Summer Huntington – Steel Mace Vinyasa™ – Lvl 1 Foundations


Summer Huntington – Steel Mace Vinyasa™ – Lvl 1 Foundations

Summer Huntington - Steel Mace Vinyasa™ - Lvl 1 Foundations

Do you crave conscious movement?

Have you been wanting to unlock the power of Steel Mace & Vinyasa in your practice?

Are you ready to completely transform your body & mind with Flow State training?

Do you want to learn and educate yourself more in depth with an expert coach?

Have you struggled with shoulder & hip mobility and want a practical road map to success?

Steel Mace Vinyasa™ is for YOU!

What You Get –

      • 47 High Def /Multi Angle Video Tutorials
      • Expert Coaching breakdowns
      • Live Videos for Weeks 1-6 – breaking down each section, workout, flow and asana.
      • Access to Private Facebook Community for Steel Mace Vinyasa
      • $100 off Steel Mace Vinyasa Seminar registration costs

Steel Mace Vinyasa™ – Lvl 1 Foundations is a fool proof online guide to training in all planes of movement, learning to stabilize first then graduate up to dynamic movement, torque development and handling the steel mace with maximum proprioceptive awareness.

We emphasize skill development and progressing from simple movement to more complex movement. Steel Mace Vinyasa™ is both fun and challenging, and will help you condition your movement patterns first and follow it up with a yoga sequence integrating the steel mace into your actual Flow. The final component is a similar unweighted flow that feels effortless, graceful and powerful.

What is inside the Steel Mace Vinyasa Foundations Course?

47 High Def Videos // Multi-Angled shots with:

  • 3 Joint Mobility & Warm up videos
  • 5 Videos Breaking down 360 swings, drop swings & Mills
  • 36 Exercise Tutorials – active coaching cues & demos
  • 6 Conditioning Circuit Videos
  • 6 Weighted & Unweighted Flow Videos
  • +private facebook group page moderated by me and my team

Each of the 6 workouts Workout is comprised of 4-5 exercises demonstrated with breakdowns, alignment and expert coaching. Once you practice and learn the exercises, there is a bonus video in each workout with the full circuit completed with 2 minutes of work to 30 seconds of rest. We recommend completing the practice round, then 1-2 rounds of the conditioning before moving the the loaded & unloaded flow.

After completing your practice round of exercises, then the 1-2 timed rounds… You are ready to move into the weighted Flow with the Mace, followed immediately by an unloaded Flow. You will unlock the power of maximum power recruitment in that weighted flow, making your final yoga flow feel effortless – almost like you are flying.

Remember, the Steel Mace Vinyasa Conditioning exercises build on complexity, and layer components of mills, drop swings and very dynamic movement, and some may take time and practice to master. Modify when needed, choke up on the mace when needed and you may even want to start with a 5 lb mace at first.

What is the Steel Mace & How does it work?

The Steel Mace is a tool modeled after the ancient gada, used throughout history to strengthen warriors for battle. As modern day warriors, combatting stress, the disease of sitting and occupational adaptations – we need a tool that helps us access our true power as humans. Our ancestors evolved to use tools like clubs and mace to chop wood for fire, provide protection, make shelter and so much more. When yielding a mace while training movement patterns, not just yoga… something shifts in our psyche. We conjure up our own inner warrior archetype, and feel complete control over our movement, we experience total presence and a deeper connection with our body & breath. Steel Mace Vinyasa™ is for anyone wanting to access mobility, strength & Flow state in their workouts. You will be challenged, you will grow and you will feel your body & mind shifting with every workout & flow.

How does Steel Mace Vinyasa™ work?

Follow the program step by step, mastering the videos and workouts in order and you will be guided to conditioning first then flow.

Steel Mace Vinyasa exercises are demonstrated and practiced first in individual video tutorials, then conditioned with a tabata style timer. Using the 2 minutes of work 30 seconds of rest timing protocol allows our nervous system to create a solid road map of where to apply torque in shoulder girdle with the mace, activation in the deep inner core, and stability in our deep hip rotators. Steel Mace Vinyasa™ literally trains the trifecta of your shoulders, core and glutes in every single exercise & weighted flow. This drastically increases performance for any-BODY, especially people with minimal yoga experience.

What if I don’t do yoga? Is this program still good for me?

Yoga simply means union. It is not about the pose, it is about unifying body, mind and breath. Training with a steel mace will accelerate your understanding of the biomechanics involved in yoga based movement patterns, enhance your breath control and help you speed up the conditioning & mobility adaptation in your nervous system.

Steel Mace Vinyasa™ is about creating strength, stability & grace in all planes so that you can get the most out of your training. Take the Warrior poses for example, these poses help open the hips so that we can access full range of motion, and thus develop more power, because we have more range available. With more power comes more control of our movement patterns. When you train the Steel Mace Vinyasa™ workouts and Flows, you’ll connect with your inner warrior and truly embody Flow.

This looks way too advanced, I can’t possibly do this?

To grow, evolve and elevate in our understanding of body & mind connection, it is important to understand where we leak power. The Steel Mace Vinyasa™ practice will help you identify your own power leakages, dead zones, mobility impairments and fear reactivity in a very safe way. Once you create awareness about where you are ‘weaker’ or lacking activation, only then can you start to restore mobility & Flow.

In the last 7 years of teaching my seminars globally, I’ve heard it all.

You may be thinking…

  • I’m not flexible enough for this
  • It looks way too hard
  • I could never do that
  • I have too many injuries to try it
  • I am too overweight
  • I don’t like not being good at things
  • Yoga is not for me

These are all self limiting beliefs that are preventing us from tapping into our full potential in our movement. When we learn to master both our minds AND our movement, only then can we start to truly embody Flow. It will take time, dedication and practice… but remember there is always progress in our practice if we are patient.

What will I experience with training Steel Mace Vinyasa?

This powerful practice will create big shifts in your physique, athleticism, mobility and so much more. With regular practice, integrated into the 4 Day Flow of no intensity, low intensity, moderate and high intensity focused training days, you’ll get:

  • Increased strength & endurance
  • Greater proprioceptive awareness
  • Improved yoga practice & flow
  • Fun and challenging workouts
  • Access to flow state while training
  • Progressive skill building
  • Better posture and confidence
  • Warrior mindset training that carries over into life
  • Toolbox of steel mace movements to enhance your expression

If you are ready to step into Flow with us, pick up one of the first 100 copies of this course. We will close the course at 100 and start a wait-list due to the intensive nature of keeping everyone on track for finishing the course in 6 weeks via monitoring the videos completed-ness and accountability coach check ins. If you want to get accountability, expert coaching, community, support and full video access to a ground breaking movement training system… Don’t miss this very limited offer.

You are pure potential.

I look forward to our journey together toward Flow State. I hope to meet you in person, and please don’t hesitate to visit our studio in Bellingham, WA called Flow Shala. Seminars and workshops will be held throughout the year.

Course Curriculum

Warm Up

Warm Up (19:13)

Hip Mobility Drills (13:21)

Sun Salutation A & Sun Salutation B (2X) (10:59)


360 Swings (5:54)

Yaw / Steel Mace Switches (4:02)

Slow Grinds/Leverage/Torque (5:43)

Semi Circles/Inside Outside Circles/Mills (8:50)

Drop Swings (5:03)

Workout 1

360s + Squat to Flag (4:12)

Reverse Guard to Overhead + Chair Squat (4:17)

Reverse Guard to Overhead + Chair Squat on Tip Toes (3:30)

Reverse Guard Diagonal Press + Chair Squat (4:05)

HIIT Circuit #1 (2 min work / 30 sec rest) (11:23)

Steel Mace Vinyasa Flow #1 (weighted/unweighted) (12:34)

Workout 2

Front Swing (2:22)

Front Swing to Order (2:43)

Single Handed Swipe (2:37)

Single Handed Swipe + 360 Swing (3:20)

HIIT Circuit #2 (2 min work / 30 sec rest) (10:54)

Steel Mace Vinyasa Flow #2 (weighted/unweighted) (13:45)

Workout 3

Single Handed Swing to Lunge + Overhead (5:14)

Single Handed Swing to Lunge + Overhead + Drop Swing (3:57)

Single handed Swing to W1 + Overhead (4:21)

Single handed Swing to W1 + Overhead + Lateral Bend (3:56)

HIIT Circuit #3 (2 min work / 30 sec rest) (11:08)

Steel Mace Vinyasa Flow #3 (weighted/unweighted) (15:18)

Workout 4

Side Swing (2:18)

Side Swing to Order (2:00)

Side Swing to Order + Cast/Order (3:02)

Side Swing to Order + Mill (2:17)

Side Swing to Order + Mill + Reverse Mill (3:27)

HIIT Circuit #4 (2 min work / 30 sec rest) (13:39)

Steel Mace Vinyasa Flow #4 (weighted/unweighted) (13:03)

Workout 5

Side Swing to Pivot Lunge (2:53)

Side Swing to Pivot Lunge + Overhead (3:08)

Side Swing to Pivot Lunge + Overhead & Drop Swing (4:07)

Side Swing to Pivot Crouching Lunge (3:47)

Side Swing to pivot + pistol squat (4:21)

HIIT Circuit #5 (2 min work / 30 sec rest) (13:13)

Steel Mace Vinyasa Flow #5 (weighted/unweighted) (14:02)

Workout 6

Warrior 2 lunge static (4:10)

Warrior 2 Lunge Dynamic (3:06)

Warrior 2 Lunge Dynamic Drop Swing (3:38)

Warrior 2 Lunge Dynamic Scandasana (4:05)

Warrior 2 Lunge Reverse Guard to Horizontal Overhead (4:17)

HIIT Circuit #6 (2 min work / 30 sec rest) (10:58)

Steel Mace Vinyasa Flow #6 (weighted/unweighted) (13:22)

The Steel Mace Vinyasa: Foundations course is designed for all humans, regardless of yoga experience, fitness level, body shape/size or experience with Steel Mace. You will learn the foundational movements, warm ups, and progressions to keep you safe and challenge your currently fitness and mobility. You CAN do this! Practice with me online regularly, and you will see results.

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