25)

Tracking your results (5:59)

8 Club Mechanics: Common Positions (6:44)

Club Shoulder Drills: Club Switches, Fwd/Backward Circles, Inside/Outside Circles (9:08)

Bonus Rad Roller Rotator Cuff & Clubbell Scapular Stability (6:40)

Condition: Quad Press & Rocca Press (1:49)

Condition: Base Switches (1:44)

Condition: Mountain Climber (Childs Pose Outer Lunge) (3:23)

Condition: Tripod Switches (2:50)

Condition: Upward to Downward Dog (2:40)

Condition: Spinal Rock (2:12)

Condition: Yogi Lunge (10:25)

Condition: Diagonal Squat (2:46)

Condition: Warrior 2 Lunges (4:02)

Condition: Warrior 2 Switches (2:53)

Condition: Big Wheel in Warrior 2 (3:41)

Condition: Warrior 2 to Scandasana (5:05)

Condition: 4 Corner Balance (5:23)

Condition: Warrior 3RDLS (3:54)

Condition: Good Morning Torch Press (3:42)

Condition: Lying Scissor Kicks (2:28)

Condition: Spinal Balance (4:17)

Condition: Boat Pose (2:39)

Conditioning Yogi Squat (5:09)

Conditioning Flow Fit Demo (4:58)

Conditioning Drill Standing Cat Cow (4:11)

Yoga poses – unweighted & weighted

Childs Pose + Modifications & Hands on Assists (5:08)

*Childs Pose w title duplicate (5:12)

Downward Facing Dog + Assists (6:07)

Baby Cobra, Full Cobra & Upward Facing Dog (8:11)

Spinal Balance, 3 Legged Dog, Warrior 1 (+ wrist mobility drills) (9:26)

Warrior 1: unweighted/weighted (+ alt. arm variations) (8:58)

High Lunge, Pyramid (unweighted/weighted) (13:26)

Warrior 2: (unweighted/weighted) (4:31)

Extended Side Angle: (unweighted/weighted) (6:04)

Triangle Pose: (unweighted/weighted) (8:29)

Scandasana (from Warrior 2) (8:23)

Warrior 3 (unweighted/weighted) (8:28)

Half Moon (unweighted/weighted) (6:49)

16 Flows for Athletic Performance

Closed Hip Stability Flow – unweighted (10:36)

Closed Hip Stability Flow – weighted (9:21)

Hamstring Flexibility Flow – unweighted (9:50)

Hamstring Flexibility Flow – weighted (8:23)

Open Hip Stability Flow – unweighted (8:21)

Open Hip Stability Flow – Weighted (8:08)

Adductor Flexibility Flow – unweighted (6:12)

Adductor Flexibility Flow – weighted (6:47)

Closed Hip Balance Flow – unweighted (8:37)

Closed Hip Balance Flow – weighted (8:17)

Open Hip Balance Flow- unweighted (6:22)

Open Hip Balance Flow – weighted (6:01)

Dynamic Flexibility Flow -unweighted (4:48)

Dynamic Flexibility Flow – weighted (6:08)

Hip Endurance Flow – unweighted (6:05)

Hip Endurance Flow- weighted (6:19)


Decompensation: Half Pigeon (6:00)

Decompensation: Shinbox Bow – Block – Thread (2:22)

Decompensation: Butterfly Pose (2:07)

Decompensation: Fire Log Pose (3:07)

Decompensation: Single Hamstring Stretch (4:17)

Decompensation: Seated Forward Fold (2:21)

Decompensation: Forward Facing Split (3:43)

Decompensation: Happy Baby Pose (1:41)

Decompensation: camel pose (1:24)

Decompensation Spinal Twist (8:04)

Decompensation Chest Opener (4:00)

Decompensation Happy Baby (2:37)

Decompensation Prone Spinal Twist (4:39)

Decompensation Seated Butterfly Pose (3:08)

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course and finish?
The course s now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

Thank you for enrolling in the course! Take your time learning this material. I hope to train with you in person someday.

In Flow,

Coach Summer

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Get Summer Huntington - Kinesioloyoga 101,  The Kinesiologyoga 101 course serves to support those in the physical training, coaching, yoga and wellness field to understand how to use the tools effectively, and access Flow State.